Chapter 294

As soon as this order was released, the entire Xuan Yu realm suddenly burst into an uproar. Because of the battles in the past two years, many families and sects on both sides of the righteous and demon cultivation already became extreme enemies of each other. They seemed to agree to let go of their hatred and fight against the same enemy, but many of them actually looked down on this rule. They would still turn their back against the other side whenever necessary…

Of course, after Wuchen sent Big Foot Luo and a team of Liu Guang disciples for investigation, who then killed three middle-range families in one go, incidents of similar nature no longer occurred.

And people started realizing that the Liu Guang sect was actually serious. They would never allow anyone to fight among themselves during this time.

According to Big Foot Luo, if they’d rather kill people than insects, then they might as well live with those insects!

It’s not that no one protested against the atrocities of Liu Guang sect, but such protests quickly disappeared under the high-pressure policy of Wuchen.

Wuchen was not at all worried about any potential troubles caused by these protestors. All in all, the most important thing was the fight against the blood-sucking worms.

Also, unlike those low-level cultivators, they and the seniors of other major sects knew very clearly that the blood-sucking worms acted as the outpost of the demon race, and no one could guarantee when their closed realm would be noticed by the demon race.

If they were blocked by those high-level demons before the opening of the Meng Path, then everyone would be dead, and there was no need to think about the future!

Those elders who were fighting for power and profit may not be unaware of such a fact, but the long-term peaceful life inevitably made him assume that everything would just go on smoothly forever.

What if the demon race would never find out about them?

The war against blood-sucking worms was undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to divide their interests. After killing all the opponents, they would naturally get a bigger share of benefits when all the blood-sucking worms were killed.

Interests blinded their eyes, and they never noticed the hidden danger behind the battle.

Tang Tianlang once gave details to the elders what happened to Lin Xiaotian and the others in the fighting tower, but those old stubborn old fools simply did not believe that the so-called demons would pose such a big threat.

In their opinion, it was just Lin Xiaotian being overcautious and spreading fear, and his sole purpose was to raise his status through the incident.

There were also many outstanding disciples under their sect, so they were more likely to use this incident to lower Tang Tianlang’s prestige. Once Tang Tianlang’s position became unstable, Lin Xiaotian would also be affected. As a result, perhaps their disciples could also obtain the sect’s leadership.

It’s a pity that they didn’t have the equivalent strength to match with their ambitions.

In the world of cultivation, the strong were always respected. No matter how many strategies they had, they could only admit their limitations while facing the overwhelming strength of the Liu Guang sect.

Through this suppression, Tang Tianlang successfully drove away the elders who didn’t agree with him. Having regained the power, he had more control over the Tian Yu sect than before. Also, since he had experiences with the fighting tower, he firmly believed in what Lin Xiaotian said regarding the demon race.

Tang Tianlang and Big Foot Luo were very close. After those elders, who just wanted to contribute nothing but still earn profits, were forced to give way, Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect began to form an all-round alliance.

After seeing what happened, those sects from demon cultivation gave up on their little ideas. All in all, they needed the existence of Xuan Yu realm to fight for their benefits, so what’s the point of doing so after all cultivators were dead?

Although most demon cultivators became phantom-like after cultivating so many eerie spells, none of them were fools. After noticing how serious Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect were, they naturally became more cautious to the demon race. They also warned their lower sects not to fight ‘til death with the righteous cultivators anymore.

Their alliance between the two sides brought this sudden war into a stalemate three years ago.

Due to the sudden outbreak of the battle with blood-sucking worms at the beginning, a large number of cultivators died. Also, the righteous and demon cultivators didn’t really cooperate with sincerity at that time, that’s why half of the territories of Xuan Yu realm were lost when Liu Guang sect took full control of the alliance.

This situation suddenly shocked those of the alliance. They had expected the number of blood-sucking worms to grow so rapidly in just five years.

After continuous investigation, they discovered that there were three female worms in the entire Xuan Yu realm, and one of them was actually raised by a family of middle-range cultivation…

After getting such a result, the high-level members of the alliance were immediately embarrassed. They really have been spending too much time in comfort, so even their basic instincts of vigilance were gone. For something powerful like the blood-sucking worms, why would that small family be so confident to think that it could control them well?

“We need to further strengthen our education…we should at least tell everybody what the characteristics of the demon race are. We should never take them as monster race or that will be a huge joke.” Big Foot Luo warned everyone seriously.

“Yes, we have been busy killing blood-sucking worms in recent years, but don’t forget that these worms are just the outpost of the demon race, which is actually our biggest problem.” Wuchen rubbed his forehead and said.

