Chapter 239

After some consideration, about a dozen people directly withdrew from the competition. Most of these people were disciples of the sect leaders or elders in some small and medium sects.

They had pretty good talents, and the resources in the sect would be allocated to them because of various relationships. In their opinion, there was absolutely no need to work hard for those rewards.

Seeing those people who left, Xu Ziyan shook his head secretly. He was thinking that these people were already scared like that, if there’s really an invasion of the demon race, these people would definitely be the first batch to surrender.

“Are all these people left to participate in the second round?” Tang Tianlang sat on the high platform, his sharp eyes swept coldly around the field.

“Haha…you righteous cultivators are really talented.” A fat cultivator in a gray and white robe sneered and said sarcastically.

Tang Tianliang’s facial expression darkened, but he couldn’t refute because most of the people who left were from the righteous sects. ,

Cultivator Wuchen, who was sitting next to him, continued with a smile, “well, that’s all because the righteous sects have such a vast territory! With so many people, you cannot avoid some cultivators who’re not competent. However, when they need to fight for real, you’d naturally see who’re capable. Am I right?”

Several blue veins burst out on the fat cultivator’s forehead.

Back then, when the righteous and demon cultivators divided their territories, there was a demon cultivator who wanted to manipulate things. He’s only at the later stage of nascent soul but he disguised himself as a deity. It’d be a good thing if he disguised himself well, but he revealed his true face when the fight was almost over.

For a time, there was a deity cultivator missing from the demon cultivation. Naturally, they could only suffer losses on the site. The originally drawn dividing line was also forced to change because of this incident, which really caused the demon cultivation to lose face big time…

The fat cultivator felt strongly towards what Wuchen had said, because it was one of their uncles from Deadwood Ridge who disguised as a deity cultivator.

Later, the uncle didn’t advance himself into a deity cultivator, and he also became a big joke of Deadwood Ridge.

“Okay, get ready to start.” Tang Tianlang interrupted the confrontation between Wuchen and the fat cultivator.

The two sneered at each other, and in a blink of an eye, they restrained their facial expressions and looked seriously at the cultivators who were going to compete.

Tang Tianlang stood up slowly, clenched his fist and released a few spells. Then, two sharp breaths of sword suddenly slashed at the two square iron boxes in front of him.

Each of the iron boxes contained a hundred detection disks for clearance tokens. Under the attack of his breath of sword, the iron box suddenly turned into powder, but the detection disks inside remained intact. Under the vibration of the breath of sword, they flew into the sky and shot at the cultivators below.

After receiving the detection disk, every cultivator was shocked by the power of Tang Tianlang. They were one hundred and eighty-six detection disks. He only had to use two breaths of sword to send the one hundred and eighty-six disks to the hands of every cultivator who participated in the second round of the competition. There wasn’t even a trace of damage.

What kind of power is this? It’s undoubtedly amazing.

Since he could release the breath of sword so smoothly, Tang Tianlang could master it whatever he wanted.

There were a total of five cultivators sitting on the high platform. In addition to Wuchen of Liu Guang Sect, there were also the heads of Ghost sect, Xuanyin Sect and Deadwood Ridge sect.

After Tang Tianlang revealed his ability, these people instantly looked more serious. In terms of cultivation, none of them could compete against him.

“Now that everyone has got something, let’s get started.”

Tang Tianlang pressed his hands down, and the square suddenly became quiet.

Two teams of cultivators with dozens of people rushed out from one side of the square, and they quickly set up a teleportation array in both sides of the square.

Seeing those precious materials turned into the components of the teleportation array, the cultivators in the square secretly had their jaws dropped. They understood that the competition really represented the grand situation of the entire Xuan Yu realm. These five sects were so willing to use such precious materials. They even managed to set up a temporary teleportation array to facilitate the communication among these cultivators.

The cultivators who built the teleportation array moved very quickly, and they completed the work in less than half an hour.

The cultivators in the entire square were divided into two parts, they were respectively heading to the regions of “Return to Nothingness” and “True Dragon Secret Realm”.

Because of Wei Qing, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong stood on the side of the True Dragon secret realm. Although Wei Qing had never entered this secret realm, Xu Ziyan believed that he, who had the blood of the true dragon, should have some preferential treatment in this secret realm. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Wei Qing: ==b

Of course, in addition to Wei Qing, who had the blood of a true dragon, Xu Ziyan had other considerations about entering True Dragon secret realm, such as Gao Yi, who’s standing among a few cultivators and looking proud.

Xu Ziyan looked at the high-spirited Gao Yi who was courting a female cultivator and he sneered.

He could get as crazy as he wanted, and when they met in the secret realm, he would send Gao Yi to hell!

Xu Zirong lowered his eyes slightly and stood silently behind his brother.

