Chapter 300

It would be fine if no one found out about those little troubles, but the elders who colluded with the Tian Yu sect would bring a heavy blow to the entire cultivation alliance once they succeeded, even though they were suppressed by the Liu Guang sect.

The top level of the Liu Guang sect all agreed that such a thing must never happen, and that’s why they decided to let Xu Ziyan investigate about it.

Of course, if these people were still unrepentant and insisted to do things that they weren’t supposed to, then Big Foot Luo wouldn’t mind inviting those fools for a lesson about life!

The stern middle-aged man slowly opened his eyes, and it was as if there’s lightning in them with a few sharp blades.

Xu Ziyan stared at him without showing any sign of weakness. There was a purple lightning flashing in his pupils, and his momentum wasn’t any weaker.

There’s an extremely strong sense of blood around Xu Zirong and he was surrounded by a faint layer of bloody mist.

The most special thing was that the blood mist and thunder were obviously substances with opposite attributes, but there was no intention of fighting between the two. Instead, they were intertwined with each other and made their momentum stick together, forming a counter-attack against the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked calm and said in a low tone, “how dare a disciple from Liu Guang sect act so recklessly in my Xuan Jia sect?”

Xu Ziyan still looked calm, “leader, what you said isn’t correct. If you’re talking about rude…” He then slowly glanced at the few elders of golden core, “does it also mean that anyone here can check my cultivation level with his divine consciousness?”

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows slightly, but did not respond.

Xu Ziyan continued, “as a golden core cultivator, that old man had only reached the middle level of golden core, so why does he think that he’s qualified to lecture me? He’s rude and doesn’t care about courtesy, and he even mentioned about scolding me on behalf of my master. Does he even know that my master is a nascent soul? Why does he even think that he can replace my master?”

“You…” The old man’s face turned purple with anger, but every word that Xu Ziyan said was targeting his weaknesses and he couldn’t refute.

In the world of cultivation, it was always the stronger that got respected first. In every big sect, one with higher level of cultivation always came first.

For example, Xu Ziyan was a cultivator of Qi refining when he first joined the sect, and he should be calling Qilian Hongyun his senior uncle, but their inner disciples started building base not long after they joined, that’s why they called him their senior brother.

At the moment, Xu Ziyan was already a golden core cultivator and Qilian Hongyun had just reached Qi condensation. If the two met again, Qilian Hongyun should be calling Xu Ziyan his senior uncle.

The sects all based on their cultivation levels to determine their seniority. This old man and Xu Ziyan weren’t in a master-and-disciple relationship, and his cultivation base was lower than that of Xu Ziyan. There was really no way for him to treat Xu Ziyan his junior.

“Huh? So it was an elder of Xuan Jia sect who provoked first?” The middle-aged man asked seemingly inadvertently.

The old man’s face suddenly turned pale, he faltered and couldn’t answer.

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows, as if he’d understood everything, “in that case, then just let this incident pass.”

With a fluttering sentence, the middle-aged man settled for this matter.

The old man and the woman in old clothes immediately showed resentment, but they dared not refute directly because of the authority of the head.

Everyone in the council hall looked unpredictable, as if they were trying to infer something from the middle-aged man’s actions.

The middle-aged man yawned lazily, “since you’re here, have a seat here. I was already impolite in Xuan Jia sect once, and I cannot be impolite the second time.”

At this time, two Taoist boys rushed out of the council hall and respectfully added two chairs to the room.

Xu Ziyan unceremoniously led Xu Zirong and sat down generously. At this time, almost half of the people in the hall stood up because of some kind of argument. It was extremely rare for Xu Ziyan to sit down so leisurely.

There were many seats in the hall, but the grades were completely different. Those who sat around the middle-aged man were all golden core cultivators from the Xuan Jia sect, and those followed were golden core cultivators like the Xu brothers.

However, there were only very few of them. Aside from Lin Xiaotian from Tian Yu sect and one man in black from demon cultivation, there weren’t any young golden core cultivators among the smaller sects.

Liu Guang sect had the least representation in this meeting. There wasn’t anyone besides Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong. However, the Liu Guang sect had the best development, as they already made two elders of golden core from Xuan Jia sect lose face. They were also doing it without considering the feelings of the two elders.

After the sudden appearance of Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, everyone in the hall took their seats and took a sip of tea. While tasting the spiritual tea, they kept exchanging opinions with each other. The majority of them didn’t understand the attitude of the head of Xuan Jia sect – how come he didn’t say anything about it?

