Chapter 296

Big Foot Luo never expressed his concerns verbally. He was more comfortable with showing his love for his apprentices directly through actions.

Xu Ziyan knew very well how rare such sincere feelings were, so he didn’t have any intention to hide from Big Foot Luo.

“Master…you must have seen it too, Zirong and I…” Xu Ziyan’s face turned slightly red. Although he’d decided to confess everything to Big Foot Luo, he still felt shy doing so.

The generous smile on Big Foot Luo’s face disappeared and he suddenly became very serious, “do you have any idea that you’re…”

“My brother and I are not related by blood.” Xu Zirong interrupted Big Foot Luo directly.

Big Foot Luo frowned slightly, and his divine consciousness circled around the two of them. His facial expression darkened, “how is it possible? Obviously you are…”

“I used to use a secret technique to make my blood and that of my brother merge, so there is such an illusion.” Xu Zirong simply admitted what he did back then.

Big Foot Luo raised his eyebrows but he didn’t refute what Xu Zirong had said.

Back then, he didn’t check the bloodline between the two, and the Blood Sea Heart Sutra that Xu Zirong had cultivated could indeed create this effect, so he might as well be telling the truth.

It’s only that – why would Xu Zirong do so?

He looked at Xu Zirong suspiciously, and Xu Zirong looked back at him calmly, “I didn’t know whether my brother could respond to my feelings at the time, so I had to exchange my essence blood with him so that I can find him anytime, anywhere.”

Big Foot Luo’s face twitched, “what would you do if your brother doesn’t agree and run away?”

Xu Zirong looked at Big Foot Luo with a strange expression, as if he had asked a very stupid question, “of course I’ll catch him back and make him change his mind.”


Big Foot Luo: …

Xu Ziyan looked up at the sky silently. Actually, Xu Zirong sounded quite reserved here already. He felt that if that happened, Xu Zirong wasn’t going to change his mind. Instead, he would just continue to xxxx him until he did…for someone with clinginess disease, there wasn’t any problem in doing so in a confined room at all…

Big Foot Luo stared at Xu Zirong for a while and he was speechless, as if he was thinking how Xu Zirong said such shameless words so confidently.

Xu Ziyan continued to look up at the sky and thought, “master, do you really think that it’s useful to talk sense into someone with clinginess disease?”



Just when the three of them looked at each other in embarrassment, there were the cries of two creatures, breaking this eerie kind of silence.

“Huh? Snowball!” With a look of surprise, Xu Ziyan immediately took Snowball, that had flown over and hugged his thigh, and flicked it on its head, “where did you go?”

Snowball glared at Xu Ziyan with tears in its eyes, “it should be me asking you this, right? Where have you been? How could you have disappeared for ten years? Even my hair and that of Pink Hair is turning grey!”

Xu Ziyan pouted, “your hair is originally white, okay?”

Snowball choked, and immediately shrank into a ball with grievance, “you don’t even know what kind of life I have been living in these ten years…your master is really not a normal human being, as he used to feed me with lots of different kinds of medicinal pills…and he simply stopped feeding me when I stopped eating! He didn’t feel guilty at all!”

Big Foot Luo raised his eyebrows, “Ziyan, your pet is too picky. I took the high-quality spiritual pet pills produced by Mo Yulong Pavilion. It’s fine if it refused, but it even stepped on them and crushed them into pieces! I think that we need to teach it a lesson!”

Snowball’s mouth slumped, “what the hell is that?! It’s disgusting to death! Who wants to eat that thing?!”

Pink Hair calmly took out a piece of dried meat from his own space, and said while chewing, “that pill contains rich spiritual energy and is the best supplement to replenish monsters’ spiritual energy. It’s fine if you don’t want to eat it, but you shouldn’t destroy it.”

Pink Hair was furious, “how dare you say it! If you offered some help, I would never have been beaten up by a cultivator of nascent soul! Where’s the so-called fraternity?”

Pink Hair gave him a contemptuous look, “why am I supposed to help you if you are looking for troubles? Also, that guy wasn’t going to kill you. He just beat you up. It’s a good lesson for you anyway since you’re so picky!”

Snowball was speechless, turned around and hugged Xu Ziyan’s thigh again, and said with tears in its eyes, “master, you need to make more delicious food to feed me, so as to soothe my wounded soul after taking medicinal pills for ten years.”

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead with a headache. He’s wondering why there were only fools or a brother with clinginess disease around him? What about his good old days?

“Brother… If you feel bothered, we can continue to go on a retreat.” Xu Zirong reminded at the right moment, and the expression on his face was indescribably considerate.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him sideways and told him to back off.

Feeling depressed, Xu Zirong found a corner and draw circles there, only to see a large black cloud above him…

When he was about to finish his retreat, he enjoyed his last crazy moments with his brother and made him say some shameless words at some critical moment. Naturally, he had to pay the price when his brother was awake…

If he hadn’t let his brother cultivate calmly and without disturbances these few days, Xu Ziyan would never speak to him even after the retreat.

