Chapter 252

Xu Ziyan held his breath almost instinctively, and he also quietly retreated. Although he had already read about the human-faced spiders in the encyclopedia of monsters, it still gave him goosebumps after seeing the real thing and he felt chills in his spine.

The ‘man’ slowly walked out of the hole, showing a strong upper body and eight thick chelicerae feet below.

It was a monster that was half human and half spider, and it was also a male one.

He reached the later stage of Qi condensation, which was the second only to the queen of human-faced spiders in the entire group.

Because of the appearance of the male one, the human face spiders, which were originally fighting on their own, began to attack in an organized manner, and it immediately changed the situation on the field.

Wei Qing and others, who were at ease after the Xu brothers left, felt a new kind of pressure. The appearance of this male spider also made it more stressful, even threatening everyone’s safety.

Xu Ziyan also sensed the crisis after the emergence of this male spider. He originally wanted to kill it but was stopped by Xu Zirong.

“Brother, Wei Qing and the others can deal with it. Let’s deal with the queen now instead.”

Xu Ziyan glanced over there and saw that although Wei Qing and the others were under a lot of pressure, they still wouldn’t collapse immediately. Also, they could rely on the defense power of Mao Da and Mao Er and bought some time.

“Okay!” After confirming that Wei Qing would not be in any danger for a short while, Xu Ziyan withdrew his gaze and turned to observe the entrance of the cave.

Coincidentally, in order to make way for the male spider, the group of human-faced spiders paved a way. Xu Ziyan thought for a while, pulled Xu Zirong decisively and rushed forward along the path.

The swarms of human-faced spiders looked much less in the cave. Although they were still crawling towards the entrance of the cave, it was still better to control than being outside the cave.

In order to avoid disturbing the spider group, Xu Ziyan deliberately used Aurora to fly in the passage, while being surrounded by pitch-black spiders. Xu Ziyan never wanted to experience this the second time.

Xu Zirong couldn’t help laughing after seeing the bitter look on his brother’s face.

Xu Ziyan turned his head angrily and Xu Zirong could only silently take away his smile. He asked considerably, “perhaps I will fly on the sword and brother can close your eyes.”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

“I’m fine!” After replying dully, Xu Ziyan turned his face away again.

He was really not afraid of spiders but it’s a disgusting feeling to be surrounded by such a large amount of them…

Not knowing what Xu Zirong was thinking, he reached out and covered his brother’s eyes.

Xu Ziyan was a little speechless. In this dark place, the use of one’s eyes was extremely limited. They mainly relied on their divine consciousness to fly and it’s not necessary to cover his eyes.

Xu Zirong might have felt the resentful feelings in his brother’s heart and he said in a low voice, “doesn’t brother like it? The less you look at them, the better.”

“Whatever…” Xu Ziyan could just let Xu Zirong do this meaningless act but he’s still touched by his consideration.

Xu Zirong raised his mouth and pressed his body tightly against his brother’s back. The two of them were flying on the same sword while being surrounded by spiders and it even looked a bit romantic…

As the two gradually went deeper, the inside of the spider’s lair was excavated wider and wider.

The further they went in, the more high-level these human-faced spiders moved, and the larger they even became. The Xu brothers could fly even faster inside the cave.

Finding the center of the human-faced spider’s lair was actually very simple. As long as they followed the “spider tide”, they could get inside very easily.

It’s only that after getting inside, it would be more difficult to find the queen. It’s because it led to almost every direction, and there were countless diligent primary human-faced spiders delivering food on every passage.

Human-faced spiders were omnivorous monsters, and they did not have high requirements for food. They could basically digest anything they ate.

It’s just that the more spiritually-rich the food was, the better the effect on the queen, and the queen could nurture stronger offsprings after eating spiritually-rich food.

“Follow them.”

With sharp eyes, Xu Zirong found a group of spiders transporting ‘fresh meat’. That piece of ‘fresh meat’ was full of blood and he could see vaguely the shape of a human.

Xu Zirong didn’t care who it was. Judging from the direction the group of spiders came in, it wouldn’t be Wei Qing and the others.

The only humans who would appear in this cave at this time would be the cultivators who entered other secret doors, and this kind of fresh flesh with rich spiritual power was the queen’s favorite.

Xu Ziyan also saw the stump of the cultivator and he looked disgusted.

Although he didn’t have any friendship with those people, it’s not a nice feeling seeing human beings being turned into monsters’ food.

Nodding lightly, the two of them quietly followed the group of spiders.

The group of spiders crawled fast in the cave, and as they went deeper, not only did the terrain become more complicated, but there were also more advanced human-faced spiders.

