Chapter 347

“Understood, brother, don’t worry. I will obey your instructions.” Xu Zirong replied with a slight smile.

Xu Ziyan nodded, glanced back unconsciously and unexpectedly saw a familiar figure. He suddenly asked in surprise, “isn’t that Zuo Shen? What is he doing there?”

Xu Zirong glanced over there and replied calmly, “what else can he do? He’s gonna join the battle.”

“Ah…yes…this time, Zuo Shen will also come with us…” Xu Ziyan felt a little guilty, as he’d forgotten about Zuo Shen previously because of his low sense of existence.

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, Zuo Shen is now the captain of the fifth team. I think he gets along well with those cultivators, so I let him stay there.” Xu Zirong said with a smile.

Xu Ziyan took another look at Zuo Shen, and found that he seemed to be getting along well with those people, so he acquiesced to Xu Zirong’s words and did not call him over.

(Xu Zirong: →. → Finally, I got rid of that annoying light bulb!)

(Zuo Shen: tat, now that my master finally remembered me but it’s instantly disturbed by his wife…)

After flying for about two hours, there were some corpses of demon race on the ground, and perhaps they couldn’t even be called corpses, as they looked more like minced meat…

Out of the thirst for materials, the first and the second team of demon slayers were now dealing with the demon race. They would never let go of any useful parts!

In turn, none of the demon individuals who fought against the demon slayers could end up with a whole corpse, and it would already be eye-opening to have scraps of flesh left. Otherwise, they would have become the delicious meals of the low-level monsters.

Ever since there were teams of demon race, the monsters living around the mine of spirit transforming had been fortunate. Those powerful cultivators no longer paid attention to them. Instead, they were even given more yummy food…

Although the food was so hard and sour, it’s still better than nothing, right? (╯▽╰)

Xu Ziyan already knew the habits of his squad, and he only pouted after seeing those minced flesh. However, the new cultivators behind him were completely shocked by what’s happening underneath…

Although they had known for a long time that they could use the demon race’s bodies to refine weapons, they still felt incredibly jealous after seeing those individuals turning to scattered flesh…

Damn, those are all spiritual stones! Why did we come so late, can there still be demons coming to attack here? We also need to dig materials to earn spiritual stones! o(≧≦)o! !

Xu Ziyan didn’t know that these cultivators were jealous of the large group that arrived first, he thought that these cultivators were simply frightened and he was almost ready to teach them a lesson. However, before he even said a word, he noticed how energetic they all looked and they were all paying attention to the mine in front of them. He could very well expect that they would go kill anyone stopping them from marching towards the mine…

Xu Ziyan was silent for a while. He thought that it’s a good to see the cultivators being enthusiastic. And he really wished that they could keep this momentum in the real battle.

When this group of cultivators arrived at the entrance of the mine, another group just finished cleaning the mess.

Xu Ziyan became worried when he saw how distressed those people looked, and he beckoned for one of the cultivators to go to him.

The cultivator looked around and realized that Xu Ziyan was indeed signaling to him. He was immediately overjoyed and rushed over.

“Senior Xu, how can I help you?”

“Why are there so many people missing?” Xu Ziyan asked in a serious manner.

The cultivator quickly replied, “senior Xu, we just finished a battle. The commander said that everyone should rest and recover as soon as possible. We are responsible for cleaning the battlefield and guarding it.”

Only then did Xu Ziyan breathe a sigh of relief, as he almost thought that he only had those people left.

“Are you resting in the mine?” Xu Ziyan glanced at the mine behind them.

“Yes.” The cultivator replied, “the commander sealed off the entrances of some other mines, leaving only this one. If the demon race wanted to find out more about this mine, then they can only go from here.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows when he heard so, “that’s not bad.”

The cultivator instantly stood up straight and looked very proud.

Xu Ziyan smiled. This sense of collective honour was also an effective way to enhance combat power. As long as these cultivators regarded their companions as real comrades, they could definitely gain the upper hand in the battle against the demon race.

It’s true that the demon race was very powerful, yet they were only powerful in terms of their individual strength. Like what Big Foot Luo had said, it’s not that the demon race had never learned about humans’ battles, but the majority of their clans couldn’t use coordinated arrays.

The demon race emphasized the strength of an individual, but if an individual is that powerful, how can he still cooperate well with the others?

