Chapter 329

After going through so much, he knew that everything he had was related from the support of the old man. Previously, he did regard the old man in the jade pendant as his good teacher and helpful friend, but he wasnt so sure anymore.

The old man had always been very kind to him, and even gave him advice on his cultivation. Bai Hua had to at least give half of the credit to the old man now that hed reached golden core.

However, the more he thought of it, the more Bai Hua panicked. He wasnt a fool and he would never believe in free lunches.

The old man had ambitious plans obviously. Its only that Bai Hua knew that he couldnt take actions recklessly, or the old man would just kill him without hesitation.

A long time ago, when the old man’s remnant soul had recovered to a certain extent, Bai Hua realized that his soul seemed to be able to come out of the jade pendant, instead of being damaged and unable to leave, as hed said.

For some unknown reason, he actually chose not to tell the old man that he could detect him, so he was able to detect anything wrong in the old mans actions.

Every time the old man’s soul left the jade pendant, he would feel it. Most of the time, his remnant soul just went out for a while before going back, but there were also a few times when Bai Hua noticed some strange things.

For example, at certain times, the old man had just come out of the jade pendant, but he went back immediately. Logically, since hes already out, he must have something to do, but he went back without doing anything. It inevitably aroused Bai Hua’s curiosity.

Later, after observing several times, he discovered something that frightened him. When he ‘thought’ the old man just came out of the jade pendant and went back, half an hour had already passed. It also meant that during that half an hour, he was completely unconscious. Otherwise, he wouldnt have thought that the old man was just out for a short while.

Ever since he found out about that incident, Bai Hua became more and more suspicious of the old man, but it was way too late when he noticed that the old man seemed to be using his body to do something.

Even though he knew that the old man was doing something detrimental to him, it was already way too late.

Instead of letting the old man find out that his secret had already been detected, Bai Hua might as well continue pretending to know nothing and find a chance to get rid of him.

Bai Hua secretly made a decision, while making excuses with the old man and thinking about ways to escape from him.

And at the same time

Xu Ziyan was suddenly awakened by his heart beating crazily while meditating.

He looked out of the window vigilantly. The dark clouds looked overwhelming, and a dull and oppressive feeling emerged in his chest suddenly, making him anxious for no reason.

“What’s wrong with you, brother?” Xu Zirong walked behind his brother, wrapped his arms around his waist and asked softly.

“I don’t know, I am just feeling uneasy.” Xu Ziyan looked at the torrential rain outside the window, and his anxiety became more and more intense.

As a nascent soul cultivator, he already touched the edge of the rules. Most of the time, nascent soul cultivators could feel any coming danger.

Xu Ziyan felt extremely pressurized at this moment, as if something bad was about to happen. In fact, he had felt this way for more than a day, but at that moment just now, the uneasiness seemed to erupt completely, as if something horrifying was going to happen the next minute.


A thunderbolt flashed by. Xu Ziyan suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of Meng path, only to see an extremely dazzling white light erupting with the path as the center, followed by a majestic aura that swept the Xuan Yu realm like a tsunami.

Is this…” Xu Ziyan looked at the white passageway high in the air in shock, his eyes shone with disbelief. According to the established plan, it would take at least two years for those cultivators to completely restore the Meng path, yet the white light was clearly a sign that it had been opened.

Moreover, the tide of spiritual energy that swept across the entire Xuan Yu realm was formed because the Meng path was connected to another large realm. The originally accumulated spiritual energy all rushed into the Xuan Yu realm when the Meng path was opened. It explained why there was a huge tide of spiritual energy.

“What exactly happened? Why was the Meng path opened earlier than expected?” Xu Ziyan looked at the Meng path, yet his feelings of uneasiness did not decrease one bit.


At the same time when Xu Ziyan was puzzled, he saw a stream of light coming through the air, and a golden bird stopped in front of him. Before it opened its mouth, a sheep’s head suddenly appeared in mid-air as well, then it swallowed the little phoenix with lightning speed.

Xu Ziyan: (╯‵ )╯︵┻━┻! Ahhh, damn you, Snowball. Spit out the phoenix right now! It has to be a message from our sect leader!

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold, and he stretched out his hand to grab it in the void, pulled the sheep’s head out of Mr. Little Square, slapped it on the head and shouted sharply, spit it out now!

Feeling aggrieved, Snowball spat out the little phoenix and squatted aside with a depressed look. There was no such thing as dragon power these days! They were not allowed to eat. And they werent even allowed to keep things in the mouth either! qaq

The little phoenix escaped from the dragon’s mouth and immediately wanted to throw itself into Xu Ziyan’s arms in panic. Unfortunately, it was stopped halfway.

