Chapter 307

Xu Ziyan obviously knew what Xu Zirong was planning, but he didn’t object it. After all, it didn’t seem necessary if Pink Hair and Snowball held no opinion against it.

When they left Liu Guang sect, Snowball and Pink Hair entered Mr. Little Square and started having fun inside!

Because of the mysterious and bizarre connection between the Nine-Turn Styx River and the Styx carp, not only could it live inside Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, but it could also open a passage towards the river.

Using this passage, little Greenie started having fun with Snowball and Pink Hair inside Mr. Little Square.

Therefore, Xu Ziyan occasionally saw the following scenario when he poked his divine consciousness into Mr. Little Square:

Little Greenie and Aurora are chasing in the sky, followed by a group of younger brothers of Purple Night Divine Thunder. The little snail is lying on a round stone for some sunlight…

The stone rises slowly, revealing a fat octopus head, while the little carp jumping happily on the arch formed by its tentacles…

The little divine tree ran all the way with its roots, and the branches tightly protected the fruit on its head from being taken away by the snow-white figure behind.

Pink Hair calmly squatted on top of the bamboo hut, chewing dried meat while watching this good show that was on stage every day.

Every time he saw this scene, Xu Ziyan would feel a deep sense of powerlessness – he always felt that he was raising a group of clowns. _(:3”∠)_

However, those were still his clowns, and he’s fine with taking care of them.

And in fact, these little guys could very well entertain themselves except Snowball who complained about not having enough food from time to time.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball’s tearful eyes and asked helplessly, “is it because the little divine tree refuses to give you fruit?”

Snowball nodded calmly and complained for a while.

Xu Ziyan held his forehead helplessly, “the Five-Elemental Condensation Bead is used to collect five-elemental condensation dew. I need to use it to wash the spiritual roots of Zirong! You can’t eat it!”

“Meh?” Snowball pouted, turned its head and looked at Xu Zirong with expectations, but was then “killed” by his cold gaze.

Snowball: QaQ, oh oh oh, my master doesn’t love me anymore!

“Okay, okay, next time when we return to the city, I’ll prepare a roasted earth dragon for you, and I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, okay?!” Xu Ziyan patted Snowball’s head. It’s not that Snowball couldn’t eat what’s inside Mr. Little Square, but he really needed the Five-Elemental Condensation Bead to cleanse Xu Zirong’s spiritual roots. Also, that thing contained a huge amount of spiritual energy and it would be too overwhelming for Snowball’s stomach.

It would be super ungrateful to stuff a dragon son to death after getting benefits from its dad…

“It’s enough. You only know about eating all day long! It’s the only thing you can do! Look at you, ever since you’ve been with your brother, what else can you do? Oh, first don’t say that I’m wrong, you did manage to scare a monster away in the Lang Yu secret realm, but do you think it was worth what you have eaten over the years?”


“It’s useless to tell me all these.” Xu Zirong said coldly, “if your father didn’t give my brother a lot of benefits, I would’ve abandoned you already after getting out of the True Dragon maze. What’s the use of keeping something that only knows about eating?”

“Meh Meh Meh!” Snowball desperately wanted to refute, but it was hugging Xu Ziyan’s arm with its two hooves and didn’t let go.

Xu Ziyan felt that Xu Zirong was a bit mean. After all, they also benefited a lot from its father, so they should also support their sons…

Just as he was about to continue to persuade, he was stopped by a hint from Zirong. Xu Ziyan looked at the aggrieved Snowball and silently turned his face away. Although Snowball was pitiful, there must be a reason for Zirong to do this, and he was supposed to be on his brother’s side.

“Meh…” Seeing the master turn his face, Snowball was about to cry without tears. Did its master begin to despise him as well? Did he simply want to stop keeping it since it’d been so greedy in food?

In a crisis of survival, Snowball suddenly realized something. It shrank its body with grief and looked at Xu Zirong with teary eyes, “meh!” (then, what do you want?)

Xu Zirong’s heart moved, “it’s me who should be asking this question! If you want my brother to keep you, you have to prove your value!”

Snowball thought for a while, “as dragon sons, our ability is greatly restricted. In the Xuan Yu realm, I can at most reach the level of nascent soul. Our power is limited.”

“I know that.” Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “but…I think there’s still some stuff that’s not restricted, right?”

Snowball tilted its head and asked, “what is it?”


Snowball: (⊙_⊙)? Um? What does it mean?

