Chapter 295

In this way, if he had some insight in the battle, he could then easily break through the stage of nascent soul. And as long as he wasn’t stupid enough to break through on the battlefield, then it would certainly be sure that he’d achieve the level of nascent soul.

“Okay then.” Xu Ziyan nodded. Since he entered the True Dragon maze, he had been very nervous and he dared not relax a bit.

Although a decade already passed, it was just like a few days for them and it was almost impossible for them to regain mental energy.

Moderation would be the preferred way of cultivation. Even if a cultivator could break through in a battle, his development might be affected without a solid foundation.

Xu Ziyan was also very vigilant regarding this. He mostly increased his cultivation level with Xu Zirong through various strange incidents. This can surely make them progress much faster, yet there were also different kinds of hidden danger.

Every time he consolidated his level of cultivation, it was also an opportunity for him to expel all the impurities within his body.

Following Luo Dajiao’s instructions, Xu Ziyan planned to return to his secret room in Tian Luo Peak to retreat for a period of time.

“Senior Xu.” The cultivator called Old Liu respectfully.

Xu Ziyan: (⊙_⊙)? “Why are you here?”

Old Liu’s eyelids twitched, “Senior, senior Luo put us all onto the cloud shuttle at that time, yet most of us were injured so he just put us into the cabin.”

Xu Ziyan sweated a little. He realized that his master still remembered to bring him and the others back, yet he’d forgotten about Zuo Shen totally.

“Oh, then do you want to return to your sect? I can find someone to take you back.” Xu Ziyan suggested thoughtfully.

He already knew the whole situation of Xuan Yu realm from Big Foot Luo. According to their location, there was an area controlled by the blood-sucking worms. Big Foot Luo was worried of them being ambushed, so he specifically went to pick them up. That’s why Xu Ziyan thought that Old Liu had to stay in Liu Guang sect for the lack of other options.

“No no…” Old Liu waved his hand, then said to Xu Ziyan with a little embarrassment, “senior Xu, we are all disciples of Wan Yu sect, but our sect was already wiped out during the first wave of the attacks of blood-sucking worms. So, we are now attached to Xuan Jia sect, but this sect…” He suddenly paused, “let it be! Senior Xu, I just want to know if we can stay.”

“Oh? You want to stay? Why? I remember that according to the current alliance’s regulations, no matter which sect you are attached to, you must carry out the mission, right? Do you think that the mission of Liu Guang sect is safer than that of Xuan Jia sect?” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and asked.

Old Liu immediately showed an expression of indignation, “senior Xu, although we are a small sect and our cultivation level is very low, we’ve never been afraid! It’s true that we have the responsibility to kill the blood-sucking worms, but I wouldn’t want anyone from my sect to sacrifice themselves either!”

Seeing that Xu Ziyan’s facial expression remain unchanged, he simply let go, “to tell you the truth, we offended the man that the leader’s son admired when we were in Xuan Jia sect. That person was a disciple of Tian Yu sect and he already reached the early stage of golden core at a very young age. He had a huge reputation in Xuan Jia sect and the leader’s son also favored him a lot. We offended him without our knowledge, and we were expelled by the whole Xuan Jia sect. Usually, that’s how our treatment was in somewhere else since we had no sect to attach to, but Xuan Jia sect took one step further and forced us to find him a kind of spiritual herb in the restricted area of the blood-sucking worms!”

At the end of his speech, Old Liu looked extremely sad and angry. On the surface, the mission seemed to be investigating information about blood-sucking worms, but in essence, it’s the leader’s son wanting to flatter the one he admired by looking for a kind of spiritual herb for beauty!

Among 100 people, there were only 15 people left after this battle. If it wasn’t for Xu Ziyan’s help, they wouldn’t even have 15 people left.

Xu Ziyan felt very sympathetic to what had happened to Old Liu. In this world of cultivation, human nature was the most complicated factor. During this kind of battle, some would die heroically while some would simply try to survive. However, since blood-sucking worms didn’t need to enslave any cultivators, no one would turn to them. On the contrary, it was perfectly normal for sects like Xuan Jia to play some small tricks for their own benefits.

Xu Ziyan looked at Old Liu. He wanted to help but didn’t really know how. He had just returned to Liu Guang sect not long ago and Big Foot Luo had simply briefed him the introduction of Xuan Yu realm without giving any details about the rules of the alliance. He wasn’t sure whether he could change this kind of attachment any time he wanted, but it would be a big trouble if his master found out.

“Well, wait a minute. I haven’t figured out the rules of this alliance yet. I’ll see after I ask my master.” Xu Ziyan thought for a while and answered.

Old Liu Qian thanked him and left. Xu Zirong lay lazily on his brother’s shoulder and asked, “brother, why do you care so much about these people?”

“It doesn’t count as care.” Xu Ziyan twisted Xu Zirong’s nose jokingly, “it’s just a simple gesture.”

