Chapter 301

Sometimes, you just need to think of that person if you want him to show up!

Just when Xu Ziyan was wondering whether Bai Hua would still make any troubles in the future, this person actually entered the council hall.

He was wearing a white robe, with a fresh temperament and a gentle smile on his face, which made him even look more like a fairy.

After Bai Hua entered, he first bowed to the head and the others, then walked to the side of a golden core elder and muttered something in a low voice. The elder was a little surprised, but he calmed down quickly. After thanking him, the elder turned to discuss with another strong man beside him.

Bai Hua said goodbye to the old man, turned his head and walked towards Xu Ziyan and the others. The people around knew that Bai Hua was a disciple of Tian Yu sect, and they weren’t too surprised of what he was doing.

“Senior brother Lin, it’s been a long time.” Bai Hua greeted the three of them gently, but Xu Ziyan could sense that bit of resentment in that calm tone.

Lin Xiaotian glanced at Bai Hua and he understood that he’d better not act too coldly, “long time no see.”

The Xu brothers didn’t have a good mood when they saw Bai Hua. Also, they met each other in Lang Yu Secret Realm last time, and although no open argument happened at that time, it wasn’t a very friendly encounter either.

However, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t be so stupid to act so rudely when the others were there. He only nodded while looking a bit indifferent, “yes, it’s been a long time indeed.” After that, he took the tea cup on the table and started taking small sips, having no intention to continue the conversation.

However, Bai Hua obviously wouldn’t give up so easily. He used his longing and beautiful eyes to slowly gaze over the three of them and had a playful smile on his face. He said a bit flirtatiously, “I’m going to be engaged in dual cultivation with the son of the head of Xuan Jia sect. Would you like to attend its grand ceremony?”

Lin Xiaotian frowned slightly. His dislike for Bai Hua far outweighed his goodwill. Although the two of them didn’t have a complete relationship at the beginning, they still had a good impression of each other. He even considered letting Bai Hua become his partner of dual cultivation.

Unexpectedly, after an incident, Bai Hua kept mentioning about Xu Zirong and it made Lin Xiaotian really jealous and disappointed.

Even if he met Xu Zirong later and knew that he was indeed a rare beauty, and it was normal for Bai Hua to fall in love with him, but this still could not hide the fact that he was abandoned by Bai Hua.

He wouldn’t go and look for troubles from Bai Hua out of romantic matters, but he’d never assume that he could be friends with Bai Hua. And even if he could, he wouldn’t even want to see that face that once had him infatuated!

And if even Lin Xiaotian thought like that, then the Xu brothers, who had a memory from their original lives, naturally wouldn’t be nice to Bai Hua.

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, “unfortunately, I still have a mission and I’m afraid that there’s no time.”

“Oh? A mission?” Bai Hua’s beautiful eyes turned, “let me guess, could it be the mission to explore the mutation of blood-sucking worms? Did no one tell you that this mission has already been completed?”

Xu Ziyan had the most fake smile on his face, “I don’t know the specific details of this mission, but if it wasn’t thoroughly explored, I’m afraid that I still need to carry it all over again.”

There’s a cold light flashing under his eyes but a casual smile on Bai Hua’s face, “how could it not be thorough? It was led by the beloved son of the sect leader, does it mean that you think he’s not capable?”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows slightly but didn’t say a word, making it clear that he didn’t believe it indeed.

Bai Hua’s facial expression got stiff, “well, it’s fine if cultivator Xu doesn’t have time, but you’ve got to come if you do.”

“Definitely, definitely!” Xu Ziyan said without any sincerity.

Bai Hua said goodbye to him with a smile, but as soon as he walked out of the council hall, he lowered his head.

He stared gloomily in the direction of the council hall, and there was a little anxiety in his eyes, but he quickly calmed down, holding the blood-red jade pendant on his chest and said, “I will never lose! If you haven’t ever betrayed me, how would I have become like that? It’s all your fault!”

After that, he turned and left the mountain with a strong look of determination.

Looking at the direction Bai Hua was leaving, Lin Xiaotian frowned slightly. This encounter with Bai Hua gave him a really bad feeling, as if something abnormal occurred inside Bai Hua. It was obviously the same face, but Bai Hua had become more attractive this time and he even carried a kind of well-hidden charm.

In the world of cultivation, there had never been a shortage of cultivators who practiced dual cultivation because of their beauty, but such people either had no hope of becoming high-level cultivators on their own initiative, or they have cultivated some kind of demonic spells, making them absorb level of cultivation from the others through dual cultivation.

But neither of these two types was in line with Bai Hua’s current identity. According to Lin Xiaotian’s perspective, Bai Hua belonged to the Tian Yu sect, and he would soon become a partner of dual cultivation of the beloved son of the sect leader’s son. There’s certainly no way for him to go this far.