Xu Ziyan sent the cultivator away before calling the commander of the first team.

She looked like a weak female cultivator, but she’d definitely make him pay the price if anyone dared to look down on her.

A long time ago, there was once a male cultivator pursuing her. After failing his quest, he insulted her openly and ended up having his Dantian stabbed through and becoming crippled.

Since then, no one dared to underestimate this seemingly shy and weak woman…

“Senior Xu.” When the female cultivator saw Xu Ziyan, her dark eyes became much brighter.

——That’s right, she’s also one of the brainless fans of Xu Ziyan!

Xu Zirong “casually” took two steps forward, just in front of Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan: …

The female cultivator silently raised her forehead. Although she really admired senior Xu, it’s really annoying when there’s always this younger brother standing in front of Xu Ziyan.

It’s an incredibly heartbreaking feeling to not be able to touch your idol when he’s so close…

The female cultivator took a step back obediently. After Xu Zirong’s intensive training last time, everyone had a deeper understanding towards his extent of hostility.

It’s okay to worship Xu Ziyan, yet it’s never okay to get close to him, or Xu Zirong’s heavy blow would surround them in all perspectives!

It’s not good being stared by a nascent soul cultivator, even though it’s not life-threatening. These cultivators would start shivering once they thought of the illusionary, brutal realms that Xu Zirong had set previously.

Obviously, it’s better to simply worship your idol than approaching him. Senior Xu, it’s really hard for you to have such a controlling younger brother…(candlelight)

Xu Ziyan was already used to Xu Zirong’s behavior and he’d rather not spend another minute convincing him.

Away from Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan told the female cultivator about the situation in the past few days. After learning that the three demon squads had appeared that day, he realized that the demon race’s tentative attack team might arrive soon.

“Everyone! I will give you half an hour to familiarize yourselves with the surrounding environment. Every two teams should cooperate with each other and set up various traps on the surrounding cliffs. As long as you can think of anything that can cause damage to the demon race, use them all!” Xu Ziyan yelled towards the cultivators behind him.

Hundreds of cultivators immediately moved upon hearing the news. Several commanders discussed with each other, and soon divided up different areas and sent them out.

During this month, Xu Ziyan almost seized all the opportunities to train these cultivators. He taught them all the methods that he could think of, and this trap was one of the most significant ones.

It was actually an unintentional move for Xu Ziyan to learn the function of the trap. He once gathered all the cultivators together and asked them to speak up and put forward some good suggestions.

And at that gathering, a cultivator who specialized in traps showed up. He looked very thin and his level cultivation was not that high, but none of the cultivators who knew him dared to look down on him, all because his way of using traps was simply superb. Not only could he besiege and kill monsters, but he even succeeded in killing many cultivators with higher level of cultivation.

Xu Ziyan inquired a bit, and after confirming that this person was indeed capable, he immediately held a special class for this thin cultivator to teach the others how to place traps. For this reason, Xu Ziyan also specially took out a five-element spiritual fruit from Mr. Little Square as a reward, which not only made him teach more attentively, but also attracted many, who also had some unique skills, to undertake the obligation to teach.

Such surprises were naturally welcomed. Therefore, Xu Ziyan’s army of demon slayers was definitely the leading one in the Xuan Yu realm in terms of its varied tactics!

These cultivators had excellent cooperation among each other. They had the necessary supply of the three major families and a lot of tools for setting traps.

Countless uncomplicated but insidious traps were placed on the cliffs on both sides of the entrance. One also had to notice the big group of female cultivators.

The cave that he chose was really suitable for combat. In front of the cave, there was a relatively narrow path which could only accommodate a dozen people at most. It could effectively reduce the demon race’s advantage in numbers. There were high cliffs on both sides and they were as smooth as a mirror. The female cultivator specially ordered a few earth-type cultivators to continuously strengthen the rock walls and make it more slippery, making it impossible to crawl.

If someone wanted to break through from above, he would only fall as there was not enough support. At such a height, a demon individual would turn crippled even if he survived.

In the previous three days of fighting, the demon race already noticed this cliff. Unfortunately, those who fell all died and those who survived were finished off by other cultivators.

Xu Ziyan was particularly vigilant as they might encounter the biggest army of demon race soon.

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