“Besides…” Xu Ziyan frowned, “I have an inexplicable feeling that the sweetheart of the leader’s son seems to have something to do with us.”

“Does it have something to do with us? From the Tian Yu Sect? Could it be…” Xu Zirong’s faint smile slowly disappeared, and he frowned, “that bastard?”

“Who knows, ‘cause it sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?” Xu Ziyan shrugged. In fact, it was more than just familiar – it was almost a replica of what the original body had done in his life!

In the previous life, his original body spoiled Bai Hua to the extreme. No matter what he wanted, the original body would get it for him. When there was stuff that he found difficult to get, he’d even disguise himself into another identity and rob that item, all for Bai Hua’s smile.

Of course, such stupid things were all done by the original body and had nothing to do with Xu Ziyan. That’s why Xu Ziyan had never mentioned anything about it to Xu Zirong. It’s only that he suddenly recalled all these when Old Liu talked about the person that the leader’s son admired…

Speaking of which, the NP novel seemed to have completely collapsed now. Although Lin Xiaotian had no partner, he had rejected Bai Hua long ago. And Mo Ziyuan also seemed to have fallen for someone from Miaojiang. Although Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure whether he succeeded, he’s sure that Mo Ziyuan had forgotten about Bai Hua.

As for himself, there’s no need to explain anymore – he’d long been tied by his lunatic brother, and it’d be like killing himself if he ever grew interest for someone else…

“Well, it seems that I’ve destroyed all romantic relationships of Bai Hua…” Xu Ziyan touched his chin and thought that all of the three Gong’s of Bai Hua were gone. Could he be having the same amount of power in Xuan Yu realm like in his previous life?

Although Xu Ziyan dared not answer, they admitted that Bai Hua was really quite hard-working while they were being trapped in the True Dragon maze. And even though they had no idea how many people Bai Hua ended up sleeping with, he’s still a powerful one to have reached the early stage of golden core.

“Just let him be. You need to have the approval of the other person for stuff like dual cultivation anyway. Bai Hua can do whatever he wants, just don’t bother me.” Xu Ziyan clapped his hands, “after all, whatever he does is his business. Nothing to do with me.”

“Huh? Is brother talking about Bai Hua?” Xu Zirong asked lightly.

“Well, forget about him. You have nothing to do with killing blood-sucking worms, and I don’t believe that Bai Hua can drag us into it.” Xu Ziyan rubbed Zirong’s head and combed his hair.

Xu Zirong didn’t care about it at all. He just rubbed himself against his brother’s shoulders affectionately, “let’s go, brother. We should listen to our master and do our closed-door retreat now.”

Xu Ziyan froze all over, turned his head to look at Xu Zirong who was smiling brightly, and he felt like the sky was about to crumble.

“Um…I think it’s better for us to concentrate on ‘cultivation’!” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and specially emphasized the word “cultivation”.

Xu Zirong smiled slightly and lowered his voice, “dual cultivation is also a kind of cultivation. Also, haven’t you forgotten about the spiritual energy that the Dragon Soul had given us? If we can strike together in our dual cultivation, we can absorb new energy even faster.”

Xu Ziyan was speechless for a while, and he finally gave up and said, “whatever!” Then he turned and ran away.

Xu Zirong was not in a hurry. He just followed behind his brother with ease, the smile on his face blinding the disciples of the Liu Guang sect whom he met along the way…

Disciples: What the hell! The smile of the first beauty of the Liu Guang sect is so dazzling today and it almost blinded me!

After almost half a year of “retreat”, Xu Ziyan walked out from his quiet room energetically. Xu Zirong followed behind him tightly. It might be Big Foot Luo’s illusion, but he found the breaths of these two brothers being so tightly intertwined, even revealing a gesture of “prosperity and loss”.

“You guys…” Big Foot Luo frowned tightly, watching Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong without speaking for a while.

Xu Ziyan felt uneasy. After glancing at the sharp eyes of his master, he felt as if all his secrets had been revealed.

“We’re fine, thank you for your concern, master.” Xu Zirong blocked Big Foot Luo’s sight without any hesitation.

“Cough…I’m fine.” Xu Ziyan awkwardly pushed Xu Zirong aside. As a big brother, it was more appropriate for him to do the work of protection.

“Master…” Xu Ziyan was very nervous, but he still decided to tell Big Foot Luo the whole truth. It had actually not been a long time since he knew his master, yet he could still feel his concern.

Even though his master seemed an irresponsible person, Xu Ziyan knew that his master had helped him a lot back then. Because of the existence of Xu Zirong, the relationship between Xu Ziyan and the other disciples in the sect were just so-so, and some people even attempted to hurt them secretly in the beginning. Later, all those people were punished by his master, who directly looked for those who maliciously spread rumors to hurt the Xu brothers.

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