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask just now, who are you apprentices to?” The middle-aged man’s eyes were half-closed and he spoke feebly, as if everyone dreamed about the voice of scolding would shatter the numerous spells.

Xu Ziyan bowed respectfully, “my master is called Luo Yun, and before we set off, my master especially wanted me to greet cultivator Yu Ling. He would like to invite you to enjoy some wine.”

“Huh? Luo Yun is asking me for a drink?” The middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes and they were flashing and staring at Xu Ziyan firmly.

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly and looked at him without avoiding his gaze.

After a long while, the middle-aged man suddenly smiled and he minded the way he looked. He also resumed his usually sleepy look, “okay, I will look for him when I have time.”

“Master also reminded me something.” Xu Ziyan said in a low voice.

“Huh?” Yu Ling glanced at him sideways.

“My master said that he only invites you, and he will reject those unrelated ones.”

“Pff!” Cultivator Yu Ling sneered, “that old fool has so many ideas. I got it, unrelated people will not disturb us enjoy our wines.”

Xu Ziyan nodded, sat up straight, glanced at the other elders of the Xuan Jia sect and his eyebrows slightly raised. There was a trance of sarcasm on his face.

This group of people was stunned when they heard that his master was Luo Yun, and many of them even showed remorse. After all, not everyone had the guts to provoke the dignity of a nascent soul cultivator. Luo Yun also never played according to the rules, and he was always seen as a big trouble in their eyes.

The two elders, who were very unhappy with the sect leader, showed a guilty look. They even started showing a sign of gratitude towards the leader.

If the sect leader still pursued this matter unstoppably, these two elders would never have easy days when Luo Yun found out.

After leading his disciples to kill blood-sucking worms these few years, everyone knew that Luo Yun was a powerful one and they couldn’t afford to offend him.


——In the past few years, with the exposure of Luo Yun’s strength and his unreasonable personality, many cultivators found it impossible to handle with him. _(:3”∠)_

Xu Ziyan glanced around, and he was checking everyone’s behavior in the hall. He lowered his eyes and sneered secretly. Obviously, they were at the front line of the battle against the blood-sucking worms, and they still focused their energy on fighting for benefits instead of killing the worms once and for all. It’s just too stupid!

“Brother Ziyan, long time no see.” Lin Xiaotian greeted Xu Ziyan.

Although it seemed a short time for Xu Ziyan, ten years have passed for Lin Xiaotian.

Ten years wasn’t a very long time for cultivators, but Lin Xiaotian didn’t expect that Xu Ziyan could manage to finish the whole stage of golden core in ten years.

He could even sense a trend of breakthrough on Xu Ziyan, and he might become a nascent soul anytime!

“It’s been a long time indeed. How are you doing, brother Xiaotian?” Xu Ziyan greeted with a smile.

Lin Xiaotian smiled lightly, “I am okay, my master has been talking about you all the time these ten years. He already said much earlier that you’d never die in the True Dragon maze and it turned out to be true.”

Xu Ziyan smiled and nodded. He found that Lin Xiaotian was less arrogant than the one in his original memory, and he’s much calmer.

Comparing to the one in his original memory, Xu Ziyan was fonder of this calmer version of Lin Xiaotian. Although they were obviously the same person, different personalities naturally gave different kinds of impression. The current Lin Xiaotian was just like a sword in a scabbard and he could give a fatal blow to anyone if he wanted. However, he acted calmly most of the time and still quite easy-going to the others.

Xu Ziyan touched his chin and wondered who made Lin Xiaotian go through such big changes. Who could influence him so much?

“Hmm…the scabbard.” Xu Ziyan mumbled in a low voice.

Lin Xiaotian couldn’t hear clearly and he asked in a low voice, “what is brother Ziyan talking about?”

Xu Ziyan chuckled, “nothing, I am just wondering who made brother Xiaotian so introverted.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Ziyan noticed that Lin Xiaotian showed a very strange and tangled expression. The corners of his eyes seemed to be twitching, as if he was recalling some dark history. Then he decisively changed the topic and refocused it on the mutation of the blood-sucking worms.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing secretly. It was such an awkward way to change the topic. It only made him even more curious about the person who made Lin Xiaotian change so much.

Could it be a woman? Wait, Lin Xiaotian was into men, so it could be a man having changed his personality.

Yup…he’s sure about that.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed up. Back then, Bai Hua stirred up a lot of troubles in the novel and his three concubines did a lot of work. Since Mo Ziyuan and Lin Xiaotian were already in love with someone, did it mean that Bai Hua could never take advantage of them from now on?

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