The passage they walked through began to gradually widen, and dense stone chambers appeared on both sides of the passage.

The space inside these excavated stone chambers looked huge. When Xu Ziyan passed by and glanced inside he found that the stone chambers were covered with spider webs, but there were no spiders. However, he saw a giant cocoon the size of a human at a corner of the chamber.

“What is that?” Xu Ziyan asked in a low voice.

Xu Zirong glanced inside and thought for a while, “if my speculation is correct, this is the nursery room dedicated to newly born human-faced spiders and this is where they store their food.”

Xu Ziyan looked worried as he heard so, because there happened to be a male spider just out of its shell in the stone chamber he just passed by. It was biting a giant cocoon but it was a human arm leaking out of the gap.

Xu Ziyan turned his head in disgust, Xu Zirong squeezed his brother’s hand and comforted him silently.

After following the group of spiders closely, Xu Ziyan’s face looked as frosty as ice. As the stone chamber became bigger, there were adult male spiders walking in the passage from time to time.

Seeing that the team of spiders below speeding up, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but secretly rejoice, since he was finally about to see the queen of the human-faced spider. He just wanted to kill this queen as soon as possible and burn them all, and he really didn’t want to see these disgusting spiders ever again.


Suddenly, a huge male spider crawled out of a stone room next to it, making a crackling sound, stopping the group of spiders.

The leading middle-level human-faced spider made a similar clicking sound, but it showed a bit of fear.

This male spider looked uglier than the one they had seen before. Not only was it as black as briquettes, but the two fangs in its mouth were thick and long, almost occupying its entire mouth.

The male spider showed an annoyed look, waved its chelicerae, and immediately killed the middle-level human-faced spider headed by it. The remaining primary human-faced spiders couldn’t help making a terrifying clatter, then the male spider swallowed them one by one.

After eating this group of spiders, the male spider proudly returned to its stone room with the piece of ‘fresh meat’ in his mouth, leaving Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looking at each other speechlessly…

Hell, who would have thought that even the queen’s food would be robbed away? This male spider really had some guts!

This most important things is – after the team of spiders was bitten to death, how could they still find the queen? The passages in this cave was extremely complicated, and the surrounding stone chambers all looked the same. Without these spiders leading the way, it would be impossible to locate the queen…

After hesitating for a while, Xu Ziyan said helplessly, “let’s get in and have a look. The human-faced spiders have a strict internal hierarchy. I think that the male spider has something to rely on since it had the guts to take away the queen’s food…well, perhaps it’s the queen’s favorite?”

Xu Zirong thought about the ugly male spider just now and his face twitched. Although the aesthetics of humans and monsters were far different, he thought that rather than saying that the queen liked the face of the male spider, it would be more appropriate to say that the male spider could satisfy the queen in that aspect…

Hmm…the male spider’s particular organ was hidden under the body, but it shouldn’t be tiny judging from the size of it. →. →

Not knowing that his younger brother was studying an extremely obscene matter, Xu Ziyan jumped off the flying sword and slipped in from the door of the stone room against the wall.

Since they were already in the inside of the spider cave, there were very few primary or middle-level human-faced spiders. They couldn’t even see advanced human-faced spiders except the team specifically transporting food.

As soon as he entered the stone room, Xu Ziyan almost fell over because of the awful smell there. It was an indescribable odor, he felt like he had been soaked in a cesspool for three years and fermented for a month.

He almost instinctively took a step back and got out. Unexpectedly, after this retreat, the odor disappeared immediately, feeling like being in a completely different world.

There was no door in this stone room, and it was completely connected to the outside. The air could flow normally, but the odor inside just stank so much. As for the outside – although the air wasn’t fresh either, it’s still much better than the inside.

“Huh…it smells so bad! How can it be so smelly inside!” Xu Ziyan covered his nose and waved his hand vigorously, as if he could drive the smell away.

Xu Zirong looked at his brother in disbelief, “this male spider relies on its smell to attract the queen of human-faced spiders. The stronger the smell of the male spider, the stronger his body is, and it is easier for him to have strong offspring after having sex with the queen. Brother, didn’t you read the encyclopedia of monsters?”

Xu Ziyan immediately understood. He indeed read the book, but since it’s so thick, he naturally didn’t read everything in detail, especially when it’s about these monsters that had gone almost extinct! Who would have thought that he’d encounter them in this place? So incredibly unlucky!

Xu Ziyan thought, “those readers who thought that Gao Yi was its author, I really admire you…you guys are just super creative…”


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