Chapter 328

For the past few days, Xu Ziyan had been resting at the Xuan Jia sect, and these cultivators and demonic cultivators were also constantly looking for the weaknesses of Xuan Jia sect.

It’s a pity that demonic cultivators had never been proficient in arrays, and most of the cultivators possessed by blood-sucking worms reached only the level of Qi condensation or below. Even after merging with blood-sucking worms and obtaining the ability to absorb cultivation level through blood, it wouldnt be so easy to break through the level of nascent soul. They could at most reach the level of golden core.

Among the people there, there were cultivators and demonic cultivators, but both were possessed by blood-sucking worms without exception.

Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t know that the worms evolved from those specialized in possession would not devour the consciousness of the original owner. Instead, they used a function similar to assimilation to create a sense of identity towards the worms.

To put it simply, it was to make these people feel that they were also a special kind of blood-sucking worms. By doing so, not only could these cultivators be loyal to the worm mother, but their intelligence could also be retained to give ideas to the demon race in the future.

Several cultivators and demonic cultivators left the hall one after another. Although attacking Xuan Jia sect was a difficult task, they had to complete it with the worm mother hoovering over them.

Now, although Bai Hua still had the early level of golden core, the connection between him and the worm mother became closer and closer. For most of the cultivators possessed by the worms, Bai Hua was like the first favored person of the worm mother and he enjoyed the absolute prestige.

The elephant monster was exactly using its late level of golden core to control Bai Hua, it also used this to attract the worm mother. It was the nature of all blood-sucking worms, and the cultivators who were possessed by the blood-sucking worms also had the same character.

In their mind, they would be able to gain great benefits as long as they could replace Bai Hua, but Bai Hua was no longer an ordinary cultivator he was even supported by an extremely strong devil man!

After Bai Hua reprimanded those ‘disobedient’ subordinates in the hall, he returned to his room.

It only took half a day for their residence to be dug out of the ground by the blood-sucking worms. There might not be any luxurious decorations, but it was still clean and without any rotten corpses.

When Bai Hua entered his stone room, he suddenly tilted his body, fell to the ground and lost consciousness. A dark red blood light flew out of his body and merged into the dragon-shaped jade pendant.

The skeleton in the jade pendant chewed on the only trace of dragon energy left, and said with dissatisfaction to himself, the physical condition of the golden core cultivator is still too bad, and it can’t bear my consciousness at all. It seems that this little guy has to live for a while. Its a pity that his aptitude is too mediocre. If it weren’t for the essence body, he might not even be able to reach golden core. And no one has any idea when he will become a nascent soul. It would be great if someone in the Xuan Yu realm inherits the blood demon’s lineage, as hell become my best container then.

After saying so, the old man in the skull fell silent, and Bai Hua, who had fainted on the ground, also woke up after a short coma.

He looked around blankly at first, as if he didn’t understand why he had fallen. Then, his expression changed suddenly and he grabbed the jade pendant,senior, senior? Are you still there?”

“What’s the matter?” The skull-headed old man asked patiently and softly, thinking that he would continue to cultivate the container.

Bai Hua looked pale, I…I killed Rong Taiqing, and I also injured Yu Ling.”

“Well, havent all these been planned already?” The old man said a little impatiently.

“But…” Bai Hua looked at his hands blankly, still unable to believe that he had successfully plotted against a nascent soul cultivator, senior, didn’t we agree to take some time before we take action? Something with the mother worm is still not ready, isnt it too reckless to take action in a hurry?

“I have no choice but to do this.” The old man sighed,you have left too many traces in the past, especially the last few times.” When talking about those last few times, the old man’s tone had become a bit harsh, those rubbish of Xuan Jia sect may not be able to see the errors that you made, and even if Yu Ling has doubts against you, he wouldnt take action as long as that Rong Taiqing is fond of you.

Speaking of this, the old man’s voice changed, however, things are different with Luo Yun. Let alone his superior strength, he can attack you in Xuan Jia sect without any worries since he is not related to anybody there. Seeing that Bai Hua wanted to refute, the old man sneered, youve heard about how he is before. You know how unreasonable he can be. Yu Ling is leaving you alone simply because of Rong Taiqing, but do you think the same applies to Luo Yun? Also, do you really think that Yu Ling would act against Luo Yun for you? He might even feel grateful that Luo Yun can kill you so that his relationship with Rong Taiqing wouldnt be affected. You should how unhappy Yu Ling is about you. Otherwise, he might as well allocate more resources of Xuan Jia sect to you, and you wouldnt be still a golden core today.

