Chapter 279

Xi Yanliu was instantly enraged. If she could leave, she would have done so long ago! If there were no other passages in this cave, who would want to spend time with these damn gay people?!

“Um…” The righteous girl also listened to it just now. She raised her hand weakly at this time, “can’t we run away? That blood dragon might not be able to catch us, right?”

“Are you an idiot or what?!” Xi Yanliu couldn’t provoke Xu Zirong, so she could only let her anger and frustrations out on the righteous girl, “didn’t you hear them say that the blood dragon just ripped apart the void and appeared in front of them?! Don’t even tell me you have no idea what this implies. Don’t you have any common sense?!”

“Why are you yelling at me? You damn liar!” The righteous girl was obviously not someone to be bullied, and she immediately yelled back.

She didn’t have any good feelings for this Xi Yanliu anymore. If it wasn’t for her, how could she end up being so inferior in front of Xu Ziyan?

Xi Yanliu couldn’t afford provoking Xu Ziyan and the others, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t provoke the righteous girl. She had to tolerate Xu Ziyan a little bit, but she attacked the girl without hesitation.

“Ah!” The girl exclaimed, and a thin light blue line shot towards her face, and it was about to penetrate her left eye.


A golden arc of light bounced from the accessories on the girl’s chest, not only hitting the thin line head-on, but also slashing towards Xi Yanliu’s head at the same time.

Xi Yanliu suddenly turned pale, screamed, and raised her hand to release a simple copper bell, which was protecting her body before the golden arc came.


A sound of blast.

The golden arc hit the outer wall of the bronze bell, and after a stalemate, it shattered.

However, Xi Yanliu also felt very uncomfortable. There was a large gap on the ancient bronze bell and blood overflowing from her mouth.

This time, Xi Yanliu suffered a big loss!

“Enough, the two of you!” Xu Ziyan yelled with a heavy expression on his face.

His cold gaze swept across the righteous girl and Xi Yanliu one by one, and he showed a cold and stern look, “die somewhere else if you want to die! You want to attract the blood dragon or what?!”

Xu Ziyan was usually in a good temper. And when he got furious, everyone was shocked, including Le Hu, who’s staring at him strangely.

Xu Ziyan was always this easy-going guy. And whenever Xu Zirong was staring at someone, he always managed to avoid the confrontation.

Almost everyone thought that he was a gentle guy with good nature, only Xu Zirong showed a calm look – you’ve all been too naïve!

As a victim who has been spanked countless times since he was a child, only he knew about his brother’s irritable temper hidden under the surface of peace…

Xu Ziyan was very annoyed. At this critical moment when danger might appear at any time, these two women particularly irritated him.

Speaking of which, he wasn’t really a person of good temper. He could stay so restrained in this world of cultivation, it’s mainly because of his experience as a businessman in modern times.

Xu Ziyan’s temper was a little grumpy, but he was not a fool. As a businessman, he must have excellent connections, and his grumpy personality would only bring him troubles.

Therefore, he hid his temper well under a good demeanor. Anyway, he was only dealing with those people for interests, and it was fine to have a decent façade. No one would really care if he could keep his good temper in front of his family…

After coming to this world of cultivation, his strength was relatively low in the early stage, and his irritable temper could easily lead to uncontrollable consequences. Therefore, Xu Ziyan always behaved very kindly in front of other people. Of course, Xu Zirong became an unfortunate target, as Xu Ziyan never hid his true nature in front of people close to him.

As for later…

His changes were made due to the clinginess disease of Xu Zirong. Xu Ziyan had to spend a lot of time eliminating all kinds of potential troubles with Zirong’s character, and he simply had no time to show his true colors anymore.

In the end, whenever Xu Zirong showed his jealousy, Xu Ziyan ended up having to solve all potential troubles for him.

And he had almost forgotten that he used to be a grumpy person too…→. →

It’s a pity that the performance of Xi Yanliu and the righteous girl provoked some of his dormant nerves.

The pressure of the battle between humans and demons already brought him a lot of pressure, but before the battle even started, they had already encountered the huge trouble brought by the blood dragon!

Everyone was already desperate enough, but the fact that these 2 women started fighting irritated Xu Ziyan even more.

“Brother, don’t be angry. If they want to die, I can help them.” Xu Zirong gently caressed Xu Ziyan’s chest, as if he’s trying to soothe him.

Xu Ziyan slapped his hand away speechlessly. If he hadn’t deliberately pressed his finger somewhere on his chest, there would still be some credibility with these words.

On the contrary, those two women started shivering at the same time, as from their point of view, they could already spot the sense of murder under Xu Zirong’s eyes.

