Chapter 306

After seeing that everybody had arrived, Yu Ling raised his hand casually, indicating that the meeting could begin.

Several elders of Xuan Jia sect began to continue the issue of the previous day.

Since Rong Taiqing had already found out that the red ore was the cause of the mutation of the blood-sucking worms, the elders then focused on how to recapture or destroy the ore.

However, Xu Ziyan and Lin Xiaotian felt suspicious of the news, especially since it was brought by Bai Hua. If Bai Hua really colluded with the blood-sucking worms, this could be a trap that he’d set.

“What exactly do you mean?” The old man, who was humiliated by Xu Ziyan the day before, looked at Xu Ziyan and Lin Xiaotian with dissatisfaction.

The two of them had been emphasizing that they wanted to restart the investigation, and they had also made it clear that they didn’t believe the news that Rong Taiqing had brought. This really pissed off the elders of the Xuan Jia sect.

“It’s nothing.” Lin Xiaotian said indifferently, “it’s just that we need to be cautious about the mutation of blood-sucking worms. It would be reckless to fully trust junior brother Bai for just one sentence.”

“So you don’t even believe in disciples of Tian Yu sect?” The old man asked unapologetically.

Lin Xiaotian glanced at him lightly, “I didn’t say that I don’t believe in junior brother Bai, but this is a huge matter and I think it’d be better to check for a few more times. So, are you going to send people to get the mine back tomorrow?”

The old man known as Elder Yu choked and was speechless.

The matter of destroying the mine was of primordial importance, and it’d be crucial to study it carefully. The purpose of discussion that day was just to set a direction and it’d take at least half a month for the subsequent mobilization.

This kind of mission couldn’t be accomplished by just a few cultivators. The mine was under layers of protection of the blood-sucking worms, and those without enough combat power would just end up being another meal.

After Elder Yu stopped talking, Lin Xiaotian lowered his eyes slightly, “I’d propose that I’ll check again with cultivator Xu. We’ll the check the validity of Bai Hua’s news and see the terrain there. If we’re lucky enough, perhaps we can even bring more samples and find out how the mutation happened.”

“Well, whatever you like then!” Elder Yu waved his sleeves and sat back in the chair unhappily. Although the other elders of the Xuan Jia sect found Lin Xiaotian’s a bit unnecessary, they didn’t object as they also agreed that it’d be useful to explore the terrain.

The disciples of the Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect already reached a common agreement. The Xuan Jia sect didn’t object as the host, and those disciples from demon cultivation naturally wouldn’t say much. There was a conclusion then.

“Okay, then we’ll ask Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan to lead the investigation tomorrow. As for when to destroy the mine—we’ll talk about it when they return.” Yu Ling, who was sitting at the top, concluded the meeting in one sentence.

Everyone left the council hall one after another.

Xu Ziyan deliberately slowed down, and after Lin Xiaotian communicated with the other disciples of demon cultivation, he stepped forward and walked down the mountain with him.

“What do you want to say?” Xu Ziyan didn’t like to speak indirectly.

Lin Xiaotian frowned, “I already reported cultivator Xu’s inference to my master yesterday, but he didn’t really say anything because there was so solid proof.”

“Then?” Xu Ziyan was not surprised. As the head of the Tian Yu sect, it would be strange if Tang Tianlang decided to kill Bai Hua based on Xu Zirong’s observations alone.

“Although my master didn’t tell me what to do with Bai Hua, he did mention a few disciples in the sect and it seemed that something was wrong.”

“Soemthing was wrong?” Xu Ziyan immediately grasped the main point.

Lin Xiaotian nodded, “according to my master, some of Bai Hua’s senior and junior brothers had their level of cultivation improved, and it’s also a very significant improvement. At first, my master thought that these people have accumulated enough level of cultivation after a few battles, but he noticed something’s wrong after listening to what cultivator Xu had said. Almost every one of them went through a significant improvement after ‘cultivating’ in Xuan Jia sect for a period of time, and now everything seemed too strangely coincidental.”

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, “then can leader Tang spot what’s so weird about it?”

Lin Xiaotian shook his head, “master usually doesn’t care about these little things at all. He might not have even thought of it if I didn’t mention what cultivator Xu had speculated.”

“In other words…these people may have been possessed by blood-sucking worms?” Xu Ziyan said with a frown.

The other two fell into silence for a while. Lin Xiaotian rubbed his forehead with a headache, “don’t worry, at least these people have attracted my master’s attention. They can’t do anything if my master’s here. Well, let’s just focus on the mission tomorrow. I don’t think the reason for the mutation of blood-sucking worms is that simple.”