The old man’s words blocked all the words Bai Hua wanted to refute, and even aroused a little resentment.

He was right if Yu Ling had liked him a bit more, why was he still an inner disciple after becoming a partner of dual cultivation of Rong Taiqing?

If Yu Ling supported him, theres no need for him to kill Rong Taiqing and expose himself in front of everyone!

That’s right, it’s all the fault of Yu Ling!

He forced himself out of righteous cultivation and sabotaged his dream of being a savior. If Yu Ling was right in front of him, Bai Hua really would like to stab him a few times!

Seeing that the sense of blood in Bai Hua’s eyes getting thicker and himself getting more resentful, the old man in the jade pendant sneered secretly, such a fool turned out to be so lucky. God really doesnt exist!

What a pity it was he looked down at the dragon corpse with only a layer of skin left, and sighed with some regret in his heart. Without the dragon energy that attracted luck, Bai Hua really got increasingly unluckier each day.

This time, Luo Yun messed up his good deeds with a bad move. If he didnt need his body, he would have given up on commanding and complaining long ago.

After thinking about it, he found it quite ideal as well. If Bai Hua wasnt this stupid, how would he believe in Luo Yun so easily? He even became the container of Luo Yuns thoughts.

“Okay, it’s useless to say these things now.” The old man gently comforted Bai Hua who still felt resentful, since you have been exposed, you can only change your plan. Now, since the Xuan Jia sect isnt wiped out entirely, someone must have known about you colluding with blood-sucking worms. And although the mother worm is under your control, this is still a matter very difficult to explain. If you return to your shitty cultivators alliance, Im sure that those phony guys would make sure to kill you. They will never believe in whatever you explain. The mother worm will then die as well.

Bai Hua’s heart shuddered. He judged others by the standards that he judged himself. If he was a high-level member of the cultivators alliance, he would definitely not accept someone colluding with blood-sucking worms. Although his idea at the time was to control the blood-sucking worms for his own use, it was an idea that could not be said out loud.

After all, there were thousands, if not tens of thousands of cultivators, who died at the hands of the blood-sucking worms under his control. Also, countless mortals died because of him. Theres absolutely no way for him to announce these things.

If his plan had been successful at that time, he could naturally call himself the savior, but once the plan was exposed, he would end up like a mouse on the streets.

He could only finish with what hed started. He planned to use the benefits of blood-sucking worms and fight against those cultivators. Although he might not kill them all, he could at least make them realize his power!

Bai Hua thought about the next countermeasures, and asked the old man for advice from time to time.

The old man still pretended to be kind and gentle, and thoughtfully helped Bai Hua to perfect some of his ideas.

After Bai Hua established a brand new plan, the old man was then allowed to rest.

The old man sneered secretly, as he had no intention of completing Bai Hua’s plan at all. When he was hiding in the Xuan Jia sect, he had to be careful not to be noticed by Yu Ling. Now that hes so far away, he could completely enlist those blood-sucking worms to find a large number of treasures for him, and quickly increase Bai Huas level of cultivation.

And once Bai Hua reached the level of nascent soul, he could then own his body! Never would he get stupid enough to negotiate with the cultivators alliance like what Bai Hua did!

In his opinion, instead of negotiating with those people, it is better to kill them all!

The remnant soul of the old man slowly fell into a deep sleep after consuming the last bit of dragon energy. Now that Bai Hua was alone, and he was sure that hed controlled the mother worm. Its thus not likely that hed leave. All in all, since hes being deserted by all the human cultivators, where could he flee to?

The remnant soul of the old man was trying to recover in the dragon-shaped jade pendant. After devouring the little dragon that was about to take shape, he had basically healed. Now, as long as he digested the last bit of dragon energy, his remnant soul would be able to return to its full state. After seizing the body of Bai Hua as half-human, half-blood demon, he could at least reach the level of deity.

With the cultivation level of deity, there would be no problem to kill several cultivators of deity. As long as he killed those few deity cultivators, he would then own the whole closed Xuan Yu realm. Then, he would then contribute the realm to a certain demon king and receive a chance to be baptized in the demon pool.

Thinking about the benefits of entering the demon pool, the old man couldn’t help laughing out loud in the jade pendant. Mahayana, ascension seemed to be right in front of him, and everything would be under his control!

Just as the old man was peacefully falling asleep to repair his last bit of damage, Bai Hua, who was supposed to be full of confidence in his ‘bright future’, just kept a smile on his face, feeling the inexplicable horror in his heart.


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