Chapter 350

Xu Ziyan came with his sword, and he did not participate in Xu Zirong’s battle, but just watched the battlefield below coldly.

Seeing their master killing a demon cultivator without any injuries, the cultivators cheered up and rushed towards the mantis demons who had no fighting intentions.

These cultivators had only one thought in their minds – grab the materials! So many materials! They could exchange them with a lot of spiritual stones!!!

If Xu Ziyan could hear the thoughts of these cultivators, he would definitely be dumbfounded. He would also wonder if his education had been too successful. These people all cared about spiritual stones only instead of enemies. _(:3」∠)_

Well, this can be regarded as a way to relieve some inner pressure…

Xu Ziyan watched the massacre of the cultivators below while paying attention to the battle of Xu Zirong.

He saw that the bull demon was wrapped in the bloody curtain, and its huge body began to shrink bit by bit. In the end, it shrank into a ball the size of a calf and fell to the ground with a loud bang.

Xu Zirong turned himself back into a human being and looked coldly at the mass of mummified corpses on the ground. A bloody luster faintly flashed in his eyes. Then, he looked around for the remaining demon, but he never turned to look at Xu Ziyan, who was so close to him at the time.

“Don’t look anymore. He already ran away when I used the Thunderfall. He was pretty determined and didn’t seem to care about the life and death of these two people.” Xu Ziyan replied in a deep voice.

“Oh, that’s good.” Xu Zirong sounded a little hoarse and he said so while his back was facing Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan frowned slightly. It was the first time Xu Zirong refused to speak to him, so he was naturally aware of the abnormality.

He turned suddenly and stood in front of Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong was caught off guard by his brother and turned his face away immediately.

Xu Ziyan turned cold, “what are you hiding?!” He took Xu Zirong’s chin and turned his face around.

It was still the same gorgeous face. Although he was wearing a mask to hide the dragon pattern, it did not affect his beauty at all. On the contrary, the mask even brought him a sense of mysteriousness.

Xu Zirong looked a little flustered, as if he didn’t want Xu Ziyan to see his face.

Xu Ziyan felt puzzled, but he was too pissed off by Xu Zirong’s refusal to cooperate. He simply removed Xu Zirong’s mask.

The same exquisite appearance, exotic dragon pattern, and a pair of unforgettable blood-colored eyes——wait, blood-colored eyes?

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows. It seemed like he hadn’t seen Zirong’s eyes turn red for a long time, and it was still such a charming kind of red.

Whenever Xu Zirong had a backlash before, his pupils always stayed back after his eyeballs turned red. However, even his pupils had become red now, and Xu Ziyan didn’t find them scary at all. On the contrary, there was even a weird kind of beauty in it.

“Aren’t you afraid, brother?” Xu Zirong asked in depression. When he was called a blood demon in his previous life, those red pupils were extremely dreadful. Every time he used the Blood Sea Heart Sutra to suck his opponent’s blood, his eyes would become like this.

Although he didn’t think there was anything unusual about having a pair of red pupils, he learned from his subordinates that they seemed to have a strange power, which could be daunting. People with a slightly lower level of cultivation would feel like having fallen into a sea of corpses and blood, and their sea of consciousness might even collapse.

When he was still a blood demon, he could use these red pupils to intimidate the enemy and his subordinates, but never would he want to scare away his brother.

However, he hadn’t expected that—

“Afraid? Why should I be afraid?” Xu Ziyan was confused. He looked at the dry corpse on the ground, then at Xu Zirong’s beautiful red eyes, feeling completely puzzled. Was Zirong worried that he might not accept this unique way of killing people?

“Brother, aren’t you afraid of my eyes?” Xu Zirong asked in surprise.

Xu Ziyan looked again, his blood-red eyes were as bright as ruby. Xu Ziyan felt as if he’d fallen into a swirl pool after taking just one look.

Apparently, it’s not a scary feeling. He just felt like kissing Xu Zirong after looking at his eyes. He seemed to have felt the strong passion and affection in Xu Zirong and he was aroused by it. He wanted to do something to show his love to Xu Zirong.

Fortunately, it’s not an overwhelming feeling. Xu Ziyan just had to concentrate to get rid of that feeling. They were on a battlefield and they couldn’t do any inappropriate things when everyone else was risking his life to fight.

“What’s so scary about them? They look beautiful, and my Zirong is the most gorgeous one.” Xu Ziyan comforted him in a low voice.

