Chapter 345

The man in red instantly got speechless, and he looked at Xu Ziyan with a serious face, “actually, dragon horns are not very useful. Really, a serious dragon like me never needs horns to seduce female cultivators.”

Xu Ziyan was as well speechless for a while. Well, he’s actually not interested in seducing female cultivators. He just wanted them to be gone.

Although Snowball once said that those horns would disappear naturally as long as he consumed the spiritual power in his body, he didn’t want to wait that long. All in all, anything could happen during a battle between the human and demon race. He was merely using spells to hide his horns, so how could he guarantee that no one would find out in the future?

The monster race in Xuan Yu realm had a rather strange attitude towards this battle, and if he was treated as a spy of the monster race afterwards, he would have nowhere to declare justice.

“Hmmm…” After talking about his own situation, the man in red nodded firmly. He looked at Xu Ziyan’s little and inconspicuous dragon horn and noticed that they looked purer than those of monsters having dragon’s blood.

Xu Ziyan had actually ignored another threat, which the man in red also knew very well. Once the demonic cultivators having true dragon’s blood found out about Xu Ziyan’s dragon horns, they would go after him and kill him.

For those demonic cultivators, Xu Ziyan’s dragon horn almost represented infinite dragon’s energy and dragon’s spiritual power. This kind of dragon spirit power would slowly transform into Xu Ziyan’s own spiritual power in his body. If the demonic cultivators got hold of this power, then they could use it to purify their blood.

In other words, Xu Ziyan was the ultimate tonic for those demonic cultivators, and any demonic cultivators with a little bit of pursuit (those with dragon blood) would naturally have intentions towards Xu Ziyan.

The man in red thought for a while and told Xu Ziyan about this. It’s very rare to encounter a human being who obtained all dragon’s inheritance, if he’s killed by those demonic cultivators, the dragon race would simply lose face.

Xu Ziyan felt bitter after hearing so. He already felt depressed after being perceived as a spy of the monster race, and now he’s even become a target of the monster race? Can he still eliminate the demon race happily or not?!

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you a way to hide your dragon’s breath.” The man in red said with a friendly smile.

Seeing his friendly smile, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but shiver.

Can you please speak normally! I am so not used to your friendly attitude! Senior dragon’s soul, you’d better continue your staring contest with Xu Zirong…

The two hid aside and chatted for a long while before finally reaching a consensus.

Because of his obsession with the dragon horns, Xu Zirong, who was carried to the corner by Xu Ziyan, kept looking at his brother’s back with sad eyes. Unfortunately, the matter was so important this time that even if he wanted to keep the pair of dragon horns, he would not bet on Xu Ziyan’s safety.

In the end, Xu Ziyan exchanged a Qiankun bag full of treasures for the man in red’s secret method. Of course, these things were not given for free. If he wanted to use this secret method, the man in red had to pay a certain price.

By the time the man in red and Qiu Wucheng went to the backyard to rest, the dragon horns on Xu Ziyan’s head had completely disappeared. The two planned for a short while in the manor before leaving.

From the confrontation with the man in red just now, Xu Ziyan knew that he didn’t have a real body in spite of his level of cultivation. As long as the man in red had his dragon’s breath, he could still create his body one day. However, Qiu Wucheng’s original body was just a ray of divine consciousness. If the man in red hadn’t nourished Qiu Wucheng with dragon’s breath these few hundred years, the man in red might not regain his consciousness at all.

The dragon soul in red was seriously injured because he broke into a secret realm alone, and was imprisoned by Qiu Wucheng by chance. It’s just that Qiu Wucheng originally wanted to use this dragon soul to benefit his future generations. However, his ray of divine consciousness managed to survive after so many years and he even grew fond of the dragon soul in red. The soul even consumed so much energy to cast spells for Xu Ziyan, and what he actually wanted was a spiritual stone of the shaping pill from Xu Ziyan.

The price of the Shaping Pill was not that high. In the past, the dragon soul in red could just buy dozens of them without worrying. Sadly, he didn’t have the capacity to do so now, and after long term imprisonment, he still had to use his dragon’s breath to nourish Qiu Wucheng, which in turn caused his strength to lower. If his identity as a dragon’s soul got exposed, it might attract those dragon slayers.

The dragon soul in red didn’t want to die before everything even started. He didn’t want to get involved while he hadn’t saved Qiu Wucheng.

In turn, Qiu Wucheng and the dragon soul in red ended up living in Xu Ziyan’s backyard. Since the two never revealed their identity, no one ever noticed that there were four nascent soul cultivators in the seemingly inconspicuous Yun Xiao city.

