Chapter 327

Xu Ziyan happened to know the three surviving elders. Except for that elder Qi, the other two were actually elder Liu and the old woman in grey clothes, who had fought with him.

He saw that Yu Ling was seriously injured. His face looked pale and all his clothes were stained with blood. There was an extremely obvious wound on his waist and abdomen. The most terrifying thing was that the wound was still emitting thick black gas.

As soon as he entered the main hall, Big Foot Luos gaze fell on Yu Ling, and when he noticed the wound emitting a thick black air, his pupils shrank sharply. He immediately ignored elder Qi and others who came up to say hello and rushed directly in front of Yu Ling.

“What’s going on here? How did you get hurt so badly?” Big Foot Luo was furious.

Yu Ling had already fallen into a coma, so he was naturally unable to answer Luo Yun’s question. On the contrary, elder Liu came over and replied with a sad expression, that little bastard Bai Hua came to report suddenly, saying that Taiqing’s injuries suddenly became more serious and that he might not be able to make it. Then, our sect master was distracted and Bai Hua suddenly stabbed him in the waist. Although he immediately knocked that little bastard away, Bai Hua still managed to escape. Afterwards, the blood-sucking worms invaded and our sect master couldnt fight back because of the eerie black gas in his wound. That black gas is still inside his body and thats why he fell into a coma.

So, it turned out to be Bai Hua?” Big Foot Luo was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Bai Hua, who was only a small potato in his mind, would have the courage to attack a nascent soul cultivator. It was really shocking for him.

“Sure enough, it’s Bai Hua.” On the contrary, when Xu Ziyan saw Yu Ling, he already knew that it would be Bai Hua who did it. After all, it was very difficult to hurt a nascent soul cultivator, and only Bai Hua might have the chance to do so since hes the partner of dual cultivation of Yu Lings son. Moreover, he had been really close to Rong Taiqing. If he claimed that there were changes in Rong Taiqings wounds, then Yu Ling might let down his guard and make things easier for Bai Hua.

Elder Liu didn’t have the slightest arrogance at this time, but only mourned about the damage to the sect. His face was pale, and there was still a little blood on the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he was also injured in the battle just now. However, those elders who were not as lucky had already become corpses being put aside.

“Okay, we don’t have time to grieve. Please activate the protective array immediately. I have sent back the news. It will take at least seven days for assistance to arrive. Within these seven days, you have to be on guard against those blood-sucking worms. As for Yu Ling…I will take him back to the Liu Guang sect at once and see if I can cure him.”

“Thank you Luo Yun for your help. Please also rescue our leader. Elder Liu said with a sad face.

In the past, their elders and the head of the sect fought for power and profit, but when the war started, they realized that all rights and fame were vain, and they could only rely on their strength. If there were a few nascent soul cultivators in Xuan Jia sect, things would be so different!

Thinking of this, elder Liu couldn’t help regretting even more. If they dealt with their sect leader in a much better way, Bai Hua would have no ways to trick them. However, alls too late now. The wellbeing of the only nascent soul cultivator in sect became a question. And in the next seven days, if the blood-sucking worms attacked them again, it would be difficult for them to guard the mountain gate.

The protective array of the mountain was certainly powerful, but if it was damaged by those cultivators possessed by blood-sucking worms, there wouldnt be anyone who could repair it.

Elder Hu, who was the only one who knew about arrays, was lying coldly on the side of the hall at this moment. When elder Liu thought of those old friends whod all died, he couldnt help but feeling sad and shedding his tears.

Luo Yun naturally didn’t have time to comfort the grieving elder Liu. The attack of the blood-sucking worms was too sudden. Normally, a female worm of nascent soul would not dare to directly attack a sect like the Xuan Jia sect. However, not only it ambushed the sect, it didnt even dispatch its original body. Instead, it only sent different kinds of blood-sucking worms and the cultivators who were possessed.

Big Foot Luo felt extremely worried now. If someone from Xuan Jia sect actually felt interested by the suggestions of blood-sucking worms, then would it mean that there were cultivators betraying mankind in other places as well?

“Ziyan, Zirong, you have been guarding here for the past two days, helping the Xuan Jia sect to defend. Now, I have to return to Liu Guang sect immediately. This matter is too unusual, and I have a bad premonition about it.”

“Master, be careful all the way.” Xu Ziyan nodded in response. At this time, there were no nascent soul cultivators in Xuan Jia sect. If they left as well, it would really be a question of whether this place could be defended.

Big Foot Luo hurried back to Liu Guang sect with the seriously injured Yu Ling. After he left, all the affairs of Xuan Jia sect fell into the hands of elder Qi.

During the battle, elder Qi was seriously injured. Although he saved his life after some treatment, his cultivation level dropped a bit.

