Chapter 305


“Please call my brother cultivator Xu, you are not that close to him!” Xu Zirong interrupted him.

Lin Xiaotian:  …

Otherwise, he would ask master to beat him up! It’s really unbearable!

“Don’t make a fuss!” Xu Ziyan reluctantly slapped the back of Xu Zirong’s head, finally preventing his clinginess disease to act up.

Lin Xiaotian took a deep breath and said, “everything we discussed just now is based on Zirong’s inference, and more importantly, it relies on his special induction after cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.”

“It’s a pity that…” Lin Xiaotian gave Xu Zirong a meaningful look, “don’t forget that those who cultivate the Blood Sea Heart Sutra are the public enemies of both the righteous and demon cultivation, and…most of them are lunatics, do you think a lunatic would…”

“Of course, I don’t think cultivator Xu is insane.” Noticing Xu Ziyan’s seemingly unkind expression, Lin Xiaotian hurriedly changed what he said, “but we can’t change how the others think.”

“Besides…” He hesitated for a while, “let’s first not see whether I believe it or not, do you think other people will believe in a person who cultivates the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, or Bai Hua, the elder disciple of Tian Yu sect? Plus he’s the partner of dual cultivation of the beloved son of the Xuan Jia sect’s leader now.”

“The last point—” Lin Xiaotian shook his head helplessly, “how would you explain it if Bai Hua could explain all these? Don’t forget that the fluctuations and the breath that you’ve mentioned are all related to the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. So what to do if Bai Hua accuses that all these are just your conspiracy theory?”

Xu Ziyan always maintained a gloomy expression, since he had already thought of the possible means of Bai Hua when Lin Xiaotian mentioned about the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

Bai Hua had always liked to sacrifice the others with that kind of righteous and dignified attitude!

He had no problems in sacrificing the others, not himself!

Bai Hua always wanted to satisfy himself at the expense of the others, and Xu Ziyan already looked down on him with this point alone!

Xu Ziyan thought, “if you really think that you’re that great, then why don’t you just sacrifice?”

In the last life, Xu Zirong died because of Bai Hua’s thoughts, but Bai Hua was strong enough at that time, so Xu Zirong could only be sacrificed. In this life, Xu Zirong was no longer the lonely wolf-like blood demon, but a real disciple of the Liu Guang sect and he’s got Luo Yun as his support.

Such an identity cannot be easily shaken by Bai Hua with just a few words. If he wanted to sacrifice Xu Zirong, he must first talk to Big Foot Luo.

Of course, if Xu Zirong committed some heinous crime, then even Big Foot Luo couldn’t keep him, and it was precisely because of this that Bai Hua’s viciousness could be brought out.

Everything that he did had a vague connection with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

It would be fine if these connections were not discovered, but once they were, he could pretend to be innocent and blame everything on Xu Zirong.

Well, Bai Hua didn’t know that Xu Zirong had cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra as well, so was he actually planning to create an image of a “blood demon” to take the blame?

And he actually didn’t care whether this blood demon really existed, or in other words, if someone accused him of using those means, then this person would be perceived as a blood demon.

All in all, Bai Hua had already identified his sacrifice and that’s why he could be so reckless.

“It’s troublesome.” Xu Zirong frowned, “brother, why don’t we just kill him?”

He’s just a golden core cultivator, Xu Zirong would have no problems eliminating him. It should be a rather effective way to kill him physically, however…

“No!” Xu Ziyan refused decisively.

Lin Xiaotian shook his head in disapproval. There was no direct evidence for what they had just said. He would never agree to kill a cultivator just by reasoning.

“Why not?” Xu Zirong pouted unhappily.

Xu Ziyan smiled helplessly, “how do you know you can kill him?”

“He just reached the early stage of golden core…” Xu Zirong argued back, feeling unconvinced.

“How do you know that he is in that stage only?” Xu Ziyan interrupted him directly. “How do you know that he is not disguised? There are a lot of things that can be used to cover up his cultivation. There are spells and weapons. Who knows if there would be such things on Bai Hua? Don’t forget that Bai Hua is not some nameless person, but a partner of dual cultivation of the beloved son of the head of the Xuan Jia sect, and at the same time he is also a disciple of the elder of Tian Yu sect. Although it’s not a personal inheritance, the elder is quite fond of him.”

“With his current status, if he died suddenly, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble, and we would have a huge mess to resolve afterwards. If there are any treasures to help him escape, it will be even more troublesome. It would be like putting our lives at stake. You see, although the reputation of Rong Taiqing is just so-so in Xuan Jia sect, Bai Hua became this most favored person. Anyway, I won’t agree to you killing him if we don’t have any solid evidence.”