Big Foot Luo suddenly felt thrilled when he saw Xu Zirong getting depressed. Although he wasn’t exactly excited about his disciples being together, he still felt eased after noticing that Xu Zirong wasn’t at a dominant position in the relationship.

Well, as a master, he’d better mind his own business. Also, their relationship had nothing to do with him, so he’d better pretend to know nothing.

“Cough…you guys should rest for a few days and we’ll set off for a mission. Lately, there seems to be something wrong with the blood-sucking worms controlling the central area, and there’s some mutation going on as well. The higher level of the alliance had talked about it and decided to send somebody to have a look. I’m going to send you both. Don’t make me lose face, okay?” After snorting once, Big Foot Luo waved his sleeve and left.

Xu Ziyan glanced at his baby brother who was squatting in the corner, and the corner of his mouth twitched. He thought, “don’t assume that I’ll forgive you just by looking pathetic. You should think about what you’ve done!”

“Let’s go, Snowball, Pink Hair, I have something to say to the two of you.” Xu Ziyan turned around and planned to leave, but before he could get up with his sword, he felt the hem of his clothes being pulled.

Xu Zirong looked aggrieved. He was biting his lower lip and his eyes turned red, looking as pathetic as possible.

“Brother…I was wrong.” Xu Zirong slowly lowered his head and gently shook his brother’s clothes like a little child.

Xu Ziyan’s heart softened, but soon his eyes became sharp. He stared at Xu Zirong until his whole body became stiff, and he slowly said, “you finally realized that you were wrong?”

Xu Zirong nodded quickly, “brother…forgive me.”

“Oh? Forgive you?” Xu Ziyan remained calm.

Xu Zirong bit his lip lightly, his voice became soft, “brother… I really have realized that I was wrong.”

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan nodded, “I believe that too.”

Xu Zirong was overjoyed. As soon as he raised his head, he heard his brother continue to say, “so, am I right in assuming that you admitted your mistake in a serious manner, yet you had no intention to change?”

Xu Zirong’s nodding motion froze immediately, he lowered his head and said nothing as he felt guilty seeing his brother’s angry face.

Xu Ziyan almost laughed. He patted on Xu Zirong’s head furiously, “stay here and think about it! And don’t follow me!”

Before he finished speaking, he stepped on the flying sword, and he disappeared suddenly before Snowball jumped on it…

Snowball: Master! You don’t leave me to face this guy with clinginess disease!

Xu Zirong restrained the expression on his face. He looked more serious and was staring at Snowball coldly.

Snowball’s trembled violently with tears in its eyes, as if it’s saying, “it’s got nothing to do with me! Don’t you vent on me!”

“Humph!” Xu Zirong snorted coldly. He simply left Snowball with a frightening look, and Pink Hair took the chance to jump down wisely. It glared at Snowball and ran towards Xu Zirong after calling it a fool.

Snowball stayed in the same place alone, with a look of frustration on its face. It was obviously trying to please its master by acting cute, why would the situation become like this?

It’s all the fault of that guy with clinginess disease!!! Um…master…please don’t leave me…

Snowball burst into tears and ran towards Xu Ziyan’s direction but disappeared after a few moments, and the entire Tianluo Peak fell into silence, only—

Zuo Shen stood in front of the cabin with a sullen face. He looked at the open space in front of him and touched his chin. He wondered if he really brought no sense of existence, as nobody even noticed him there…

Xu Ziyan found a relatively secluded corner and called Snowball and Pink Hair over.

He recounted his experience in the True Dragon maze, mainly referring to the ray of divine consciousness left by the Dragon Soul.

Snowball and Pink Hair nodded, but they didn’t seem very worried. Later, after some inquiries, Xu Ziyan found out that the true dragon had split a lot of his souls and it wasn’t a big loss for him after losing one…

Xu Ziyan went to visit Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying after sending away Snowball and Pink Hair.

At that time, Fang Tianrui was seriously injured, and Jiang Ying stayed to take care of him. He never thought that the separation would last ten years. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan had basically healed all the dark wounds left in Fang Tianrui’s body, and Gao Yi also died in the hands of Xu Zirong in the true dragon maze, which then fulfilled half of Fang Tianrui’s revenge, but as for the other half…

Xu Ziyan thought of the old man with golden core, his eyes narrowed slightly and he thought, “ten years have passed, and I don’t know if the old guy is still alive. If he’s still alive, then we’d better think of taking revenge for Fang Tianrui, as he’d suffered for this old man after all and this will be his price to pay!”

At the moment, Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying have become inner disciples in the Liu Guang Sect. Although they didn’t have a master, everyone knew that they were brought back by the Xu brothers.


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