Xu Zirong seemed to have seen the greeting above Snowball’s head and the corner of his mouth bent, “since you dragon sons have lived for so many years, there must be a lot of stuff in your brain, right? Of course, I wouldn’t expect a foodie to tell me any secret news, but the demon race is raging in so many realms and it has also been hundreds of thousands of years since the battle between humans and the demon race started, it won’t convince me if you say that you know nothing about the blood-sucking worms.”

Snowball, “ugh…I do know about them, but what’s the use of it? Do you want me to help you kill the mother worm? I can’t do so…and dragon sons cannot interfere in battles between humans and the demon race either. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Xu Zirong stared at Snowball sharply.

Snowball shivered and whispered, “unless we’re in the place, or I can’t take part in battles that have a determining effect on victory or loss.”

“Determining factor?” Xu Zirong frowned.

“Yes.” Snowball nodded, “the battle between humans and demon race  in the Xuan Yu realm is actually one between humans and blood-sucking worms, and the characteristic of the blood-sucking worms is that the female worm is greater than everything else. If I help you kill the female worm, the the situation here is basically determined. Therefore, it is impossible for me to kill the female worm for you.”

“In other words, as long as you are not allowed to kill the female worm, then you can still participate in some extent, right?” Xu Zirong immediately caught the most crucial point.

Snowball didn’t intend to deny this, “that’s right. If the blood-sucking worms attack me proactively, then I can surely fight back. Otherwise, our self-esteem as dragon sons will be insulted by these damn insects!”

“I got it.” Xu Zirong smiled suddenly and he looked very kind.

Snowball looked at his kind smile and suddenly felt its chest tightened. Wait…it must be an illusion.

“Okay, let’s go back. Don’t disturb me and my brother.” Xu Zirong stroked Snowball’s head.

Snowball felt uncomfortable all over its body, and it’s sure that this gentle version of Xu Zirong was all delusional!

Since he started following his master, this man had never smiled at him like this! There must be something wrong! !

Snowball wanted to jump into its master’s arms immediately for comfort, but facing Xu Zirong’s “gentle” smile, he silently retreated into Mr. Little Square.

Seeing half of Snowball’s body disappearing in mid-air, Xu Ziyan rubbed Zirong’s head very helplessly, “why did you scare it?”

Xu Zirong replied solemnly, “brother, didn’t you notice that Snowball is getting fatter lately?”

Xu Ziyan: (⊙_⊙)? what?

(Snowball: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ nonsense! Taotie is not fat at all! Besides, my current body shape is transformed, how could I be fat?!)

“Of course!” Xu Zirong said very seriously, “Snowball has always been lazy. It’s a dragon son and it’s gonna participate with us in an unknown battle. If it continues to be like that, it might become a ball when we step onto the battlefield. Since its father gave us so many benefits, it would be a shame to face the True Dragon again if we turn Snowball into a real ball.”

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan was a little worried, “I think you’re right…”

“So, we must start training Snowball now and let it participate in battles often. Even if it cannot show us its full strength now, I’m sure it’ll improve with constant practices.”

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan nodded heavily. Xu Zirong was right. One always goes backward without progress, especially in the world of cultivation. Although Snowball was a dragon son, it still needed practices consistently.

The so-called tricks were not only effective when they were used continuously against an enemy, but it also depended on the timing. One could never truly master it by learning alone, he must also put it into practice.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong already made a training plan without Snowball noticing. In the near future, Snowball would face a hellish battle…

Three days later, Xu Ziyan and the others completely entered the central area of the blood-sucking worms.

Within this area, the ground was covered with a dark red material.

This layer of material looked like the secretions of those blood-sucking worms. The inside is slightly soft, but the outside is a hard shell.

Within the area of this substance, the ability and speed of those blood-sucking worms would be greatly improved, and it could be increased by almost 30% when compared to battles in the general area.

Xu Ziyan leaned over, and after covering his hands with a layer of spiritual energy, he used a small knife to gently dig up a small piece.

The surface layer was similar to the shell of a beetle, which was not very hard, and Xu Ziyan could easily dig out a piece with an ordinary iron dagger with spiritual power.

It looked a bit disgusting. Except for the hard shell on the surface, the stuff underneath was actually flowing slowly like meat pulp.

“There is no fluctuation of spiritual power.” Xu Ziyan dropped the pile of secretions and told Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong raised his hand and placed a fireball on it, but after a while, the fireball went out after losing the spiritual support.

“This thing can’t be burned with ordinary fire.” Xu Zirong said softly.


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