“Hmm…” Xu Ziyan touched his chin, “it’s better to pass the evidence to someone else when you have it. I’m always worried about this person. It’s better to let someone else deal with him. We will just be responsible in the onlooking part. ”

Xu Zirong:  …

Lin Xiaotian looked at Xu Ziyan suspiciously, “speaking of which, why do you care about Bai Hua so much?”

“Oh, do we? We don’t…” Xu Ziyan was stunned when he heard so, and then silently turned his face away. In fact, he didn’t want to care about Bai Hua at all, and he even wished that he would have nothing to do with him in this life, but Bai Hua always found ways to appear in front of him and do stuff that he couldn’t ignore.

Just like this time…

Nobody would care about Bai Hua if he simply hooked up with a disciple of the Xuan Jia sect! However, that person ended up hooking up with the blood-sucking worms of the demon race. Xu Ziyan understood it very clearly that Bai Hua might be invincible, and he might just succeed in controlling the whole Xuan Yu realm.

After all… the power of the male protagonist’s halo was really amazing, otherwise Bai Hua wouldn’t have easily attracted three high-quality men in his previous life, and those men were even willing to share Bai Hua with the others.

——Even though Bai Hua thought that those three people must have been retarded!

Xu Ziyan would never give up observing Bai Hua, who could stir up troubles so easily. Since Bai Hua succeeded in his conquests in his last life, he might as well succeed in this life.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know what others thought, but he would never dare to use the entire Xuan Yu realm to bet on the halo of male protagonist of Bai Hua.

If Bai Hua really had the biggest control of the Xuan Yu realm, then the Xu brothers might be expelled as well.

So, no matter from which point of view, they must fight against Bai Hua, and they had to cripple him even if they didn’t kill him. They had to at least make sure that Bai Hua would have no chance in manipulating them in this life.

“Anyway, this thing involves a lot of people and I need to report this to my master first.” Lin Xiaotian didn’t expect an answer from Xu Ziyan, and he actually started regretting when he asked this question.

He was clear about the relationship between Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, so he naturally associated Xu Ziyan’s concern for Bai Hua to Xu Zirong. If he knew that someone would actually like his lover, he would probably be very concerned about it…

Suddenly, the image of a scholar in white robes appeared in his mind, his face darkened, and he was secretly annoyed at himself for having thought about that guy again!

But…it’s been three years, that guy should be married already, after all, he was…

Damn it! What the hell is he thinking! How does that person have anything to do with him! Forget it! Forget it!

Lin Xiaotian just stood there, feeling tangled, resentful, annoyed, these expressions appearing on his face one after another.

Xu Ziyan stared at him with interest for a long while, until a visitor outside woke up Lin Xiaotian from his daze, who then resumed his original serious expression.

“Cough cough…I’ll leave first.” Lin Xiaotian showed a rare look of embarrassment, turned around decisively and left instantly with his flying sword.

“Tsk tsk, he ran so fast, this is the first time I’ve seen him show so many expressions.” Xu Ziyan looked at Lin Xiaotian’s back with a look of pity and murmured.

If he saw it right…Lin Xiaotian’s ears turned red just before he left.

Xu Ziyan saw it even though Lin Xiaotian’s ears were covered by his hair, at least the exposed small part had turned red!


“I think that…my brother’s expressions are more fun…especially when he is riding on me…” Xu Zirong bit Xu Ziyan’s ear with an unhappy look and whispered.

Xu Ziyan looked at him with shame and anger, he was speechless for a while yet his ears turned red bit by bit…

Since nothing was discussed at the previous day’s meeting, the disciple in green clothes from Xuan Jia sect went to Xu Ziyan’s temporary residence the next day and invited them to the council hall.

In addition to them, several disciples of the demon sects and the elders of the Xuan Jia sect had already arrived, and even the mysterious head of the Xuan Jia sect was sitting lazily on his chair, looking lack of energy.

“Are you here already? Sit down!” Cultivator Yu Ling waved to Xu Ziyan and the others casually, but for a cultivator of nascent soul, it was a rather enthusiastic gesture already.

Xu Ziyan respectfully saluted Yu Ling, who was in the first place, then sat down on his chair unceremoniously, completely ignoring that the other elders of the Xuan Jia sect who hadn’t sat down yet.

Although the elders were unhappy with Xu Ziyan’s behavior, no one dared to say anything. First, Xu Ziyan’s cultivation level gave him the confidence to do so. Secondly, the fame of Luo Yun was really too high, those elders dared not offend him at all and they just pretended to not having seen anything.

After a while, Lin Xiaotian also came. He looked a little worried and even gave Xu Ziyan a signal when they saw each other.

Xu Ziyan understood that Lin Xiaotian had something to tell him and he nodded very subtly.


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