Chapter 240

“Let’s go. Wei Qing waved his hand, and the four of them rose into the sky and flew into the gate.

After they entered, the gate slowly closed and the guard of the gate leaned lazily on the edge of the cliff, waiting for the arrival of the next group of cultivators.

There were five entrances in the True Dragon maze, and no one had the slightest idea where these entrances would lead them to.

Every time each entrance was opened, there was a different passage. Even though the Wei family had monopolized this maze for so many years, they couldn’t figure out the rhythm of the opening of the entrance.

The True Dragon maze had a large area, and the passage of the maze would change from time to time as the cultivators entered. In this way, it was even more difficult to explore the maze. If the maze didn’t have more than 200 exits, many more disciples taking an adventure in it would have gone out alive.

This True Dragon maze only had five entrances, but there were more than 200 exits. However, these were not real exits, but some teleportation arrays dispersed everywhere.

These teleportation arrays were numerous and small in size, and they could only accommodate one person at a time. They were all located at the exit of the maze, that is to say, as long as one stepped on the array, it was equivalent to walking out of the maze. Therefore, as long as they kept being careful, there was basically no possibility for them to be trapped in the maze.

Of course, once a cultivator reached the exit, it means the end of the tour. If they had no clearance tokens, they could only say goodbye to the competition.

Unless the cultivators were in danger, no one was willing to leave the maze before getting the clearance tokens.

Xu Ziyan might be lucky. Just when they entered the maze, there was a loud roar behind them.

A tiger the size of an elephant suddenly rushed towards them, and the detection disk in Xu Ziyan’s hand actually issued a warning sound at this time.

“Monster!” Wei Qing looked at him and flipped his wrist lightly. A huge fire dragon roared and charged towards the tiger. The tiger wasn’t afraid at all, and with a loud roar, a water dragon spewed out of his mouth, colliding with Wei Qing’s fire dragon.

“At the later stage of Qi condensation.” Xu Ziyan’s pupils shrank suddenly. Although he had no difficulty in dealing with monsters of late stage of Qi condensation, he still felt a bit uneasy to see it soon after they entered the maze.

“Thunder snake crack.” Xu Ziyan snapped five fingers, and five small dark purple snakes flew out from his fingertips.

The tiger was immediately taken aback by the destructive aura attached to the five little snakes. It jumped up suddenly, opened its big mouth and another water dragon sprayed out.

Xu Ziyan shook his head lightly and clenched his fingers. The five small thunder snakes instantly increased their speed, passed under the water dragon, and spun the tiger into pieces.

Xu Zirong cooperated with his blood vine to pick and choose from the pile of minced meat, and soon, the big mouth on the blood vine returned with a pale yellow token in its mouth.

“Is this the clearance token?” Xu Ziyan took Xu Zirong’s washed token and looked at it for a while. Except for a faint wave of spiritual energy that could be sensed by the detection disk, there was nothing special about this token.

“I’ll put it away first.” Xu Ziyan didn’t think much about it, and put the token into Mr. Little Square. Unexpectedly, the disc that was still beeping suddenly became quiet.

“Huh? Can it be not detected?” Wei Qing gave Xu Ziyan a surprised look. Although he was curious about how Xu Ziyan did it, he was smart enough to not ask anything.

Xu Ziyan smiled and didn’t speak. He probably knew already that Mr. Little Square would have such a function, but he just kept it secret since he never used it.

After confirming that Mr. Little Square could isolate the detection of the disc, then they could use the remaining time to explore this maze if they could get four tokens at the fastest speed.

Perhaps many people overlooked the fact that the True Dragon maze was not the only competition venue, but also a secret realm with many secrets and treasures.

Xu Ziyan used to rely on strategies to pass a secret realm. This time, he finally encountered a secret realm that was not mentioned in the novel, and he naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Xu Zirong always seconded his brother’s opinion. As for Wei Qing, he didn’t have a special opinion towards it either.

Although the True Dragon maze was owned by the Wei family, over the years, the discovered part only accounted for about 2/10 of the entire secret realm. This time, during the whole-realm competition, the Wei family was so generous in providing the True Dragon maze. They wanted to get a share in the future when the interests were divided, the other purpose was to let the players discover the maze for them.