He had only reached the middle level of golden core, and he was a little unable to manage the affairs of the sect. With the distrust of the Xuan Jia sect by his disciples and fellow casual cultivators, elder Qi felt devastated. Finally, he simply put all his affairs for elder Liu.

However, elder Liu seemed to have understood something after the battle. He no longer cared about this right. Instead, he handed over the little bit of power and responsibility in his hands.

In the end, still under elder Qi’s suggestion, the affairs of Xuan Jia sect were temporarily handed over to Xu Ziyan. All in all, as a nascent soul cultivator, those cultivators wouldnt dare to say no to him no matter what conclusion he made. Also, those cultivators were saved by Xu Ziyan, and they naturally wouldnt betray his order. This enabled the Xuan Jia sect to settle down in an extremely short period of time.

Most peaks of Xuan Jia sect were destroyed in that battle. Furthermore, there was a lack of materials and manpower in the mountain gate, so Xu Ziyan simply gave up on the reconstruction of the remaining peaks and put everyone on the main peak.

Now, their task was to defend the Xuan Jia mountain. As long as their place was not breached, the blood-sucking worms and demonic cultivators who were waiting around would not dare go straight to other sects in the hinterland of the Central Plains.

Speaking of which, Xu Ziyan was really surprised that there would be a demonic cultivator in this Xuan Jia battle. However, the demonic cultivator who had met him was just a rat monster. Therefore, he still needed further evidence to see if these demonic cultivators did collude with the blood-sucking worms or they were just possessed.

No matter what, the appearance of a demonic cultivator among blood-sucking worms was definitely not a good thing. Thats also the reason why Big Foot Luo left hurriedly.

Two days later—

Just after Xu Ziyan assigned that days tasks, under the leadership of the man in green clothes, the disciples of the Xuan Jia sect and casual cultivators from other sects all began to complete their tasks one after another.

The task Xu Ziyan assigned to them was very simple. It was to build countless fortresses on the entire main peak from the foot to the top of the mountain, and completely arm the main peak.

Xu Zirong also modified the protective array of Xuan Jia sect. The area covered was reduced by 90%, but the thickness was at least three times that of before. Even cultivators of deity would have to attack continuously for more than three days if they wanted to forcibly break through the protective array.

Xu Ziyan was very sure that if the blood-sucking worms came again, they would suffer from heavy losses if Xu Ziyan simply used the arrays of these fortresses to protect the mountains, but for some reason, the uneasiness in his heart never disappeared.

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Zirong looked at his brother, feeling puzzled. In a few days, the support team of Liu Guang sect would arrive, but his brother behaved very strangely.

“It’s okay…” Xu Ziyan shook his head, and then said, “I don’t know what’s going on, I always feel like something is going to happen. I hope…the situation won’t get worse.”

He slowly raised his head and looked at the distant sky. There was a pale white passage, which looked like clouds and mist, but it was in fact the Meng path repaired by all the cultivators of the Xuan Yu realm.

Most of the path had been repaired. As long as they persevered, they would be able to restore the connection with other realms sooner or later. Once they could communicate with other realms, the cultivators of Xuan Yu realm could join the war between humans and demon race. Xuan Yu realm might still be the frontier at that time, but they would at least get a lot of human and material resources from other sects.

With the power of the Xuan Yu realm, it might be possible to resist the blood-sucking worms, but once the demon race was involved, the result would become entirely unpredictable.

At this moment when a disaster was about to happen, in a rocky hall hidden deep in the ground, Bai Hua was wearing a fur red robe and sitting on the real throne. His eyes were sharp, with occasional flashes of blood, and the way he looked at the people below him was as cold as ice.

“So…you are telling me that not only did this attack on Xuan Jia sect fail, but we also lost a lot of blood-sucking worms?” Bai Hua had a blood-red dragon-shaped jade pendant around his neck, and he was playing with it as he said.

The dozens of cultivators standing below were silent like cicadas, and some of them had tails and sharp claws. It was obvious that they were demonic cultivators.

Those demonic cultivators who were usually rampant were sweating coldly at the moment, and a bloody corpse was lying on the ground.

The corpse was human-like, but it had a thick and long trunk, and just a few breaths ago, it was even a powerful demonic cultivator of golden core. After he spoke rudely to Bai Hua, he was stabbed by a red light in the head, and all the things inside flowed all over the ground, setting a perfect example for the rest of the people.

“Hmph, useless trash.” Bai Hua said coldly, “I will give you three days to take down Xuan Jia Mountain, I don’t care if they built a blockhouse or modified the mountain protective array, I only care about the result! If you can’t finish it…then don’t come back.” Before he finished speaking, Bai Hua’s figure had disappeared, leaving only an afterimage for everyone.

After Bai Hua had left for a long while, many cultivators raised their heads, wiped off the cold sweat from their foreheads and exchanged glances among each other, all wryly smiling.


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