Xu Zirong looked at the little phoenix covered in Snowballs saliva with disgust and shook one of its wings, say what you need to say now.

Little Phoenix pursed its mouth, spat out a piece of jade slip, then flapped its wings and flew away. It just wanted to leave this saddening place quickly.

(Little Phoenix: (╯‵ )╯︵┻━┻ In the future, I will definitely put Xu Ziyan on my mail delivery blacklist! Just behind the wild ghosts!)

Xu Ziyan flicked his fingertips, the jade slip shattered, and the voice of Wuchen came from inside, “Ziyan, Zirong. The Meng path has been repaired, but the space point guarded by the idiotic cultivator has been broken through by the demon race. The Xuan Yu realm has been invaded on a large scale. You should immediately lead all the remaining disciples of the Xuan Jia sect and return to the Liu Guang sect. There is no need to guard Xuan Jia mountain. We must concentrate our strength and unite with the cultivators of the Teng Lan realm to resist the invasion of the demon race.”

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong silently, and he slowly felt less anxious.

Before, he was constantly worrying about the Xuan Yu realm being taken by the demon race before the Meng path got repaired, yet he felt calm when the demon race really came.

What has happened cannot be changed. The large-scale invasion of the demon race was of course bad news, yet but there at least the good news of the Meng path getting repaired.

The Xuan Yu realm was no longer fighting alone. With the support of the Teng Lan realm, they might be able to guard the Xuan Yu realm too!

Apparently, it was impossible to completely count on Teng Lan realm. After all, they couldnt expend the power of the entire realm to protect Xuan Yu realm. They still had to protect their homeland, and the Liu Guang sect just wanted to buy some time by shrinking its territory.

The strength of the demon race was obvious to all, and that of Xuan Yu realm was still limited. If their power was scattered, they would easily be defeated by the advanced fighters of the demon race. Instead of taking the risk to guard a certain territory, it might be better to concentrate all the power and to resist against the demon race.

Xu Ziyan immediately found a cultivator on duty and ordered all the cultivators to gather in the main hall of the main peak, as he had something to announce.

The cultivator on duty left with a confused expression, leaving Xu Ziyan sighing silently looking at the still dark sky.

Thunderstorms were surely coming!

He had fought with the demon race in the fighting tower before, and thats why he had a very deep impression towards the demon race.

For the demon race, only the fittest would survive. Almost every demon who could be called a warrior was someone whod had countless experiences in battles. In this regard, the cultivators in Xuan Yu realm looked really inferior. Almost every one of them wasnt as strong except for those who had been cultivating in the extreme west all year round.

Thinking of this, Xu Ziyan was even thankful for the disaster with blood-sucking worms that happened before. If they hadnt challenged the cultivators of Xuan Yu realm before, they wouldnt even have any idea of how to fight them.

He wasnt talking nonsense, as these were all the experiences that hed got from fighting against the demon race inside the fighting tower!

Senior Xu, everyone has assembled in the main hall. The cultivator on duty came back to reply.

Xu Ziyan no longer thought about fighting against the demon race. His current mission would be to bring all the remaining disciples of Xuan Jia sect back to Liu Guang sect, and his sect leader could worry about the rest!

As Xu Ziyan expected, when he informed everyone of Meng path, it caused a great commotion.

Most of the cultivators in Xuan Yu realm had idea about the demon race, yet they instantly understood more after Xu Ziyan compared the combat power of the demon race with that of the blood-sucking worms. Given their current strength, they would only die if they stayed in the same place.

Even though they were reluctant to part with their sect, elder Qi and the others also knew that inheritance was only possible if the disciples survived. If all of them died, then whatd be the use of guarding the mountain gate?

Everyone agreed, and naturally acted quickly. There were less than 400 people in the Xuan Jia sect currently, and if they relied on flying swords to return to Liu Guang sect, they wouldnt be fast enough.

After all, only cultivators above the level of building base could control a flying sword well, and they would consume a lot of spiritual energy. With the cultivation level of those in building base, their power would meet its limit after flying for three days. However, it would take a cultivator of building base one month to fly back to Liu Guang sect, and it would also take a nascent soul cultivator three days.

Xu Ziyan almost racked his brains to solve this issue. Although Luo Yun gave him a cloud shuttle before, but its limited and could only accommodate at most fifty cultivators. It would be impossible to put about 300 cultivators on it.

In the end, it was elder Qi who solved their problem. It turned out there was a nine-leaf lotus shuttle in the treasure hall of Xuan Jia sect, which was regarded as the best flying magic weapon. Even Xu Ziyan hadnt expected that such a good treasure existed in the Xuan Jia sect.


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