Chapter 254

“Zirong…don’t talk nonsense.” Xu Ziyan was a little speechless, although he didn’t expect this cultivator to repay him anything, it’s really rude of Zirong to say something like that.

Xu Zirong snorted and glanced at Zuo Shen coldly.

Zuo Shen fully understood what it meant, “if you dare to get near my brother, I’m gonna kill you!”

Under Xu Zirong’s murderous gaze, Zuo Shen silently withdrew his left hand that was still supporting Xu Ziyan. Although he wanted to repay him, he didn’t want to be killed.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes helplessly, and helped Zuo Shen to a corner that could not be noticed from outside.

Zuo Shen was seriously injured, but it was beyond Xu Ziyan’s expectations, because the wounds on his body were not caused by the human-faced spiders.

The low-level human-faced spiders would win by numbers, and because of the sticky webs they spat out, most of their preys were alive.

Male spiders were used to using their chelicerae and sharp mouthparts, plus the venom hidden in their fangs, but no matter which one, these would not bring such wounds to Zuo Shen.

“This injury of yours…” Xu Ziyan observed for a while and discovered that all the wounds on his body were caused by spells, which also showed that the person who injured Zuo Shen so badly was actually a cultivator.

Xu Ziyan’s expression gradually became more solemn. There were countless monsters hidden in the dark passages of the maze. He always felt that in such an environment, humans should be allied to jointly defend against monsters. However, the cultivator who injured Zuo Shen obviously didn’t think so.

Of course, there was also a possibility that Zuo Shen took the lead and ended up losing in such a way. But after judging the wounds on Zuo Shen, Xu Ziyan noticed that the first injury was the one on his back.

The blow almost tore his entire back, and from a particular angle, it seemed to be aimed at the heart. Xu Ziyan didn’t know how Zuo Shen escaped this attack, but it was obviously a sneak attack on his back.

Xu Ziyan silently sighed as he also felt helpless. Although righteous cultivators and demon cultivators were inherently hostile to each other, the all-realm competition was a very obvious signal.

This signal was actually to tell everyone that the righteous path and the demon path of Xuan Yu realm would begin to merge. As he had experienced the fighting tower, he naturally understood that it was used to resist the possible future invasion of the demon race, but for those who did not know the truth, perhaps demon cultivators were their forever enemy…

This time, the True Dragon maze underwent such a change again. Both the righteous path and the demon path suffered heavy losses. Xu Ziyan could already imagine how much a turbulence this incident would cause when it was revealed, and more importantly, this would leave a dark shadow to the merge of righteous and demon path.

“Nothing is going well…” In just a few short breaths, Xu Ziyan had already thought a lot, but the development of things was not under his control at all, and now he just hoped to have a chance to get out of the damn maze alive. He had no solutions for other stuff.

“I was attacked by a female cultivator.” Zuo Shen was not an idiot. From Xu Ziyan’s words and expressions, he knew that Xu Ziyan might have misunderstood something.

If it was like other times, he would really love to fight a few more battles with righteous cultivators, but now…

Zuo Shen shivered when he thought of that monster. If there were more monsters like that in the maze, perhaps none of them would have a chance to get out.

“Female cultivator?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a while. He remembered that there were only three female cultivators in the hall.

The first one was Xi Yanliu, who was injured by Xu Zirong. That woman’s ability to change her face was unprecedented. Before, when a large number of cultivators entered the hall, she quietly merged into the group of people. She might be using another person’s face and disguised herself as a righteous cultivator.

The second one was also a woman who appeared alone. Xu Ziyan was vaguely familiar with that woman, but he soon forgot about her after giving up on thinking who she was.

The third one was a female cultivator who entered the hall with Gao Yi and the others.

The female cultivator was sobbing softly from beginning to end, and Xu Ziyan just realized that he hadn’t seen her face at all.

“Tell me in detail.” Xu Zirong asked, seeing that Zuo Shen’s injury had begun to improve under the treatment of medicine.

At this time, he was very fortunate that these monsters had always killed and hunted for food, but he was not interested in Xu Ziyan’s Qiankun bag, enabling Zuo Shen to keep those life-saving pills.

Zuo Shen frowned, “not long after I entered the secret door, I encountered a large number of flaming monsters. Those flaming monsters had high level of cultivation. I couldn’t beat them by myself, so I could only dodge. There were many intersections in the secret path and I didn’t have the time to pick the right one. Then, I didn’t know for how long I’d run, I was lost even though I got rid of the flaming monsters. Later, I searched back and forth near those intersecting paths and ended up meeting a group of righteous cultivators.”