These 200 people were elites selected from the entire Xuan Yu realm. They were both excellent in strength or mental power. The Wei family was also very confident in this. As for the herbs and medicine that they’d collected…

——If they could develop the entire maze, what’s so important about those herbs then?

Rumble boom!

There was a slow and heavy rubbing sound from everyone.

Xu Ziyan looked back and saw that the tunnel behind them began to slowly move and close, blocking the teleportation point behind the wall, while the wall on their side slowly opened, forming a new passage.

Xu Ziyan smacked his tongue. The changes in this passage were really irregular. It would be best for them to stick with each other. Otherwise, if something happened, they might not be able to gather on time.

All the passages in the maze were engraved with a large number of complicated arrays. These arrays overlapped with various patterns. Even Xu Zirong couldn’t tell what kind of functions these arrays had.

“Most of them are all kinds of traps, and some are driving these walls to move back and forth to form new mazes. So far in our Wei family’s exploration for so many years, we have only distinguished a few kinds of magic arrays.” Wei Qing explained softly, “the array here is very different from the current one, so it is very difficult to distinguish it. If there was not someone really proficient in arrays in the two previous generations of the Wei family, we wouldn’t be able to tell the content inside.”

Xu Zirong stared at the pattern on the wall and he started feeling dizzy.

He gritted his teeth and restrained the urge to close his eyes. He followed the lines of the array, trying to trace the starting point of it.

However, the more he watched, the more he felt a splitting headache. And when he saw one third of it, he couldn’t bear it anymore. He saw darkness and fell into his brother’s arms.

“Zirong?” Xu Ziyan was frightened, as he thought that Xu Zirong was attacked.

“I’m fine.” Xu Zirong rubbed his forehead and looked at the magic array on the wall with lingering fears, “what a powerful magic array. I was just thinking about copying it, yet I couldn’t hold on to one-third of it.”

“The magic array on this wall seems to have some kind of protection. Anyway, up to now, no one in our Wei family has been able to copy a complete one alone.” Wei Qing confessed helplessly.

This was actually the black history of the Wei family. It was obvious that the entire True Dragon maze was under the control of the Wei family, but they didn’t get much benefit from the maze itself.

It’s like the magic array on the wall. If someone could thoroughly study it, it could definitely become a big killer. However, who would have thought that this magic array would be so complicated? It required three or more people to copy it.

One could imagine what it would be like with something copied by a few people. If the True Dragon maze was more useful, the patriarch of the Wei family might not be so generous to open it to everyone.

After looking at the arrays with some regret, Xu Zirong turned around and followed his brother’s footsteps. As long as there were arrays, he would eventually have the opportunity to come and watch them again. At this moment, the most important thing was to pass the competition.

“Ow!” With a shrill roar, Le Hu cut off a huge bat with one knife.

It’s not clear whether they were lucky or lucky. For three days, they saw no less than five exits in total, but they didn’t even see a single clearance token.

Now the only clearance token was lying alone in Mr. Little Square, and it didn’t know where its companions were hiding.

“Strange, how big is this maze? I remember that there were nearly a hundred people who chose the True Dragon maze in the first place, right? Why haven’t we seen anyone at all?” Xu Ziyan put away his weapon and looked at Wei Qing with a puzzled expression.

“I don’t know.” Wei Qing spread his hands irresponsibly, “I’ve never been to this maze, but I heard from the brothers who came in that they almost never saw each other when they cultivated in it.”

Xu Ziyan nodded thoughtfully. Then, he released a lightning bolt, smashing a shadow rat which was trying to sneak attack in the dark.

“Strange, do you think we have killed more and more monsters these days?” Wei Qing frowned as he looked at the shadow rat that was just killed.

“What? What’s wrong?” Le Hu asked casually.

Wei Qing first shook his head, then looked at the other side of the maze passage in confusion, “I remember that a cousin once said that most of the people in this maze are killed by traps. Also, I don’t think we have encountered that ‘few’ monsters these days, right?”

Xu Ziyan had an idea, “are you saying that this is an abnormal phenomenon?”

Wei Qing nodded. When he was about to say something, he seemed to have thought about something horrible and his facial expression changed.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan asked quickly without missing the look on his face.

Wei Qing became very worried, “all the special moments in the clan about the True Dragon maze has been recorded. I remember that there was a record about the increase of monsters in the maze.”

“And what is it about?”

Wei Qing said solemnly, “the soul furnace is on.”


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