They believed firmly that Xu Zirong definitely wanted to kill them!

“Right…I’m sorry…qaq.” The righteous girl reacted first and quickly apologized with a mumble. Probably she had never done such a thing before, and her voice was so low that no one could really hear it.

Xi Yanliu’s facial expression changed. Although she wasn’t speaking, she also lowered her head to express her apologetic feelings.

But no one was really sure if she really felt sorry.

“Okay, let’s go out first. There will be no progress waiting here.” The man in black looked at the crowd and said slowly.

Xu Ziyan gave him a depressed look – it’s all because of your pitiful actions back then! Or we would never have to deal with this now!

The man in black suddenly choked. At that time, he thought that he would be dead and he was desperate to use this alternative method to let himself live. Who would have known that he still had a chance to defrost himself after so many years? If he had known earlier, he would never infuse any of his divine consciousness!

“Hmm…shall we perhaps think of ways to deal with the blood dragon when it appears?” Xia Rongsheng suggested helplessly.

Xu Ziyan’s footsteps paused, then said, “there are nine of us in total, and each of us must have some means that we haven’t shown yet, right? At this critical moment, I’m afraid we all have to show them.”

He glanced at everyone lightly, and they all showed a thoughtful expression.

These words were not just empty talk of Xu Ziyan. These people in the same group were all selected elites by the all-realm competition. For example, Xu Ziyan would never believe it if somebody told him that Xi Yanliu’s master hadn’t left her something when she signed her up.

Regarding the righteous girl – the golden arc just now was obviously a fierce breath of sword, which could seal any breath of sword inside an accessory. It’s clear that her master was a powerful sword cultivator.

Such a person would definitely leave some powerful treasures for his favorite disciple, and they got lucky, they might be able to hurt the blood dragon with this treasure.

Xu Ziyan didn’t think that their group would be able to leave the cave safely. With the existence of the man in black, the blood dragon would never let them go.

But they couldn’t drive away the man in black either. First, he was considered a formidable fighting force, and more importantly, Zirong once said that the divine consciousness of the blood dragon came from the man in black, and his existence could thus suppress the blood dragon to a certain extent.

He silently sighed. With the strength of these people, trying to escape from the blood dragon was already an extremely risky thing. If they still chose to hide away their ultimate treasures, then he would rather give up!

“Well, I do have an array that I’d inherited from previous generations. It’s called the Nine-Natal Thunder Array. This array requires the control of nine cultivators, and it can spread the blood dragon’s attack evenly on nine people. Also, this array can attract the Nine-Sky Mysterious Thunder, and since the blood dragon has such a high killing power, I am confident that our chance to win will be increased by 30% if we become proficient in controlling this array.”

“However, there is also one disadvantage with the array. That is, the Nine-Sky Mysterious Thunder can only be activated once. Once it is activated, all of our spiritual power will be sucked out. That means we’ll all die if we can’t kill the blood dragon with one shot.”

Everyone was silent for a while, and Wei Qing continued, “well, I have here a set of twelve golden armored figurines, which can form a battle formation. We’ll have power to fight even if we face cultivators. I think that it’s a good way to consume energy of the blood dragon.”

As soon as Wei Qing said so, everyone else became more interested. This must be very powerful since it could fight against cultivators of nascent soul.

It’s a pity that these golden armor figurines would face the blood dragon that could easily crush cultivators of nascent soul. They couldn’t be sure if these golden armor figurines could be kept after the battle was over.

“I…I have a talisman of the breath of sword left by the master…” The righteous girl stuttered, then took out a shiny and blinking talisman from her Qiankun bag and handed it to Xu Ziyan without hesitation.

Righteous girl: hm, although this big brother was so angry with me just now, I still think that he’s the best person among this crowd!

The temperature around Xu Zirong began to drop, and everyone stood a little further away unconsciously.

As soon as Xu Ziyan took the talisman, he felt a sharp breath of sword rushing up along his fingers.

“Hey!” He was shocked and quickly used his spiritual power to force the breath of sword out. If not, the breath of sword would certainly rush into his Dantian along his meridians.

However, he knew that the righteous girl didn’t do it on purpose, it’s just that the talisman was simply too sharp and it could launch an attack automatically. If the breath of sword of that righteous girl wasn’t from the same type as that of the talisman, she would have been killed when she took it over.

“What a fierce breath of sword.” Wei Qing was the closest to Xu Ziyan, and he also felt the extremely powerful breath of sword. He couldn’t help but exclaim.

Not far away, the man in black raised his head slightly. When his divine consciousness came into contact with this talisman, he raised his eyebrows slightly. Although the sword cultivator who had made this talisman had limited capacity, he was already a rare talent.


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