Chapter 348

Although the rock walls on both sides were deceiving enough, they could still develop the top of the rock walls a bit…

Also, not all individuals of demon race were idiots. They might not jump down so easily after seeing how smooth the rock walls were. In turn, they might waste such a good terrain.

Relying on this idea, Xu Ziyan specially placed a large number of traps on the top of the rock walls on both sides. As long as the demon race touched the top of the mountain, it would be up to them whether they want to jump next. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

This group of cultivators worked very efficiently. After using some semi-finished traps, it took them less than half an hour to place all the traps.

The female cultivator looked at the densely packed but inactivated traps on the top of the mountain, and silently lit a candle for the coming individuals of demon race. She’s really impressed by this sinister plan of senior Xu! And it turned out that she admired him even more!

Not long after Xu Ziyan repaired the trap, the spies who stayed outside came to report back. There was a small group of demon race lurking nearby, and they didn’t seem to want to attack.

Xu Ziyan’s heart shuddered and he thought, “here we come!” This team must be guiding the direction of the army. Although he didn’t know how many demon troops would come, he could at least be sure that there wouldn’t be too few of them.

He glanced back at the cultivators who were fighting in high spirit and took a deep breath.

He thought, “come on, let me see if the demon-slaying army is really effective after I trained them!”

After sending people to expand the scope of the spies’ exploration, Xu Ziyan also specifically asked someone to keep a close eye on the demon squad.

The spies outside missed the location of the major army of the demon race. As a result, tracking this squad would be the best way to find its position.

Xu Ziyan put everyone on alert mode and sat cross-legged at the entrance of the mine. He looked into the distance with deep eyes and murmured, “I never like to kill people! But the demon race must die so that I can protect my homeland and family!”

The entrance of the entire vein fell into a strange atmosphere of silence, and everyone looked nervously at the entrance outside the canyon.

From time to time, there would be news of the army of demon race coming from the outside. Perhaps the other party was too confident in their strength, as they didn’t even cover up along the way. They were just walking through the area of ​​Xuan Yu realm openly.

Those spies were very skilled. Not only did they see clearly the structure of the teams of demon race, but there was even a cultivator risking his life to find out that there were three nascent soul cultivators in the demon race’s team at a very close distance.

The cultivator in charge of the investigation was a little puzzled, since among the three people that he detected, two of them belonged to the demon race, but the other one was clearly a human cultivator wearing a black robe. That cultivator didn’t communicate with the other two of the demon race. However, the low-level demon race seemed to be a bit more respectful towards the human cultivator than usual.

“I didn’t expect…that I’m going to fight the demon race in my first battle.” Xu Ziyan laughed at himself. The cultivator in charge of investigation didn’t know the identity of that human cultivator, but he knew that it must be someone who once turned to the demon race and who was transformed.

With the large-scale attack of the demon race in the Xuan Yu realm, it was also necessary to bring two individuals of demon race to learn the environment. Also, some cultivators who depended on luck might end up joining the force of the demon race.

“Don’t worry about them, let those people come back. They have walked this way without any cover, obviously they have determined that the Yun Xiao city is not inferior to them at all.” Xu Ziyan said softly to the spy.

The spy nodded, turned around and went to inform the others. It’s a huge risk job to be a spy. Now that Xu Ziyan had already given his orders, they naturally no longer had to take risks.

“Zirong, get ready. We will have three nascent soul demon cultivators plus 3000 low-level demon individuals. It seems that the commander wants to use high-end combat power to solve the problem here. As for the three thousand demons, I guess they will be used as coolies.” Xu Ziyan jokingly said.

Xu Zirong gently squeezed his brother’s fingers, “so what if there are three nascent soul cultivators? If my brother wants it, I can kill them all alone.”

Xu Zirong wasn’t really exaggerating. All in all, the Blood Sea Heart Sutra that he cultivated was an extremely weird one. Once he turned into blood sea, it’d be extremely difficult to win over him. If that happened, someone had to know the location of his blood core or form a series of arrays just like what Bai Hua had previously done.

“No need.” Xu Ziyan smiled proudly, “your brother is a nascent soul, so don’t underestimate me!” As soon as he said so, he stood up, jumped up and stepped on Aurora high above the canyon.

He was surrounded by thunder and lightning (the poor little Greenie had to bring with him a bunch of younger brothers…), holding a longbow. On the longbow, there was a faint silhouette of a weapon spirit (the fat octopus looked too ugly and Xu Ziyan did not dare to fully reveal it). On both sides, there were phantoms of two ferocious monsters looking around proudly (he turned Snowball and Pink Hair into their prototypes). Also, there was also a huge phantom of an ancient tree exuding an extremely amazing momentum behind Xu Ziyan! (The little divine tree borrowed the shape of the old one.)