The battle between the human race and the demon race was in full swing, but Yun Xiao city was pretty quiet.

It might be because this place was not a strategically important place, or because there were no high-value strategic resources near Yun Xiao city. In short, there were basically no organized troops of the demon race in this area.

Of course, it was only temporary. Since the demon race wanted to occupy the Xuan Yu realm, they would never let such a large area go.

Now the battle line between the demon race and the human race had been maintained in the middle of the Xuan Yu realm. Although in countless encounters, nearly 90% of them were won by the demon race. However, the commander of the demon race didn’t make big moves easily, he wanted to consume very carefully his newly occupied areas.

Countless human spies were sent out, waiting to get all kinds of news about the demon race.

All kinds of news were collected in the Liu Guang sect and got analyzed and researched by specialized cultivators. In the end, they came up with a not-so-exciting news.

“They want to build a cross-domain teleportation array?” Xu Ziyan frowned as he took the message of Big Foot Luo.

Xu Zirong also showed a serious expression, “our cultivators have just gotten used to the easiest three-talent arrays, four-talent arrays and five-talent arrays. If the army of demon race came at this time, I’m afraid we can’t withstand it even with the help of Teng Lan cultivators.”

“That’s right.” Xu Ziyan threw away the jade slip and rubbed his forehead, “it takes time to train cultivators, and ours are hard-working enough, yet they can at most handle five-talent arrays. If they all join battles right now, it would only take a big squad of demon race to kill them all.”

Xu Zirong didn’t like to see his brother frowning, but he didn’t know how to solve this problem either.

They trained these cultivators quite smoothly, but it’s also a disadvantage to be in Yun Xiao city, who’s a pretty safe area.

Without the demon race present, there would be no battles or sacrifice, but that also means that there would be no lessons learnt. These cultivators would keep failing in battles without real experience.

Now these trained cultivators were like a sharp blade that had been forged. What was most needed was the process of quenching. Without this step, the weapon was fundamentally defective.

“I report to senior Xu, senior Lin of Qianwen Pavilion wants to see you.”

At this moment, there was a voice outside the hall.

Xu Ziyan’s pupils shrank suddenly, “let him come in.”

A cultivator in black came in with a big man carrying a big sword.

The big man was a golden core cultivator with a strong fighting spirit on his body, it seemed that he had just finished a battle.

He looked very respectful when he saw Xu Ziyan. Although he was also a golden core cultivator a few decades ago and he even once thought that he had much richer experiences in battle, Xu Ziyan had become a nascent soul cultivator and a behind-the-scene boss of Qianwen Pavilion. His subordinate obviously had to be more respectful.

“Cultivator Lin, nice to see you here.” When Xu Ziyan saw cultivator Lin Han, he knew that Yu Hao was safe, or he wouldn’t be there.

Lin Han replied respectfully, “thank you senior Xu for your concern, Boss Yu wanted me to greet you.”

“Well, please sit down. This time, I’m assuming that you aren’t here just for a greeting.” Xu Ziyan had a good impression of Lin Han. He could be regarded as the first enshrined in Qianwen Pavilion, and there were naturally no loyalty issues since he was sent by Yu Hao.

“Yes.” Seeing that Xu Ziyan’s attitude was no different from the past, Lin Han couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. However, he would rather keep his respectful attitude even though Xu Ziyan was very kind to him.

“Tell me, where is Yu Hao now? How is the development of Qianwen Pavilion? It’s been ten years since I left, so I guess this kid is also in a rush now.” Xu Ziyan laughed. Back then, he left an amount of spiritual stones to Yu Hao before getting trapped in the true dragon maze. It had been ten years since and he never got to meet Yu Hao after getting out. He had already assumed that Yu Hao was dead, yet Lin Han’s visit gave him a surprise.

“Boss Yu had already reached the middle stage of Qi condensation, but his power is rather…haha…” Lin Han smiled in embarrassment.

Xu Ziyan instantly understood. Yu Hao must have missed his training as he’s too focused on the development of Qianwen Pavilion. Also, since he wasn’t really talented anyway, he must have used some pills to reach the middle stage of Qi condensation from the later stage of building base in ten years.

Xu Ziyan had no intention to interfere in this matter, as Yu Hao must have his advantages to have established the Qianwen Pavilion. He didn’t need to be a really high-level cultivator to be in a place of news selling either. People would just assume that he’s an ordinary employee and no one would go after him.

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