The place where they stood was still a long distance from Gao Yi, so Gao Yi did not notice them at all.

In fact, when Gao Yi learned that the two were golden core cultivators, he was really surprised, but after feeling surprised, he became really jealous.

In his opinion, Xu Ziyan was an elite disciple of the Liu Guang sect. His master must have stuffed much good stuff to him. That’s why he became so capable at such a young age. And if he could also join the Liu Guang sect, would he become a golden core cultivator too?

Gao Yi was raised by Gu Anfu since he was a child. Because of his excellent talent, he always got a lot of advantages.

Gu Anfu had a domineering personality and was very protective of Gao Yi’s shortcomings. Since he placed too many expectations on Gao Yi, he spoiled him to the extreme. No matter what he wanted, he would try to get it for Gao Yi.

Because of this, Gao Yi had become so proud and arrogant. Whenever there was someone slightly better than him in the Palace, he would take frantic revenge to that person after being defeated.

After a few times, all the disciples of Fengyan Palace understood the personality of this senior brother. In order to cultivate in a stable environment, they simply gave up all competitions with Gao Yi. None of them dared to offend him even unintentionally.

In this way, Gao Yi started feeling very complacent. He even found himself on top of everyone else. In his eyes, the leader of Fengyan Palace and his master had higher level of cultivation only because they were born earlier. He’s confident that he’d surpass them one day.

Gu Anfu didn’t know that Xu Ziyan’s existence created Gao Yi’s dissatisfaction towards Fengyan Palace.

He believed that Fengyan Palace did not make every effort to help him cultivate, which was unfair to him.

Obviously, he could easily achieve golden core. Unfortunately, the host of Fengyan Palace didn’t want to spare money to buy medicine, hindering him from becoming the best among the two hundred people.

After glancing at Xu Ziyan full of jealousy, Gao Yi secretly pouted. He believed that the Fengyan Palace was really declining, and as a talent, he thought that he shouldn’t be trapped in a small sect.

Only a place like the Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect were home for geniuses like him. He believed that as long as he showed a slight wish of changing sect, then those from Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect would fight desperately for him.

Glancing at the Xu brothers, Gao Yi decided to fight a beautiful battle in this whole-realm competition and he believed that no one could stop him.

With a flick of his fingertips, a little dark red spot quietly shot out and landed on Gao Yi’s body silently.

Gao Yi himself didn’t notice it. He disappeared into the teleportation array with a flash of his shadow.

Xu Zirong twitched his mouth. If this kid wanted to die, he had no problem helping him. It’s also to save his brother’s energy.

“Huh?” The fat cultivator sitting on the white jade platform suddenly widened his eyes, and a huge divine consciousness swept across the square in an instant, which immediately startled the disciples with lower level of cultivation.

“Stinky cultivator, what are you doing?” A female cultivator wearing a long red dress, heavy makeup, and a delicate smile scolded him.

“Hmph.” The fat cultivator ignored the woman and withdrew his divine consciousness with a cold snort.

He had some doubts in his heart. Just now, he noticed a very small fluctuation of spiritual power. If there was a fluctuation of spiritual power, it meant that someone cast a spell. He was really curious to find out who had the nerves to play tricks in front of five nascent soul cultivators.

However, this person was apparently very cautious. He didn’t leave a single trace and the fat cultivator found it a bit pitiful.

“It’s our turn.” Xu Ziyan stepped onto the teleportation array first.

Xu Zirong, Wei Qing and others also followed. The white light of the teleportation array flashed, and they appeared on an empty cliff.

“This way.” A cultivator in blue robe yawned with a sleepy look, but his appearance changed immediately after seeing Wei Qing, and he bowed respectfully, “master.”

“Yeah.” Wei Qing responded casually, “let’s start, don’t waste your time.”

“Yes, young master.” The cultivator in blue robe hurriedly cheered up, holding up the white jade in his hand and muttering.

In the blink of an eye, a looming red gate appeared on the empty cliff.

With the movement of the cultivator casting the spell, the red gate slowly opened, revealing the colorful fairyland-like scenery inside.

“Young master, please come in.” The cultivator in blue robe said respectfully, while not forgetting to please him, “is young master entering the secret realm for the first time? Do you want some explanation first?”

“Oh?” Wei Qing raised his eyebrows and smiled slightly, “I’d love to hear it.”

The cultivator in blue robe immediately smiled when he heard it. He told every little detail about the True Dragon maze to Wei Qing.

“Yes, I will reward you.” After hearing so, Wei Qing gave him a high-level spiritual stone.

The cultivator guarding the gate was only a cultivator of building base, and he’s already happy to use a few middle-level spiritual stone. Has he even seen high-level spiritual stones? His eyes narrowed with a smile and he looked more flattering.


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