“Junior brother Bai…” Lin Xiaotian knew that Xu Ziyan and Bai Hua knew each other, and couldn’t help feeling emotional about Bai Hua’s change.

As a result, before Xu Ziyan said anything, Xu Zirong couldn’t help sneering, “his breath is so mixed, and his spiritual power was fluctuating like crazy waves. I wonder how many people he had to sleep to reach this level?”

Lin Xiaotian frowned even more tightly. He only felt that the charm on Bai Hua was growing stronger, but since the Xu brothers had almost reached the level of nascent soul, they could very well sense the messed-up spiritual power on him.

As Xu Zirong had mentioned, there’s no way a cultivator to get so messed-up spiritual energy unless he did dual cultivation with many people.

“He really…” Lin Xiaotian looked a bit regretful.

He wasn’t worried that Xu Zirong was lying to him, but he just didn’t expect that Bai Hua reached his level of golden core by doing dual cultivation with different people.

He lowered his face slightly, and he looked thoughtful. Righteous sects actually did not prohibit dual cultivation, but they’d never allow forcible replenishment through various evil methods.

He didn’t know how Bai Hua obtained such a cultivation base. It’s fine if both parties agreed, but he had to report to his master if Bai Hua did this through some specific way.

Xu Ziyan just sighed in his heart. Sure enough, a person’s character decides his fate. Bai Hua grew up in a brothel, and he saw a lot of things that he wasn’t supposed to at his age. Even though he had escaped that fate, he had already been used to selling his body to get what he needed.

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to comment on such a way. It’s only that he only felt disgusted when he thought of the four people that slept together in his last life.

Anyway, he only had one principle now – he’d only take revenge when someone offended him. So, if Bai Hua behaved, he would never look for troubles himself.

It’s a pity that the reality does not always bring you a good outcome!

“Brother…Bai Hua’s breath doesn’t seem to be right.” Xu Zirong whispered in his brother’s ear.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan turned his eyes, and he could see that Bai Hua’s aura was very mixed, yet he didn’t notice anything unusual.

“He has the breath of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.” Xu Zirong’s expression didn’t change the slightest, but what he said made Xu Ziyan’s eyebrows twitch.

“Let’s talk about it when we’re back.” Xu Ziyan interrupted him directly.

Bai Hua had a special status in the Xuan Jia sect, and if this got revealed, there might be some troubles.

Xu Ziyan had heard that the beloved son of the head of the Xuan Jia sect was extremely violent and protective of Bai Hua’s shortcomings, especially after he fell in love with Bai Hua, and he would not allow anyone to speak ill of Bai Hua. Otherwise, old Liu wouldn’t have suffered so much after offending him.

Xu Zirong didn’t say much. He was just listening to those in the council hall and gave his opinion about the mutation of the blood-sucking worms and the time of their intrusion.

According to Xuan Jia sect, when the blood-sucking worms mutated, it instantly got their attention. Later, along with the continuous fall of human cultivators, they sent a large number of people for investigation.

However, because of the strong power of this new breed of blood-sucking worms, there was a heavy casualty among the cultivators who went on the exploration, and no one brought home any ideal results.

As soon as this happened, the reputation of Xuan Jia sect took a big blow. There were even many people who secretly got happy behind and wondered what kind of a sect it was, as there was simply a huge difference between it and those usual big sects. And when they encountered difficulties, they still needed to ask the Liu Guang sect for help.

The higher level of Xuan Jia sect got furious as soon as they heard this rumor. And they even got more upset after learning that the Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect were also sending people over.

Later, Rong Taiqing, the son of the sect leader, and his Bai Hua took the initiative to apply for this task. Even though the sect leader did not agree, he still went his own way and entered the forest with three guards of Qi condensation.

Rong Taiqing’s actions were very reckless, but to a certain extent, his actions also made him gain some face for Xuan Jia sect.

No matter whether Rong Taiqing could successfully detect those secrets or not, there were much less people talking behind his back, and no one dared to say that the cultivators of Xuan Jia sect weren’t capable enough and couldn’t take up big tasks.

No one would have thought that Rong Taiqing and Bai Hua actually successfully brought back the key to the mutation of the blood-sucking worms. Although all his three guards were killed and even Rong Taiqing was seriously injured, their successful mission brought a lot of glory to the Xuan Jia sect.

This time, the elders of golden core had a bad attitude towards Xu Ziyan, which was also due to this incident. They just wanted to prove to the Liu Guang sect that only the Xuan Jia sect had enough power to fight against the blood-sucking worms.

Unfortunately, this aggressive thought could only become reality if they met other people from the Liu Guang sects, since it’s extremely rare for someone like the Xu brothers to almost attain the level of nascent soul at their age.


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