“In the beginning, they wanted to fight with me, but then the cultivator named Gao Yi persuaded them to stop. I was also worried that I would encounter hordes of monsters when I walked alone again, so I allied with them. I had no idea that it was only the start of a nightmare.”

“We were nearly twenty people together, and we were quite powerful, but unfortunately…” Zuo Shen smiled bitterly. “Unfortunately, just when everyone thought the passage was safe and there were no enemies, a cultivator suddenly discovered that the three or four cultivators following him had all disappeared. ”

“When I found out that some cultivators disappeared without a sound, those people were terrified, and some people even thought that I had secretly poisoned them. I was in an argument with them but Gao Yi successfully stopped us from fighting. They didn’t trust me and I didn’t want to continue sticking with them either. I was going to separate with them in the next intersection, but then…”

Zuo Shen’s expression became extremely bitter, and the corners of his lips even trembled, “as a result…I was attacked by that female cultivator.”

“In the beginning, I thought that the female cultivator attacked me for I am a demon cultivator. Who would have thought…After she attacked me, she immediately started attacking other people. Then…the monster appeared.”

“What monster?” Xu Ziyan was shocked. He originally thought it was the friction between the righteous and demon cultivators, he didn’t expect that there’d be a monster.

“A kind of…” Zuo Shen’s face was a bit twisted, as if he couldn’t think of a word to describe the monster. “A kind of… like a monster formed by a lot people squeezed together.”

Xu Ziyan understood as soon as he heard it, this monster must be the one he and Zirong saw together!

“That monster is so terrifying, our spells have almost no effect on him, and I don’t know what means it used. When some cultivators tried to attack, they suddenly screamed, then turned into a puddle of flesh and melted into that monster’s body.”

Zuo Shen pursed his lips, “the more people the monster integrates into, the closer the shape of the body became that of a human being. When I ran for my life, those cultivators were almost dead, and there were only two or three left who were still struggling. I glanced at it before I left, and the few who were still alive should have escaped, but I don’t know if they are still alive.”

“I passed out after I used a secret spell to escape, then I woke up… just now.” Zuo Shen lowered his head in depression. He managed to escape from such a powerful monster, yet he ended up in the hands of human-faced spiders, which was really unacceptable for him.

After hearing Zuo Shen’s words, Xu Ziyan became more thoughtful, so did Xu Zirong.

Obviously, after eating so many people, the monster would evolve again. Who knew what would happen then?

Things were already quite terrifying before. If his little Greenie and snail didn’t help him, Xu Ziyan would also become part of the monster. And if this monster ran out of the maze…

After imagining the scene where the monster was raging outside, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but shiver. If such a thing disguised as a human and ran out, it would be tantamount to a catastrophe in the world of cultivation!

After analyzing Zuo Shen’s situation, it was obvious that the monster’s strength improved very quickly. When the monster saw them, there were only a few drops of liquid secreting, but when it saw Zuo Shen…

Xu Ziyan became more and more worried. There were so many hidden and horrifying monsters in this secret passage, it would be a disaster if they didn’t get out as quickly as possible.

“We shall deal with that queen as soon as possible, we have to find a way to leave quickly!” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth.

Time was running out, he couldn’t wait for the male spider to evolve and he must kill it ASAP.

Xu Zirong frowned. In order to forcefully kill the queen of human-faced spiders, they must first determine where it was. If there was no one to lead the way, he’s worried that…

Ka da ka da!

Just when the two were thinking about how to find the queen, the familiar clicking sound suddenly came from outside the door.

Xu Ziyan’s expression changed, and with a flick of his wrist, he pulled Zuo Shen into his arms, wrapping him under Mr. Little Square’s breath.

Xu Zirong also approached his brother’s side at once. He originally planned to take the opportunity to get into his brother’s arms, but his brother’s chest was occupied by someone else in an instant.

Xu Zirong’s face darkened in an instant, the icy cold air rushed out, and his eyes looked so sharp that it’s almost a knife stabbing in Zuo Shen’s body…

Zuo Shen, who was innocent, “…”

“Calm down!” Seeing Xu Zirong’s eyes turning red again, Xu Ziyan reluctantly slapped him on the face. Why would this kid still act like this at this critical moment? If he hadn’t pulled Zuo Shen just now, all of them would have been exposed.

The clicking sound outside the door lingered for a while, and the male spider broke into the stone chamber outrageously.

According to general rules, male spiders were not allowed to enter the rooms of other male spiders, but this one had always been domineering, if it had no problem in snatching the queen’s food, what else would it refuse to do?

After the strong male spider entered the room, he sniffed around suspiciously. Then, it seemed to notice the rupture of the white cocoon and let out a furious roar.


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