Chapter 310

According to the intensity of patrol around the mine, they would have been noticed by the worms in the outer circle before entering the inner circle if Xu Zirong hadn’t been able to sense them in advance.

“That is to say… this ore is useful to the worms or the person behind them, but it is not necessarily related to their mutation!”

“Maybe…Anyway, I still have to observe for some time first. I don’t remember seeing such a thing in my last life.” Xu Zirong shook his head.

While the two were talking, they quietly approached the mine.

Under the deep moonlight, the entrance to the mine was dark and unclear, and no one knew how these blood-sucking worms illuminated during the day. After they exited the mine, there was no light inside.

“I’ll try.” Xu Zirong released a large amount of blood lice and made them scatter to the mine.

These blood lice would send the information about the places they had crawled to Xu Zirong, and Xu Zirong could also use this to find out if there was an ambush.

“Brother… A large area of blood lice disappeared in several places.” As it was too close to the mine, Xu Zirong had started to use the blood contract for communication.

Xu Ziyan frowned, “is there an ambush? Can we go around?”

Xu Zirong shook his head, “since it’s so flat in front of the mine, we can’t do so unless we have an invisibility spell…”

Before he finished speaking, Xu Zirong stopped, looking at the two pale silver invisibility spells that his brother took out from his space, then silently closed his mouth.

“Hey, master gave it to us.” Xu Ziyan grinned. Before going out, Big Foot Luo passed a lot of things to him. There were still a lot of things like invisibility spells in his space.

“Uh…what?” Xu Ziyan asked suspiciously when he realized something wrong with Xu Zirong’s expression.

“It’s alright…” Xu Zirong turned his face silently, as he recalled that Big Foot Luo told him in the face that he’d bring misfortune to the world for a thousand years. That’s why Big Foot Luo had left nothing for him…

After they put on the invisibility spells, there was a layer of water-like waves on their bodies. As the water waves continued to spread, their bodies gradually disappeared into the air.

Since the invisibility charm would become invalid once it sensed the fluctuation of spiritual power, they could only go forward step by step.

Fortunately, Xu Zirong’s blood mice explored the way, the two carefully bypassed the place where the blood lice disappeared, and gradually approached the entrance of the mine.

After entering from the entrance, their line of sight suddenly fell into darkness. Except for the little moonlight at the entrance, there was absolutely no light source in the mine.

The two took a few steps forward, the moonlight behind them faded. The silence in the deep passage was particularly terrifying, as if there was a monster in front of them, waiting to devour them.

The mine was largely excavated, especially at the entrance, which was almost the size of a square.

Around the ‘square’, there were dozens of passages extending in all directions. Those passages were also largely excavated and they were as high as three to four feet, but the sides of the rock walls were very smooth, and there was no red ore that they’d seen previously.

Xu Ziyan reckoned that the entrance must have been cleared, and they needed to go much deeper to get that kind of ore.

The two randomly chose an intersection and walked in, but as they walked, Xu Ziyan felt more and more that something was not quite right.

(Blood Contract) “It seems that something is wrong. I have a very bad feeling about this mine.” When the two were about two miles away, Xu Ziyan suddenly raised his hand to stop Xu Zirong.

“What’s the problem?” Xu Zirong was puzzled.

Xu Ziyan shook his head. He couldn’t tell what this was about, but he just felt flustered, and the more he walked in, the more flustered he felt, as if someone was constantly warning him that they shouldn’t be going forward.

“Then let’s go back.” Xu Zirong replied decisively.

The two didn’t even hesitate, and they turned around and walked back immediately, but they were still too slow. As soon as they just made two steps forward, Xu Zirong’s facial expression changed abruptly, “my blood lice all died just an instant ago! We’ve gotta run!”

They didn’t think about hiding anymore and they straightly got on their swords. Unexpectedly, a roar suddenly came from the depths of the mine, and then an invisible wave came, the two’s flying swords began swing left and right.

“Run!” Xu Ziyan shouted, pulling his younger brother to his feet and running wildly.

The speed of the depths of the cave was so fast, and the invisible fluctuations generated by the roar had still not disappeared. There was already a second roar at a very close distance.

“Crap!” Xu Ziyan’s expression changed drastically.

Hit by that invisible wave again, he only felt that his body was the same as those two flying swords. He felt uncontrollable. His legs were even a little weak, and he couldn’t even move.

“Brother! Be careful!” Xu Zirong seemed to have sensed something, so he rushed over and hugged Xu Ziyan in his arms.