At this moment, Xu Ziyan seemed to be the god of war, and all the cultivators were stunned by such an astonishing vision!

Although they had long known how extraordinary nascent soul cultivators were, they had never encountered someone like Xu Ziyan who possessed so many rare and precious items.

His Purple Night Divine Thunder and dragon sons were already incredible achievements. It’s absolutely beyond their belief that senior Xu got so many of them.

With so much assistance, senior Xu might as well kill more than 3 nascent soul demon cultivators!

The cultivators hidden in the canyon became extremely fanatical. Out of thirst for strength and after seeing Xu Ziyan’s powerful backup, they worshiped Xu Ziyan even more deeply!

They believed that as long as they were led by Xu Ziyan, they would definitely be able to wipe out all the demons!

“Slaughter the demons! Slaughter the demons!” The cultivators below spontaneously shouted extremely fanatically.

Xu Ziyan waved his hands, and they all fell silent instantly.

Xu Ziyan looked into the distance with a stern expression, then slowly looked around, and said loudly, “the demons are tyrannical! They invaded my Xuan Yu realm and massacred my fellow human friends. As cultivators in this realm, we have the responsibility to protect the land for the people! Today, the army of demon slayers will have their first battle! And to kill is my only order! We don’t need hostages when it comes to the demon race!”

As soon as he said so, the cultivators instantly started roaring crazily.

“Kill all the demons!”

“Kill those scum!”

“No hostages!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Countless people thought of their companions and seniors who died at the hands of the demon race. Some of them sacrificed in the battle with blood-sucking insects, whilst some died at the hands of demon warriors. Many of them even lost their masters. They would firmly remember all these grievances and Xu Ziyan was the one triggering these painful memories.

This kind of deep-seated hatred inspired the killing intention to kill among them. Everyone was affected by this intent and their eyes turned red. They’d rather kill all the approaching demons!

Xu Ziyan’s pre-battle mobilization inspired their deep-rooted hatred. Inspired by this hatred, their combat power increased significantly. Even the trace of timidity hidden deep in his heart was washed away.

The current army of demon slayers was just like a sharp blade about to see blood. They were high-spirited and fearless, and they were looking forward to the battle with the demon race. They were enthusiastic about using the blood of the demon race to brighten the reputation of the army.

Xu Ziyan nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand, “everyone, follow me and we’ll meet the enemy!”

“Come on!” The cultivators followed Xu Ziyan and rushed out of the canyon one by one.

They formed a battle formation in groups spontaneously. Although they were all ready to kill, they hadn’t lost their cool as soldiers.

Xu Ziyan was very satisfied with these cultivators. It proved that his hard work of the last month didn’t go in vain. It’s much more possible for a calm cultivator to survive than one in panic!

Xu Ziyan abandoned the original plan to ambush the opponent in the canyon after he learned that the opponent only brought three thousand mantis demons.

The route of this canyon was extremely narrow, and it was naturally suitable to be used to defend against a large number of enemies. However, for high-ranking cultivators, not only did such terrain pose no hindrance, but it would also cause great damages to the army of demon slayers.

The range of damage caused by nascent soul cultivators was extremely large. If Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong and the three nascent soul cultivators fought among themselves, then the entire canyon would become their battlefield.

The three nascent soul demon cultivators wouldn’t get sad after the low-level mantis died, but Xu Ziyan would be devastated if one of the demon slayers died at their hands.

It was obviously better to step out from the narrow terrain, and that’s why Xu Ziyan gave that speech.

He used words to arouse the hatred among his cultivators. He then wanted to integrate them with Xu Zirong’s secret means to transform their hatred into a strong killing intent, then use this intent to restrain their feelings of anxiety in the first battle.

The Xu brothers discussed this interlocking plan early in the morning. With a group of low-level cultivators, they had to make more preparations in advance…

They were going to face the demon race in a mighty manner, and before flying far, they saw an even bigger team of demon race.

When the two individuals of demon race saw Xu Ziyan leading a group of cultivators to take the initiative to fight, they showed a hint of surprise.

They all knew that the Xuan Yu realm had been closed for several thousands of years, and the cultivators had no idea how to fight a demon.

In the past few months, most of the confrontations between the two sides ended in the victory of the demon race. The human race had almost fallen into a full-scale defense, and they could only rely on the terrain and the giant protective shield of the city to resist the demon race.


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