Chapter 326

“By the way, where is Yu Ling of Xuan Jia sect?” Seeing the Earth Rock Dragon Worm below them devouring the blood-sucking worms with an extremely strong momentum, the remaining two golden core cultivators were left in a panic.

It’s a Mahayana monster!

Such an existence really left one speechless. No matter how hard they tried, never would they be able to contain a Mahayana worm.

“Huh? It’s almost over?” Big Foot Luo glanced down and noticed that the two golden core cultivators were about to run away. He shot down two rays of sword light, blasting both into pieces.

After being trapped in the maze and almost suffocating, the Earth Rock Dragon Worm had been devouring blood-sucking worms since it was released. Not only were these worms food, but also a target to vent its anger.

However, after killing those worms for a while, it suddenly noticed a familiar breath, which was emanating from the cultivator who’d trapped it in a strange place. The Earth Rock Dragon Worm immediately gave up fighting those blood-sucking worms and rushed towards Big Foot Luo.

“Aw!” The Earth Rock Dragon Worm raised its head, grinding its sharp teeth continuously and making a tooth-crunching sound.

It was roaring angrily, and that strange fluctuation came again. Xu Ziyan had made preparations for a long time. When the big worm raised its head, he pulled his younger brother and jumped to the roof of the hall of the main peak, but Big Foot Luo simply retracted his flying sword and stood in mid-air.

Nascent Soul cultivators could communicate with the heaven and earth and they usually had the ability to fly, but this kind of flight was still not as fast as moving on a flying sword and it’d require a lot of spiritual power as well. Therefore, no one would use the flying skills of a nascent soul cultivator whenever they could use flying swords as an option.

Of course, it was still a special moment. Since the Earth Rock Dragon Worm couldn’t fly, Big Foot Luo simply released rays and rays of sword light from his fingers while staying in mid-air.

Since Big Foot Luo wasn’t using any weapon, these rays of sword light didn’t really create a big damage on the Earth Rock Dragon Worm, yet he managed to piss it off.

The Earth Rock Dragon Worm suddenly jumped up, stretching its long body like a spring, opening its mouth wide and almost swallowing Big Foot Luo.

“Master!” Xu Ziyan exclaimed and felt that his heart almost jumped out of his chest at that moment. If Big Foot Luo hadn’t reacted quickly enough, he would have fallen into its mouth after moving away from his original position.

“The evil beast is really cunning!” Big Foot Luo was furious, as he was almost eaten and he’d completely lost face. Sparing no energy, he flipped his wrist and grasped his sword emanating cold light from all angles.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong backed half a mile away tactfully. As qualified disciples, both of them had already seen the power of their master. His storm-alike attacks were surely terrifying. Also, even when one was slightly touched by his breath of sword, he’d already been heavily injured.

The two hid far away to avoid being affected by his attack, but the main hall on the peak couldn’t escape from it, it could only groan in the sharp breath of sword…

——Damn it, I am about to collapse, you guys stay away from me! qaq

The Earth Rock Dragon Worm couldn’t fly and its strength was significantly restricted. In addition, they were outdoors at this time and there were no restrictions from any passage. Big Foot Luo hence had lots of space to dodge and he wasn’t afraid of its attack at all.

After jumping a few times, it still failed, and the Earth Rock Dragon Worm simply stopped thinking about devouring Big Foot Luo. It just kept spraying a lot of gravel from its mouth like a shotgun.

Big Foot Luo used the sword light to cover himself. While the broken pieces of rock kept making cracking sounds, they were all crushed by his sword light.

“Ziyan, Zirong, kill those remaining blood-sucking worms.” Big Foot Luo shouted loudly while fighting the Earth Rock Dragon Worm.

Xu Ziyan took a closer look, only to realize that those blood-sucking worms and the two golden core cultivators, who were possessed by the worms, wanted to leave quietly.

“Hmph, since you’re here, don’t expect to leave then!” Xu Ziyan snorted coldly. With the longbow in his hand, he shot several lightning arrows.

Little Octopus’ phantom appeared above the dark gold longbow and also shot dozens of arrows followed by those of Xu Ziyan.

The two golden core cultivators cursed secretly. They weren’t particularly strong, and they had to rely on those blood-sucking worms to besiege the main hall. However, as soon as the big worm appeared, more than 30% of the blood-sucking worms were instantly killed.

It would still be alright if it was just the loss of blood-sucking worms, but the giant-eyed worm, which was in charge of commanding these blood-sucking worms, happened to be in the center of the battle, and it was crushed to death already…

The two golden core cultivators really wanted to cry in desperation. Although they could command the remaining blood-sucking worms, they had no idea how to make the worms to cooperate with each other as they’d never learnt about combat arrays.