“Yeah…Perhaps someone is playing tricks behind this incident. We must be careful this time!” Xu Ziyan said helplessly. While human beings already have such a harsh time, there’s someone like Bai Hua who loved creating troubles!

The other two knew very well who the troublemaker was, but it still wasn’t the time to make it clear with Bai Hua without any solid proof.

The next morning –

After the Xu brothers and Lin Xiaotian met up, they quietly left Xuan Jia sect together with the two disciples from demon cultivation.

The main purpose of this mission was not only to verify that mutation was indeed caused by the mine, but it was to investigate the terrain near the mine to make future attacks easier.

Lin Xiaotian did not bring other disciples from Tian Yu sect, since those people’s level of cultivation wasn’t high enough. Previously, he underestimated the difficulty of the mission. And after knowing that there could be someone behind the whole thing, he naturally wouldn’t let his junior brothers sacrifice.

The two disciples from demon cultivation were just there to witness, so that the information obtained would have more credibility.

Moreover, the two disciples were already in the late stage of Qi condensation. They wanted to seek an opportunity to break through and reach the level of golden core, so they took the initiative to come over. To a certain extent, it was also a kind of cooperation between the righteous and the demon cultivation.

Under the influence of Luo Yun, if one side was completely wiped off after a joint mission while another side survived, then an investigation would become necessary. And if it’s found out that there were disciples killing their companions, then those surviving cultivators wouldn’t have an easy time either!

Because of this reason, these two disciples of demon cultivation were more at ease to form a team with the disciples of righteous cultivation. After all, there was nothing they could do if someone of the same sect stabbed on their back, and it was impossible for the three of them to do such a thing . ╮(╯▽╰)╭

The group of five set off from the Xuan Jia sect very smoothly and passed through the controlled area. After participating in two battles with blood-sucking worms in a small scale, they silently disappeared into a dense forest.

And then, they were lost…

Xu Ziyan glared at Xu Zirong furiously.

On the other hand, Xu Zirong looked very indifferent. He even grinned and looked at his brother with affection, totally ignoring his anger.

The expression on Xu Ziyan’s face gradually changed from anger to helplessness. Sure enough, he wouldn’t know what to do if Xu Zirong’s clinginess disease acted up again.

After combing Xu Zirong’s black and shiny hair while feeling annoyed, Xu Ziyan pretended to be angry, “tell me why did you get rid of them?”

Xu Zirong bent the corner of his mouth, and he wrapped his arms around his brother’s waist, kissing on his lips, “brother, didn’t you find them redundant?”

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes helplessly, “it’d still be better to have some help!”

“My brother and I don’t need any!” Xu Zirong shook his head decisively, then showed a disdainful look, “what kind of help can those three guys offer? It’s almost the same as giving us more troubles instead.”

Xu Ziyan was speechless and looked up at the sky. He really didn’t know what to answer…

After all, among the three of them, Lin Xiaotian had the highest level of cultivation and he’s just at the early stage of golden core. Given their limits, they would need to take a huge risk by getting into the deepest part of the mine, which was a controlled area of the blood-sucking worms. On the contrary, since the Xu brothers had both achieved the level of golden core, they could sneak into the rear part with the protection of Mr. Little Square.

From the perspective of efficiency, it would surely be better for them to act together. Also, there were so much stuff that the others weren’t supposed to find out about them. Those stuff in Xu Ziyan’s Dantian alone could at least increase their combat power by 50%!

Apparently, Xu Ziyan had to think carefully if anyone else should know about these stuff too. When they were fighting against the blood dragon in the maze, everyone showed everything they’d got. If they were smart enough, they would normally keep each other’s secrets.

However, things became different with these two demon disciples. There was zero trust between them and the Xu brothers, and there was no way Xu Ziyan would let them know that he’d got treasures that even nascent soul cultivators would lust after!

Not every cultivator cared about virtues as much as Big Foot Luo did. If there were really deity cultivators getting interested in Xu Ziyan’s treasures, it would be a huge trouble for him…

Therefore, it seemed to make perfect sense for Xu Zirong to deliberately get rid of the two demon disciples. Xu Ziyan didn’t really want to be angry with him because of this kind of thing. In the end, he could only express himself by messing with Xu Zirong’s hair, showing a bit of his dissatisfaction.

“Meh?” A sheep’s head suddenly appeared in the air, as if it was complaining to Xu Ziyan.

“Why did you come out again?” Xu Zirong lowered his face unhappily. Ever since he found out that Mr. Little Square was big enough for Snowball and Pink Hair, he had never wanted to see these two light bulbs bouncing in front of him again!

So, he pretended to use these two spiritual monsters as his last trick and hid them inside Mr. Little Square without guilt.


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