Although Xu Zirong felt puzzled, there wasn’t a single trace of disgust in his brother’s eyes. He even felt a bit surprised that Xu Ziyan actually showed a hint of lust.

Could his Blood Sea Heart Sutra create some unknown changes after the rebirth? Otherwise, why was his brother feeling no fear?

He lowered his head slowly, staring at a mantis demon.

The mantis demon had its legs cut off by several cultivators, and was lying on the ground, waiting to die.

He raised his head inadvertently and met Xu Ziyan’s eyes in mid-air. With a bang, the mantis demon’s head exploded, and all was over…

Xu Zirong: …

He turned his head and looked at his brother again. Xu Ziyan was still smiling at this point without any reluctance. He obviously really found Xu Zirong’s eyes attractive.



Xu Zirong was silent for a while and decided that he’d just got one of the benefits from the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. And since his brother loved them, he wouldn’t care what others might think.

Also, by looking at the undetectable eyes of his brother, Xu Zirong felt a bit aroused as well. He started thinking that he’d show these pupils whenever they were intimate, and it might create some special effect…

Xu Ziyan didn’t know what Xu Zirong was thinking. After confirming Xu Zirong’s safety, his attention had already turned to the battlefield below.

The fall of the two nascent soul demons was no longer a shock but a despair to those mantis demons. Under the attack of the cultivators, these mantis demons, who had lost their fighting spirit, did not even explode themselves. They were simply killed one by one under the sword.

After all the mantis demons were slaughtered, the cultivators spontaneously looked at the sky.

Xu Ziyan hung high in the air, his handsome face looked really stern.

He looked at the cultivators in a manner of approval, “clean the battlefield. Hurry up, the demon cultivator has escaped just now; perhaps the demon army will come again. Everyone hurry up and rest, if anyone needs any magic weapon, you can send the materials that you have collected to the craftsman, and they will help you craft as quickly as possible.”

He used his sharp gaze to sweep across the battlefield, “let me remind you that it’s only the beginning of this battle. Never be proud of this small victory. The mantis demons are simply demons with the lowest level of strength among them. You can just treat it as an exercise. Once you encounter the true elites of the demon race, you may as well expect to die! In any battle between the human and demon race, we can only keep upgrading ourselves. We might have won this battle easily, but things may be different in the next one. You have to be vigilant at all times and never let your guards down. Once you do so, death will be waiting for you. Do you understand?!”

“Understood!” All the cultivators shouted in unison.

Xu Ziyan nodded in satisfaction, “Keep this spirit, keep this attitude, then the human race will surely win! My demon-slaying army will definitely slaughter all the demons!”

“The human race will win!”

“The demon slayers will surely win!”

“Slaughter all the demons!!”

The cultivators yelled frantically. After this battle, their worship of Xu Ziyan reached its peak.

Until this moment, Xu Ziyan had completely controlled the demon-slaying army, and all members became his passionate fans. After the battle, they were deeply impressed with his mighty strength. Since he managed to kill a nascent soul demon, they were sure that this would be a formidable result anywhere.

“Okay!” Xu Ziyan waved his hand and said with a slight smile, “now go and collect your trophies! Although the mantis are only low-level demons, the two knives in their hands are excellent materials for refining magic weapons. Those refiners in the city are still researching the use of demon materials. I believe that you can exchange anything in your hand for something you need.”

Then, he said coldly again, “you all should remember the rules of demon slayers. If anyone breaks the rules, I’m sure Zirong would be happy to discuss with you how serious I am about them.”

As soon as he said so, all the cultivators below shivered.

Everyone involuntarily looked at the group of dry corpses on the ground. There was only a little bit of the huge bull demon left. Everyone shivered again after thinking of the cold smile of the other senior Xu.

For the army of demon slayers, military discipline was absolutely inviolable. No matter how courageous a cultivator was, none of them could challenge the rules as long as Xu Zirong was the one in control.

Xu Ziyan was usually very kind to them and easy-going, yet Xu Zirong never relaxed himself in front of them.

It’s not that Xu Zirong treated them harshly on purpose, but aside from some questions related to arrays, Xu Zirong never talked to them. There was only Xu Ziyan in his eyes and he’s just like a shadow, following Xu Ziyan all day long. He also had no problems using his sharp gaze and his coldness to frighten people away from Xu Ziyan…


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