Chapter 344

The man in red smiled, raised his hand to gather the man in green and the one in yellow together and integrated them into his body.

He patted the strong man on the shoulder and said in a flattering way, “your descendants are here, can you save me some face?”

The strong man gave him a blank look, then turned to look at the door. When he saw Qiu Siyuan, he frowned slightly, but when he saw Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, his expression turned more serious.

“The two of you are not from the blood of my Qiu family, how could you enter here? Could it be that you coerced him to bring you here?” the strong man asked in a deep voice.

Xu Ziyan’s face darkened, as no one likes to be accused so casually.

“Ancestor Wucheng, it’s not the case. It’s me who brought senior Xu here.” Qiu Siyuan quickly explained. Although he didn’t know why the ancestor Wucheng, who was confirmed to be missing, appeared suddenly, he could feel that his unfathomable cultivation. And the monster with dragon horns next to him also looked very powerful, it would be bad if they ended up hurting senior Xu.

“And you!” Qiu Wucheng glared at Qiu Siyuan, “I remember that when I sealed this place, I left a message saying that you are not allowed to come here unless you have reached the level of nascent soul. You’re only a cultivator of building base, are you here to look for death?”

Qiu Siyuan choked suddenly. He lowered his head silently and said in a hoarse voice, “patriarch Wucheng, now…I am the only one left in the Qiu family. And the seal left by the patriarch will expire in three years. Well, does the ancestor think that with my talent, it is possible to become a nascent soul in three years? Back then, my ancestor said that if the treasure cannot be opened before the seal is broken, it would become useless. As a junior, I just don’t want to waste this opportunity. Only then did I reach an exchange agreement with senior Xu, I will offer the treasures of the Qiu family, and senior Xu will provide me with some pills and magic tools. As a junior, I find this a fair deal.”

After listening to Qiu Siyuan’s explanation, Qiu Wucheng was taken aback for a moment. He stared at Qiu Siyuan in a daze for a long while, then turned his head and looked at the man in red. He murmured, “has it been so long already? Has the Qiu family been…gone?”

The man in red came over, patted his back and comforted him silently.

Qiu Wucheng was also a successful cultivator. Although the news Qiu Siyuan brought him was too shocking, he recovered after a short while. He slapped the man in red’s hand away, walked in front of Qiu Siyuan, tapped his forehead with his fingertips, and he looked at Qiu Siyuan with a complicated look, “you’ve worked hard enough.”

Qiu Siyuan shook his head, “to cultivate is to act in the opposite direction of one’s fate. I’ve always treated my past experiences as trainings.”

Qiu Wucheng patted his shoulder with appreciation, then set his eyes on Xu Ziyan.

When the door opened, Xu Ziyan had already sensed that there were at least two nascent soul cultivators inside. Although he was a little surprised to find four, the man in red soon retreated the other two figures and proved that there were indeed only two.

The level of cultivation of these two people was comparable to that of Xu Ziyan, and Xu Ziyan was actually not afraid of anything, yet the dragon horn on the man in red was too much for him to ignore, while his breath of dragon was so strong that it almost had a drowning effect. If Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong hadn’t absorbed a large amount of dragon’s spiritual power, then their power might as well be suppressed by 70%.

“Your deal is fair.” Qiu Wucheng looked at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan nodded. He didn’t want to take Qiu Siyuan’s treasure for nothing.

“However…” Qiu Wucheng paused, showing a rare look of embarrassment. He looked back at the man in red who showed a gentle smile. He quickly turned his face away, his ears were slightly red, and he rubbed his hands in embarrassment, “the treasure that I promised you earlier…now I really cannot give it to you anymore.”

Xu Ziyan nodded knowingly. Although such a result was surprising, when he discovered that the ancestor of the Qiu family was hiding in the treasure room, he had already realized that there might be a change in this matter.

The result was very regrettable. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan didn’t know what was hidden under it, so he wasn’t too disappointed.

While Xu Ziyan didn’t care that this trip was in vain, the ancestor of the Qiu family on the opposite side looked very guilty.

He hesitated for a moment, “Xiao Xu…my level of cultivation is slightly higher than yours and I am a bit older than you too. I assume that you wouldn’t mind me calling you that?”

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched and he thought, “you’re calling me this already. Am I still gonna object or what?”

He squeezed out a smile, “I don’t mind. Senior, what can I help you with?”

Qiu Wucheng tried very hard to put on a ‘kind’ smile, but with his fierce appearance, this smile was so hideous no matter how one looked at it…

“Senior, just be blunt if you have something to say.” Xu Ziyan couldn’t bear to look straight at him and turned his face away.

“Haha, Xiao Xu is really a straightforward person, so I’ll just put it straight.” Qiu Wucheng laughed and stretched out his palm to slap Xu Ziyan on the back.