Immediately after, the passage under their feet collapsed, and a huge mouth full of sharp teeth swallowed the two together with the gravel under their feet—

It was the last scene that Xu Ziyan saw before he passed out, then he was hit by a hammer-like force on the head. He made an action, and it was this action that made him survive the attack of this worm with huge teeth.

“Brother…Brother…” A hazy voice seemed to be calling Xu Ziyan from afar.

“Hmm…” He moved slightly, and let out a painful cry.

“Brother! You’re awake!” Xu Zirong’s figure gradually became clearer, and Xu Ziyan started hearing his voice more clearly.

“Hey…it hurts!” Xu Ziyan struggled to sit up, but he felt a splitting headache just when he started moving and he fell down again.

“Brother! How are you? Does your head hurt?” Xu Zirong looked anxious, as if he wanted to rub her brother’s wound, but was worried that he would injure him further.

“It’s still…it’s fine if I don’t move.” Xu Ziyan didn’t dare to move after learning from the lesson. He moved his gaze with difficulty and saw that he was inside Mr. Little Square with Xu Zirong.

“Ji Ji!” The little carp swam to Xu Ziyan’s side with a flick of its tail, with a worried expression.

Luckily, Snowball and Pink Hair weren’t fighting. They simply squatted beside Xu Ziyan obediently, and the little divine tree also thoughtfully stretched out a branch to shield him from the dazzling sunlight above.

Little Greenie and the little snail were all around him, and even the ugly fat octopus was lying on his side.

“Well…I’ve made you all worry.” Xu Ziyan tried his best to squeeze a smile, successfully appeasing his domineering tenants.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be in danger, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and after expressing their concern to him, they ran away.

Xu Ziyan watched them leave, and gently held Xu Zirong’s hand, “I made you worry.”

Xu Zirong shook his head, “It’s nothing, I know that you will be fine.”

Xu Ziyan curled the corners of his mouth, “why are we here?” As soon as he finished speaking, he realized that he was the one bringing Xu Zirong in.

He raised his hand and touched his forehead. It seemed that there were several wounds and they had all been bandaged. It’s just that they were slightly stinging. He didn’t know which one was the most injured, as he’d have the most painful headache ever after moving just a little bit.

“Is my head heavily injured?” Xu Ziyan asked Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong shook his head, showing a weird look.

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a while. It really wasn’t the main issue whether he’s heavily injured, but what’s wrong with Xu Zirong’s facial expression?

With a suspicious look on his face, he raised his hand and touched his head…

What the hell! What the hell is on my head?!

When he touched the top of his head, he could feel two ‘horns’, and he felt like killing himself….

“Water Mirror Technique! Immediately!” Xu Ziyan roared sharply.

Xu Zirong silently released the technique, looked in the mirror and almost passed out…

God damn it! Why are there two horns on my head?

He hurriedly reached out and touched it, and even tried to pull it out. However, the thing was really growing on his head and he almost fainted from extreme pain after attempting to pull it out.

“What’s…what’s with all this?” Xu Ziyan asked tremblingly.

He had never heard that the Xu family has the blood of the dragon family! Besides, there were no humans with dragon horns even in the Wei family, right?

Does someone want him to be beaten to death as he could now be seen as a spy of demon race?

Xu Zirong shook his head. He didn’t know what happened to the dragon horns. He only knew that his brother sent them to Mr. Little Square at a critical moment before they passed out. And when he woke up, there were already two horns on his head…

“Snowball! Pink Hair! You two come here for me!” Xu Ziyan suddenly shouted for some reason.

Snowball and Pink Hair lingered over. Without even analyzing, Xu Ziyan knew that it had something to do with them by judging from the way they looked.

“Tell me what’s going on here?” Xu Ziyan asked furiously.

“Meh?” Snowball blinked innocently and cried out in confusion.

Xu Ziyan’s expression turned grim in an instant. He grabbed the two horns of Snowball and shook it vigorously, “don’t you fool around here!”

“Meh!” Snowball cried out again, looking aggrieved, but Xu Ziyan was not moved at all. He just kept shaking Snowball desperately, making it completely dizzy…

“Don’t…don’t shake anymore…I’m so dizzy…” Finally, Snowball couldn’t stand it anymore and it started begging for mercy.

“You’re dizzy? I’m the one who’s dizzy! How come there are two horns on my head now?! Don’t tell me that it’s none of your business!” Xu Ziyan angrily continued to shake Snowball.

Pink Hair squatted aside and huddled silently, as if hoping that Xu Ziyan would ignore him…

“What the hell is going on?” Xu Zirong’s icy voice completely shattered its fantasy.

Pink Hair raised its head, looked at Xu Zirong’s expressionless face, swallowed softly, and said hesitantly, “actually…you cannot blame Gluttonous for that.”


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