Chapter 303

“I call the low-level blood-sucking worms produced by the mother worm as sub-worms. The blood-sucking worms that attack humans and use their blood to spawn are called shadow worms. Shadow worms and sub-worms look similar, and even they even have similar level of strength. However, the bodies of the shadow worms lack a substance unique to the sub-worms. Without this substance, shadow worms would die in less than three days after being separated from sub-worms.”

Lin Xiaotian pondered for a while, “so you mean that those sub-worms use this substance to control shadow worms.”

“That’s right.” Xu Zirong nodded, “whenever there’s an attack of the blood-sucking worms, it’s an overwhelming one. And when they kill a human cultivator, those sub-worms could produce a huge amount of shadow worms on the corpse. Imagine how dramatic it is.”

“In other words…we should try to kill the sub-worms instead of the shadow worms?” Lin Xiaotian quickly grasped the point of Xu Zirong.

“Correct, as shadow worms are produced by sub-worms, but sub-worms are produced by mother worms. No matter how many shadow worms are killed, the sub-worms can still produce more if they are alive. However, once we kill the sub-worms, all the shadow worms would die in three days no matter where they are.”

“What does this have to do with Bai Hua’s ambition?” Lin Xiaotian asked suddenly.

Xu Zirong twitched the corners of his mouth, “you should know what practice I cultivated by now.”

Lin Xiaotian was silent. As early as when he was in the fighting tower, he noticed the uniqueness of Xu Zirong’s practice, but for various reasons, he chose not to go into details. Later, when he returned to Xuan Yu realm, he read many books and quickly found the name of the practice, but he didn’t plan to come clean as Xu Zirong hadn’t acted crazily.

Lin Xiaotian nodded silently. The Blood Sea Heart Sutra was known for its fierce nature in Xuan Yu realm. As a disciple of the Tian Yu sect, it would be a bad influence on him if someone found out that he was related to someone cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

“It’s good to know.” Xu Zirong didn’t care. “I have sensed the reaction of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra inside my body ever since the blood-sucking worms appeared. I highly doubt that this practice is originated from them.”

It was the first time Xu Ziyan so, and he couldn’t help frowning.

“Actually, none of these matters. The important thing is that Bai Hua once contributed a large amount of high-grade spiritual tea to the Xuan Jia sect, and this kind of spiritual tea can slowly change the body of the cultivators and make their physique more suitable for cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.”

Lin Xiaotian’s eyebrows became more and more tightened.

Xu Zirong glanced at him lightly, “this so-called improvement of physique actually means adding a substance that can be integrated to the blood, and this substance is very similar to the thing carried by the blood-sucking worms.”

“What’s the use of that?” Lin Xiaotian still didn’t understand.

Xu Zirong smiled, “although shadow worms are produced, they also want to obtain that unique substance. If the worms own a lot of those substances, they can get closer to the mother worm.”

“According to what you said, aren’t those whose physiques have been changed easily attacked by blood-sucking worms?” Lin Xiaotian wondered. “But those eight people are still alive so far, and they are even out there to perform missions. Their cultivation base is not high, and if they are besieged by blood-sucking worms, they will definitely not survive.”

“What if… these people take the initiative to use their bodies as a weapon to attract shadow worms, so as to turn themselves into worms?”

As soon as Xu Zirong said so, Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan gasped at the same time.

According to Xu Zirong, sub-worms carried that substance but shadow worms didn’t, but shadow worms needed this kind of thing to sustain their lives. If a certain sub-worm of of a group of blood-sucking worms died, and when there’s a human cultivator carrying this substance showed up, he could very well control those shadow worms.

After all, these shadow worms had almost no intelligence and they would only follow sub-worms carrying this substance. Once sub-worms died and in order to survive, the shadow worms had to find a new source of substance, and it would be the best opportunity for those carrying this substance.

“But won’t this kind of situation attract the attention of others? Now everyone in the Xuan Jia sect is drinking this kind of spiritual tea, and so many people come and go every day to fight against blood-sucking worms, it doesn’t make sense that no one else has noticed this.” Lin Xiaotian still didn’t find complete sense in the story.

Xu Zirong shook his head, “it takes a long time for this spiritual tea to change one’s physique, and aside from the ability to control the shadow worms, what I’m more worried is…”

“What is it?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help asking.

Xu Zirong glanced at his brother and took a deep breath, “this altered physique is very attractive to all blood-sucking worms. According to the recent reports of battles, there is a ‘commander’ in that clan of blood-sucking worms. It means that some bugs have already begun to have their intelligence. For such worms, those whose physiques have been changed are the best target to possess. I believe that since blood-sucking bugs can evolve into ‘commander’, so can a ‘spy’.”

This time, the deduction made both Xu Ziyan and Lin Xiaotian’s expressions change abruptly, and the two looked at each other without hiding the panic in their eyes.

They were not worried that the number of blood-sucking worms would increase, as even if there were more, there would always be a day when they would be killed, but once the worms successfully lurked into the human body, the trouble would become unpredictable.

Endless infighting required a large amount of energy, and everyone was worried whether their comrades had already been possessed by blood-sucking worms.

Without a stable support, how could one fight without worries? No matter when, one would be most worried about being stabbed at the back.

“No way! I have to report this matter immediately.” Lin Xiaotian stood up abruptly and said.

Xu Zirong said calmly, “all of these are my inferences, and my research can’t be proven immediately. How are you going to report this?”

Lin Xiaotian’s face lowered, then a cold light flashed in his eyes, “you have been telling us about the danger of blood-sucking worms, yet you never told us about the ambition of Bai Hua.”

Xu Zirong raised his eyelids, “isn’t it already an ambition to poison these people and turn them into carriers of blood-sucking worms?”

Lin Xiaotian slowly shook his head, “Bai Hua is still a human cultivator after all, why would he serve the demon race?”

“Maybe he is working for them now.” Xu Zirong said casually.

Lin Xiaotian pondered for a while, then shook his head again, “Bai Hua’s talent is average, but he’s extremely smart. He must have noticed that once the blood-sucking worms possess a lot of human cultivators, then his effect won’t be in play. In that case, he becomes expendable.”

The corners of Xu Zirong’s mouth curved and he had a half-smile, “why would you even explain for me? Did you sleep with him so you can’t forget him?”

Lin Xiaotian’s face darkened instantly, “Cultivator Xu, please mind your words!”

Xu Zirong pouted and thought, “I’ve seen countless times how you’ve slept together. Why should I mind my words?”

He slowly touched his chin, as if he wanted to see if Lin Xiaotian still cared about Bai Hua. After a long while, Xu Zirong was relieved. He was actually just testing Lin Xiaotian.

He thought that there’s absolutely nothing to do with his brother, but he wasn’t so sure about those previous lovers of Bai Hua.

He just observed Lin Xiaotian’s expression through these things. At present, as the best actor ever, he hadn’t noticed any trace of acting on Lin Xiaotian.

Even when he mentioned that Lin Xiaotian and Bai Hua were sleeping together, Lin Xiaotian got really angry. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said what was followed.

After marking Lin Xiaotian’s body with a ‘temporary trustable’ label, Xu Zirong slowly sat down, “something is not right Bai Hua’s breath. I even suspect that the mixed breath on his body is to conceal his true nature.”

“Can you explain?” After being silent for a long while, Xu Ziyan, who had been letting Xu Zirong talk, finally had to interfere. In fact, he couldn’t help but start worrying about Bai Hua’s charm as the male lead.


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