Chapter 255

“It’s not looking good!” Xu Ziyan suddenly felt that something was wrong, and quickly pulled Zirong and Zuo Shen back silently.

But before they could exit the door, several equally ugly male spiders rushed to the door.

Those male spiders were all absolutely disgusting, but none of them was stronger than this male spider.

The male spider let out a roar, then pointed at the cracked white cocoon and roared furiously at the group of male spiders.

The group of male spiders also kept making clicking noises, and each one looked impatient and furious – could they be quarreling?

“Could it be that this male spider thinks that his late-night snack was stolen?” Xu Ziyan was thinking about the content of the quarrel while touching his chin. In fact, it was not difficult to guess. Although he did not understand the meaning of the clicking noises, the male spider’s body language was quite rich and completely understandable.

“Tsk tsk, this is a bloody case caused by a late-night snack.” Seeing the strongest male spider angrily pouncing on the male spiders, the spiders started fighting, and Xu Ziyan said unscrupulously.

“A bunch of ignorant guys! Didn’t they know that they could poison themselves by eating that shit?” Xu Zirong glanced coldly.

The late-night snack, Zuo Shen, “why is this handsome guy always targeting at me?”

Facts proved that the preparatory spider king, who was about to complete its evolution, was superior to the other male spiders in terms of power. After a fight, the preparatory spider king successfully killed the few male spiders, and unapologetically used their corpses as its supper.

Xu Ziyan felt a little disgusted while watching the male spider devour its own kind, but he suppressed the urge to kill him immediately after thinking that the preparatory spider king would fully evolve after it finished eating the male spiders.

After eating the few male spiders, the size of the preparatory spider king increased significantly, but for some reason, it did not evolve successfully.

Xu Ziyan was a little puzzled. He could feel that the energy contained in the preparatory spider king had reached a critical point, and it was just one step away before successfully evolving.

“He’s going to fail.” Xu Zirong said in a deep voice as he watched the preparatory spider king roar in pain.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise.

Xu Zirong glanced at the preparatory spider king with a little regret, “the evolution of the spider king is not that simple, and it is difficult to break through this last stage. It is stuck at this stage now. If it cannot get through this stage, it’ll die because of the over-accumulation of energy.”

Xu Ziyan instantly thought of Snowball, which was often doing the same thing. →. →

“Then what should we do?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Xu Zirong shook his head, “It’s a pity, if it can break through, then we’ll certainly succeed in attacking the queen. The divine soul of this monster is still relatively weak, and it’s just a little stronger…”

“The divine soul?” Xu Ziyan was shocked and asked, “do you mean that it could succeed if its divine soul was stronger?”

“Right.” Xu Zirong nodded. “It died after a self-explosion since its divine soul couldn’t bear this enormous energy.”

“That’s great!” Xu Ziyan clapped his hands in excitement, then reached out and rummaged inside Mr. Little Square, at least that’s what he was seemingly doing. Then, he took out a green fruit from inside.

“The Soul Resentment Fruit!” Xu Zirong exclaimed in surprise. Since Xu Ziyan didn’t like it, this thing had been in Mr. Little Square for a long time. If his brother hadn’t brought it out, he would probably have forgotten about it.

As soon as he mentioned the Soul Resentment Fruit, Zuo Shen’s eyes lit up, as if a raging flame ignited.

Xu Ziyan had goosebumps after seeing that flaming gaze, so he turned his back and looked at Zuo Shen, “cultivator Zuo, what are you…”

Seeing this, Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows. Because of his experience in previous life, he knew that Zuo Shen’s divine soul had been bitten by hundreds of ghosts because of his cultivation of the Hundred Ghost Banners. Although it was not fatal, it was an extremely crucial element to his future development.

At the beginning, if it wasn’t for this reason, Zuo Shen would not have been stuck for so long in the late stage of golden core. If there was no such hidden danger, Zuo Shen would not have died at Xuan Yuanhui’s hands.

Now that there was hope of healing for his hidden dangers, it is no wonder that a gloomy man like Zuo Shen also burst with such enthusiasm – of course, it would be better if this enthusiasm was not directed towards his brother!

Xu Zirong: (#‵′)! If you keep looking at it like this, I will goug your eyes out!

Zuo Shen shivered, but his desire for the Soul Resentment Fruit made him ignore Xu Zirong’s menacing gaze.

“Master! Can you give this fruit to me, your subordinate?” Zuo Shen stared straight at the Soul Resentment Fruit, his eyes wandering as it moved up and down.

Xu Ziyan shook the fruit and found that Zuo Shen was staring so firmly at it. Although he was calling “master”, he wasn’t looking at Xu Ziyan one bit.

“Who is your master?!” Before Xu Ziyan answered, Xu Zirong couldn’t help it anymore. He really wanted to kill this Zuo Shen already and it’s a pity that he couldn’t, “my brother has never accepted you as his subordinate.”

Zuo Shen ignored Xu Zirong’s threat and stared at Xu Ziyan with bright eyes, “master saved my life, and as his subordinate, I’m willing to follow and serve my master for life.”