However, he was stopped by two hands at the same time before he stretched out his hand.

These two hands belonged to two completely different people, one was naturally Xu Zirong who was dissatisfied with the other party’s attempt to touch his brother, and the other was the man with the dragon horn standing behind him all the time.

“Senior…” Xu Zirong squeezed out these two words with a cold face, “please don’t touch the others so casually. Is my brother supposed to be touched by you all the time?”

Qiu Wucheng suddenly looked embarrassed, and the man in red behind him frowned when he heard so. Then, he smiled slightly, patted Qiu Wucheng’s arm lightly, and said with a smile, “Wucheng, don’t mess with dirty things so randomly.”

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold, and he glanced sharply at the man in red. The man in red looked at him without showing any weakness, and the eyes of the two collided in mid-air, and it was almost possible to see real sparks explode…

After hearing the term “dirty things”, Xu Ziyan and Qiu Wucheng got really speechless…

“Ahem…that…Patriarch Wucheng, I don’t want to disturb you, but…the time for this gate to open seems to be coming soon.” Qiu Siyuan looked like he was about to cry, and since the two nascent soul cultivators were fighting invisibly, this little building base cultivator couldn’t hold it any longer…

Qiu Wucheng came to his senses, and he elbowed the man in red under the ribs, “Okay, okay, why are you pissed off with a kid? Let’s get out. If we are still locked inside, then my only descendant would be trapped and there will never be a way out for us.”

Reluctantly, the man in red withdrew his gaze from confronting Xu Zirong, and Xu Ziyan also calmed his brother with clinginess disease promptly.

The group of five first left the secret room, then Qiu Wucheng removed the cat head on the gate.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him in confusion, Qiu Wucheng smiled in embarrassment, “Xiao Qiu was with me for many years and it even guarded the gate for me after death. I am going to send it to Heaven.”

Xu Ziyan looked at the burly man mentioning his beloved cat and his tone was extremely gentle, yet his look was extremely fierce. He really couldn’t look any further.

Well well, he admitted that judging by appearances was wrong! And this picture was so beautiful that he dared not look at it…

Several people quickly left the firewood room and returned to the hall of the Qiu manor. Qiu Wucheng looked at the hall with a look of nostalgia, and the man in red had been looking at Xu Ziyan with great interest since he left the secret room.

“Ahem, senior, may I ask why you keep looking at me?” Xu Ziyan was actually curious about the man with the dragon horn, but he was too embarrassed to ask so directly.

The man in red smiled kindly, “you have rich breath of dragon on your body, which really surprised me. Also, you didn’t snatch it, but it was a gift from another person. That’s why I’ve always been thinking who had been so generous to give you part of his soul.”

Xu Ziyan was startled when he so. Could it be that the man in red was also a split dragon’s soul?

He still remembered uncle dragon soul saying that there was only one real dragon, which was found in a mysterious place, and those so-called dragon clans were actually souls of this real dragon.

It’s just that this soul had been split, and except for the real dragon itself, there was no way for other split souls to share information, so most of these dragon souls traveled independently and had no contact with each other usually.

Xu Ziyan found it surprising that he had the chance to meet a dragon soul. After all, there aren’t many of them, and he didn’t expect to see a second one usually.

“Is senior also a dragon soul?” Xu Ziyan asked in a low voice.

The man in red smiled and said nothing, but judging from his expression, he obviously admitted it.

Xu Ziyan was immediately overjoyed, “senior, please teach me how to get rid of this dragon horn.”

“Brother…why do you want to remove this dragon horn?” Xu Zirong asked unhappily. For him, this dragon horn may have some indescribable effect, if it’s gone, then his benefits would be affected.

Before Xu Ziyan answered, there was another voice.

“Why do you want to remove the dragon’s horn?” The man in red also asked with a puzzled look, as if he really didn’t get why Xu Ziyan would want to do that.

Xu Ziyan was also confused, he asked suspiciously, “I am a human being, why do I need a pair of dragon horns?”

Just as Xu Zirong was about to say that it was a benefit for him, Xu Ziyan stared at him fiercely, forcing him to swallow those words back.

But the man in red looked at him with strong dissatisfaction, “the dragon horn of our clan is a symbol of strength, and don’t you think this dragon horn is mighty, majestic and gorgeous?! As a human being, it’s extremely lucky to have obtained a pair of dragon’s horns. And now you’re saying that you don’t want to keep them?”

Xu Ziyan looked at the man in red with embarrassment and thought that the horns were simply a great tool to attract the opposite sex…

“Ahem…speaking of which, since your dragon horns are so beautiful, wouldn’t you be able to attract many beautiful female cultivators?” Qiu Wucheng asked coldly after having stopped his nostalgic thoughts.


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