Chapter 253

“Hey? No, there is no door here at all. Why is the smell so strong inside, yet it can hardly be smelled outside?” Xu Ziyan looked around suspiciously, except for two slender weeds growing at the stone door, he really didn’t notice anything strange.

“It’s the cattail orchid.” Xu Zirong pointed to the two ‘weeds’ on the ground, “these cattail orchids have the function of blocking odors, and only two can completely block it from the outside.”

Xu Ziyan looked at all directions and found that there really was a cat’s tail-like plant growing at the door of every stone chamber. It seemed that these spiders were actually quite smart…

After silently looking at the cattail orchid for a while, Xu Ziyan took a deep breath, blocked his sense of smell and walked into the male spider’s stone chamber calmly.

Seeing his brother like that, Xu Zirong couldn’t help but find it a little funny. In fact, it’s very easy to cut off the odor. They just need to put the cattail on his body, but Xu Zirong suddenly had the idea of playing pranks on his brother and he wanted to see how his brother would react after telling him this.

He’s really looking forward to it…

With this thought in mind, Xu Zirong smiled discreetly, took off a cattail orchid and hid it in his sleeve. Then, he followed behind his brother and approached the male spider’s room.

This male spider’s room was a big one, and there were spider webs of different sizes all around. The white spider webs were sticky and looked a little disgusting. The male spider was lying on a pile of broken bones. It was chewing on the ‘fresh meat’ that he had just grabbed.

It had already consumed half of the ‘fresh meat’, leaving only the broken lower body.

Judging from the clothes on the corpse, he seemed to be was one of the cultivators who entered with Gao Yi, but he somehow ended up in the hands of the male spider.

Xu Ziyan sighed softly. Suddenly, the male spider, which was eating happily, suddenly raised its head, its compound eyes looked vigilantly at Xu Ziyan. It sniffed the room with its empty nostrils, as if it had noticed something.

“Kakaka!” The male spider dropped the limb in its hand, climbed up from the bone, waving its eight chelipeds and looked around eagerly.

Xu Ziyan stopped abruptly, frowning at the male spider that was on alert mode.

“Did he find us?” He looked at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong shook his head, “this male spider…” After taking a closer look, he said, “this male spider seems to be about to evolve.”

“Evolve?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes widened.

“Well, the human-faced male spider can evolve into a human-faced spider king. After becoming the spider king, its strength will be greatly improved, maybe even stronger than the human-faced spider queen. In addition to cultivation, its five senses will also become very sensitive. I’m not sure how far it is from its evolution, but it should be soon judging from the size.”

Xu Ziyan said thoughtfully, “no wonder he dared to grab the queen’s food. If it could evolve into a spider king, then what will happen to the queen?”

“It won’t matter.” Xu Zirong shrugged, “everything about the male spider serves the queen and its clan. Once it evolves into a spider king, it will be eaten by the queen, and the queen will eat all the other male spiders. It will use all its essence to breed the next generation of queens. The day when the new queen is born would be the day the old queen dies, then the new queen can produce more powerful offsprings, and all the human-faced spiders can be upgraded.”

“How almighty…” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help smacking his tongue. Although he was extremely disgusted by the idea, he also had to admit that the concept of sacrificing oneself to the development of the entire group was admirable.

Xu Zirong smiled and didn’t say a word. He had no interest to know whether it’s a great idea, but after seeing the cattail orchid growing at the door, he suddenly remembered that the queen was extremely weak after eating the spider king, and the queen could only be protected by the high-level human-faced spiders since even the strongest male spider would have been eaten.

Although there were many high-level human-faced spiders in this cave, they could never pose any threat to him and his brother. If they seized that opportunity, they could definitely reduce the danger to a great extent.

The male spider sniffed around in its room and uses its monster sense to probe the room over and over again.

Fortunately, Mr. Little Square was excellent in shielding one’s divine consciousness. The male spider saw nothing for a long time. It could only chew the fresh meat and return to its bone bed.

Xu Zirong gently pulled on his brother’s sleeve, Xu Ziyan followed him out and entered the stone room next door.

The male spider living in that stone room probably went out. The room was empty, except for a large white cocoon that looked like it was storing food in the corner.

Xu Zirong briefly explained his plan and immediately got his brother’s support. The only question now was how to promote the evolution of the male spider.

A male spider could evolve into a spider king only if it got enough nutrition. Although the male spider was strong, it required a lot of energy to evolve into a spider king.