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_, how could there be such a thick-skinned person…

Xu Zirong was furious and was ready to teach him a lesson. Although in his previous life, he already knew how stubborn Zuo Shen was, Xu Zirong really wanted to strangle him to death now that he’d experienced this kind of stubbornness!

“Zirong!” Fortunately, Xu Ziyan’s eyes and hands were quick, and he stopped his yet-to-be-launched attack all at once.

“Cough cough, forget it.” Xu Ziyan reluctantly combed Zirong’s hair, but he never expected that when he took out the Soul Resentment Fruit, there would be such a divine unfolding – obviously Zuo Shen had already abandoned the thought of following him.

Xu Zirong was so angry that he wanted to die, but he also knew that he couldn’t take action recklessly at such a moment. He gave Zuo Shen a fierce look, then grabbed his brother and kissed him forcefully, trying to show Zuo Shen his territory.

Xu Ziyan was a little stunned by the sudden kiss, but seeing the faint blood in Xu Zirong’s eyes, he resolutely gave up his resistance and let him just kiss as much as he wanted.

As for Zuo Shen, well…what’s the big deal when being watched?

After finally getting the chance to breathe freely again, Xu Ziyan didn’t dare to look at Zuo Shen’s facial expression.

Xu Zirong raised his head and raised his chin toward Zuo Shen in a demonstrative manner. He thought, “So you want to follow my brother? Better have my approval first!”

Zuo Shen’s face looked calm, and there’s not a single trace of turbulence on it. It’s as if he hadn’t seen two big men hugging each other.

He blinked in Xu Zirong’s gaze, looking as if he’d realized something. Then, he saluted to Xu Zirong, “so you’re his wife. I’m sorry for overlooking it.”

Xu Ziyan: …, pfft!

He really didn’t want to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.

Xu Zirong’s expression cracked, he was beyond furious. How could this damn Zuo Shen realize that he’s the “wife”? Could this bastard be doing it on purpose?

“It’s alright, don’t make trouble. We should finish our business first.” Seeing that Xu Zirong already had the urge to kill, Xu Ziyan had no choice but to suppress the smile in his heart and warned them both seriously.

Zuo Shen still looked like he’d obey whatever the master said. Although Xu Zirong was furious to the extreme, he could only temporarily suppress the anger in his heart.

The preparatory spider king rolled on the ground in agony for a long while, when there was only one breath left, Xu Ziyan could see Zuo Shen’s desire for the Resentful Soul Fruit, but if there was no Resentful Soul Fruit, it would be more dangerous to sneak attack that human-faced spider queen.

After comparison, Xu Ziyan didn’t know how to choose, so he could only look at Zuo Shen with a look of embarrassment.

Fortunately, Zuo Shen wasn’t stupid although he’s dull. Although he didn’t know why Xu Ziyan had to help this male spider to evolve, he knew that it was a very important matter.

He thought for a while, then took out a red jade square box from his Qiankun bag. The red jade square box was not an ordinary item at first glance, and it exuded warm air.

After Zuo Shen opened the box, he took out a streak of fiery red grass from it.

“Master, do you think this can replace the Resentful Soul Fruit?”

“The Soul Retaining Grass?” Xu Ziyan was slightly surprised.

This Soul Retaining Grass was also an extremely precious spiritual grass. It could be used to nourish the soul. Although its effect was not as good as the Resentful Soul Fruit, it was still quite ideal. He understood that Zuo Shen had brought this in preparation.

“Okay.” Xu Zirong didn’t want Zuo Shen to communicate with his brother at all, so he stood in front of his brother directly, took the Soul Resentment Fruit in his brother’s hand and threw it to Zuo Shen, then took the Soul Retaining Grass and said, “you stay away from my brother!”

Zuo Shen held the green Soul Resentment Fruit and was extremely excited. At this time, he didn’t have the heart to listen to what Xu Zirong said, so he just replied casually, “madam, simply be reassured that I won’t do anything to my master.”

Xu Ziyu: … ah ah ah…I really need to strangle this guy if I wasn’t in front of my brother!

Xu Ziyan was also speechless and couldn’t help smacking Xu Zirong’s back of his head.

He didn’t find himself handsome, so how could anyone be interested in him? He had no idea what Zirong was thinking, but he was against everyone near him, which was really making him hopeless.

Xu Zirong was slapped by his brother and suddenly showed a look of being wronged.

Xu Ziyan: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻The hell, I can’t live like this anymore! The Best Actor Xu Zirong is just better and better in acting each day! He can even cry at any moment!

And the most disgusting thing was that he really liked it actually!

He felt desperate for himself as he became soft-hearted even knowing that Xu Zirong was acting…

Wiping his face vigorously, Xu Ziyan no longer knew what expression to use to face Xu Zirong. He angrily shoved the Soul Retaining Grass into the mouth of the male spider which was in a coma, then he kicked the male spider far away at the corner of the wall, so that it wouldn’t make too much noise when it started evolving…


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