“I think that this matter should also be made public, it’s not good to continue keeping it as a secret.” Tang Tianlang fiddled with the jade slip in his hand, but he was actually staring at Wuchen.

“Okay, let’s make it public. I hope that everyone can be alert.” Wuchen nodded and agreed.

Soon, the cultivator who was specializing in passing news announced the decision at this meeting.

At this moment, a jade pendant on Big Foot Luo suddenly lit up.

Big Foot Luo’s eyes flashed and he looked surprised.

He took out the jade pendant and looked at it for a long while, and finally scolded through his gritted teeth, “you two bastards! You still realize that you should come back! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Big Foot, what’s wrong?” Tang Tianlang asked curiously when he saw Big Foot Luo acting so weirdly.

“It’s fine! My two little apprentices are finally back!” Big Foot Luo replied with a happy face.

“Oh?” Tang Tianlang was surprised, then reacted and stood up abruptly, “the two who disappeared in the True Dragon Secret Realm ten years


“Right. It’s exactly those two bastards! They never contacted me during this time and I will surely lecture them this time!” Although Big Foot Luo looked so furious, he was still somewhat pleased.

Tang Tianlang looked at him with contempt and thought, “just admit that you care about your apprentices. Is it even necessary to pretend in front of us?”

At the same time, both the righteous and the demon cultivation, including some elders of Casual Cultivation Alliance, also received messages from those who had vanished ten years ago.

Big Foot Luo was so thrilled. He couldn’t wait for Xu Ziyan and the others to return to the Liu Guang sect. He even wanted them to go straight through the void and appear in front of him.

Big Foot Luo straightly started scolding them when he saw his stunned apprentices. He didn’t care what Xu Ziyan had gone through in the maze, he had to vent all his worries over these ten years first.

When he was almost done, Xu Ziyan felt so guilty that he almost couldn’t raise his head anymore. Xu Zirong’s face even got extremely dark. Big Foot Luo was finally satisfied and knocked on his apprentices’ heads.

“Well, great. I can see that there aren’t any injuries on you and your cultivation level has much improved.” Big Foot Luo clapped his heads with satisfaction. He waved his hands and ordered his cloud shuttle, wanting to send the Xu brothers back to the Liu Guang sect first.

Xu Ziyan: Oh…something is weird. I seem to have forgotten something…well anyway! I don’t think it’s that important!

Those who had been standing at the entrance of the cave: …

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻, is it really true that we bring you no sense of existence at all?! You said that you were going for some news only, and you already forgot about us!

The speechless group had to return to their respective homes. In any case, since they already knew the situation of Xuan Yu realm from those few cultivators, they didn’t need to worry about getting confused.

One after another, the woods soon fell into silence after everyone left.

The entrance to the True Dragon maze collapsed shortly after, leaving no trace at all.

Zuo Shen looked at the sky with a depressed expression. Although he used to be a demon cultivator, he finally managed to find a master for his own. He really felt slightly sad after being abandoned like that…

Fortunately, Xu Ziyan finally remembered that he had a follower left behind, and quickly asked Big Foot Luo to stop the cloud shuttle first.

Zuo Shen hurried to catch up with them, and finally caught up with them three days later. Then, they boarded the cloud shuttle together and returned to the Liu Guang sect.

In the main hall of the sect——

“So that’s everything we’ve been through.” Xu Ziyan told his master and the leader of his sect about what happened to him in the True Dragon maze.

“It turned out that the dragon’s soul changed.” Wuchen sighed. No one could put the blame on anyone else for this kind of unpredictable disaster, even the Wei family could not have expected it to happen.

Speaking of which, the Liu Guang sect was relatively lucky this time. A total of seven disciples entered, and four of them came back alive. For those middle-range and smaller sects, the ending was more miserable. Almost everyone died in the True Dragon maze, and some sects even lost a whole level of disciples.

It’s certainly a traumatic thing to lose excellent disciples for any sect. Otherwise, the righteous and demon cultivation wouldn’t hate each other so much. They even secretly fought many times, giving the blood-sucking worms an opportunity to attack.

“If that’s the case, then I’d suggest you not to take part in any battles first. Your level of cultivation is still not that stable and it’s better for you to cultivate secretly for some time first.” Big Foot Luo was a responsible and sensible master. He knew that Xu Ziyan had reached the later stage of golden core the moment they met, and it’s only a step away before he fully completed golden core.

He also knew that Xu Ziyan’s speed of cultivation rapidly increased after the kind donation of the Dragon Soul. In that case, he’d rather let Xu Ziyan fight against the blood-sucking worms after completing the stage of golden core.

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