If it was allowed to evolve naturally, Wei Qing and the others would have died after the evolution finished, but if they didn’t have a suitable method to accelerate its evolution either.

“It’s really hard to handle…” Xu Ziyan scratched his head and said irritably.

“It’s a little troublesome indeed.” Xu Zirong frowned as he really hadn’t thought of the difficulty to accelerate its evolution.


Just as the two of them were thinking what to do, there was suddenly a very weak voice coming from the room.

The facial expressions of the two suddenly changed and they looked around vigilantly.

After investigating for a while, he still found nothing. Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong suspiciously, Xu Zirong shook his head slightly, indicating that there was indeed a voice.

There was limited space in the stone room. Apart from the bed made of a pile of bones, there was only the white cocoon which people could hide inside. The two looked at each other and approached cautiously.


Soon, there was another extremely weak sound, even weaker than before.

Xu Ziyan suddenly looked shocked, since the sound came from the white giant cocoon.

“We have to save him!” Xu Ziyan immediately started tearing up the white giant cocoon.

Xu Zirong went over to help with an expressionless face. Although he didn’t want to have extra burden at this time, he understood very well that his brother would never allow a cultivator to become a monster’s food.

The two tore the giant cocoon together and soon pulled out a three-inch-long crack on it.

Suddenly, a pale arm stretched out from the crack, which startled Xu Ziyan.

“Help…help, save me…” the man in the giant cocoon cried weakly.

“Silence!” Xu Ziyan hurriedly looked outside the stone chamber to confirm that no spiders were passing by, then said in a low voice.

The person in the giant cocoon also seemed to be aware of his situation, he shut his mouth tightly and didn’t make any noise again.

Although the white giant cocoon was soft, it had a strong texture. In order to prevent the spiders from being alerted by the fluctuation of spiritual power, Xu Ziyan spent a lot of effort to widen the three-inch-long crack.

When he rescued the person from the cocoon, Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows in surprise. He didn’t expect that the person trapped inside was actually the first demon cultivator to enter the secret door with a hundred ghost flags on his back!

He was also one of his powerful subordinates in his previous life – Zuo Shen, the defender against phantoms.

Zuo Shen was a quiet guy, and his character was just as gloomy as the hundred ghost flags behind him.

Since Xu Zirong coincidentally saved him in his previous life, he was very loyal to Xu Zirong, and he even sacrificed himself to protect Xu Zirong when Xuan Yuanhui betrayed Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong, who had stopped being a demon cultivator in this life, initially wanted nothing further to do with Zuo Shen, he’d already recognized Zuo Shen in the hall but he didn’t tell anyone about it.

After all these incidents, Xu Ziyan ended up rescuing him again. Wait…would this kid suggest selling himself to his brother?

What if he suggested dedicating his whole to his brother?! Wouldn’t it be better to kill him first then?

Xu Zirong’s expression became more sophisticated because he remembered how Zuo Shen worked for him in his previous life. With his understanding of Zuo Shen, this guy was a stubborn one. If he was told that it was his brother who saved him, he’d certainly do the same for his brother.

Xu Zirong’s eyes narrowed slightly and there was a hint of danger. He would never allow anyone to share his brother’s attention, not even his core subordinates in his previous life!

Zuo Shen, who had finally climbed out of the cocoon, was shivering in panic. He had severe injuries and was covered in blood. He understood that it’s his body being too weak and he ignored the warning inside his mind…

“Are you…that demon cultivator?” Xu Ziyan also managed to see Zuo Shen’s face clearly from the pile of mucus.

Zuo Shen already looked pale, and now he even looked like a corpse after losing so much blood.

Zuo Shen slowly raised his head and tried to distinguish the face of the cultivator in front of him. After a long while, he finally recalled that this person was one of the few righteous cultivators.

“Thank you for saving my life, cultivator. There’s nothing that I can repay with…I can only…”

“If there’s nothing you can repay with, then let it be. It’s not like we need you that much.” Before Zuo Shen finished speaking, Xu Zirong interrupted him abruptly.

Zuo Shen, “…”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Xu Zirong didn’t look very happy. As expected, his speculation was correct. Zuo Shen was already thinking about giving his life to Xu Ziyan even before a full recovery. How was he supposed to get on with his life normally if it became true?

There were already Wei Qing, Le Hu, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui getting his brother’s attention. He already didn’t want any of them beside his brother and never would he want another burden!

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