Also, since the big worm was so powerful, there were almost no types of blood-sucking worms that could beat it. Therefore, the hall that was about to be broken became an unachievable goal. The big worm was forced to flee in a hurry. If it hadn’t dodged in time, it would just become food of the big worm like the other cultivators.

They were about to be eaten, but the attention of the big worm was suddenly attracted by Luo Yun who’d suddenly appeared. They initially thought that they could take the opportunity to escape, yet the two newly upgraded cultivators had their eyes on it.

“My life is over!” one of the cultivators shouted in despair.

The other one also looked miserable, but their fate was already decided the day they turned to the blood-sucking worms.

As golden core cultivators, they were not fooled by Bai Hua. In fact, it was the devil man in Bai Hua’s jade pendant who lured them.

Seeing that the two were near the end of their life and had no hope of breaking through, the devil man tried to seduce them by proposing the infusion of demonic energy. Apparently, the two became interested when facing a thousand-year lifespan and much stronger strength.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that they should at least reach the level of nascent soul to take the infusion, or they would simply self-explode to death.

Besides, in a place where the demon race paid high attention to strength, golden core cultivators wouldn’t be worth of a devil man to waste his demonic energy for infusion. That is, they were all deceived from the beginning. The devil man’s remnant soul was just using the bait which they could never enjoy in reality.

The two golden core cultivators had no strength at all to fight against a nascent soul cultivator. Also, since they had been living comfortably in Xuan Jia sect for so long, they had long forgotten how to survive from a bloody battle.

Without a commander, the blood-sucking worms could only kill by their instincts. Although there were many types of blood-sucking worms besieging the hall, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong worked together to kill the remaining blood-sucking worms very quickly.

After cleaning up some remaining blood-sucking worms, Xu Ziyan turned around and looked…

After going through a fight with Big Foot Luo, there were many huge wounds on the body of the Earth Rock Dragon Worm.

Those wounds were all two or three feet long. On the huge body of the Earth Rock Dragon Worm, such wounds were not that big, but they were still significant wounds. There was no bleeding on the outer edge of the wound, but there was a faint layer of frost which might help it reduce the loss of blood.

In Xu Ziyan’s eyes, the Earth Rock Dragon Worm was already slightly slower, it’s also not jumping as high as before. All in all, although Big Foot Luo didn’t manage to kill it, he already lowered its combat power, laying a good foundation for the little maze to function for a while.

Facts had further proved how effective the tricks of Big Foot Luo were. It’s only that…no one had expected a Mahayana worm would act so shamelessly.

Right, shamelessly.

After the Earth Rock Dragon Worm realized that its attack could not cause fatal damage to Big Foot Luo and that it kept losing its physical strength, it simply decided to lie flat on the ground.

Xu Ziyan: _(:3)_

Xu Zirong: _,

Big Foot Luo : ……

The weapon spirit of the little maze: …

A huge worm as high as a three-story building suddenly fell to the ground motionless. Its huge mouth was slightly opened, and a long tongue protruded from it.

It really was like a murder scene no matter how you looked at it, and the pathetic victim would be this Earth Rock Dragon Worm.

Shocked by this sudden change, Big Foot Luo pointed at the Earth Rock Dragon Worm and was speechless for a long while, probably because he’d never seen such a shameless monster before.

Next, no matter how he poked, beat, or scolded it, the Earth Rock Dragon Worm just refused to get up, as if it also knew that Big Foot Luo wasn’t really planning to kill it.

Big Foot Luo burst into laughter. He took out the little maze helplessly, “I was going to beat it to death before putting it inside, but I don’t think that’s necessary anymore. It’s still a smart worm.” Afterwards, he threw the little maze upwards, which then expanded itself and sucked in the Earth Rock Dragon Worm. Then, it shrank again in Big Foot Luo’s palm.

“Okay, that’s it, this Earth Rock Dragon Worm has now settled.” Big Foot Luo took away the little maze, turned and walked towards the crumbling hall.

When he was there before, those blood-sucking worms had been besieging the main hall. The people inside managed to survive by relying on the defensive array of the main hall.

Later, he released the Earth Rock Dragon Worm, enabling the people in the hall to breathe a sigh of relief. After the battle was over, he had to check how many people survived.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong followed their master into the main hall. After the enemy retreated, the people inside the main hall also removed the defensive array. When the three entered the hall, their jaws dropped.


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