Chapter 361

It’s obvious that the monster cultivator wanted to find justice for this ‘woman’, who unexpectedly explained for ‘her husband’ gently and weakly. ‘She’ said that ‘her husband’ was just having a bad day and he wasn’t bullying ‘her’.

The monster cultivator looked at Fang Tianrui, then at the stiff ‘woman who could control the situation well’. She couldn’t help but snorted and told Jiang Ying as if she wanted him to be tougher, “he’s bullying you since you’re so weak! Let me tell you, even as a woman you have to protect your self-esteem. Look at me, it’s all about power. If any man dares to yell at me, then I’ll let him see what I’ve got!”

Jiang Ying & Fang Tianrui: …

Xu Ziyan: Hehe…what a real woman. We should light a candle for her future husband.

Xu Zirong was secretly feeling happy. He thought, “my brother will surely not like such a brutal woman! No more danger!”

Snowball: What?

Since the beginning, no one had ever paid attention to this little sheep which was following everyone behind obediently. It felt like it was becoming more and more like Zuo Shen…

(Zuo Shen: Hehe, welcome to join the Little Invisible family!)

The group of four and one sheep didn’t really take this encounter to heart, but Jiang Ying was much more reserved after this incident, and he even changed back to a man’s outfit in a corner.

Unfortunately, Fang Tianrui was really pissed off this time. That’s why Jiang Ying had to think of ways to comfort him and ask to be forgiven…

Xu Ziyan watched coldly aside and had a feeling that these people really loved troubles. He started doubting whether it’s a right decision to bring these two out.

Initially, it was enough for him and Xu Zirong to make a move for this trip, but Xu Ziyan considered that among the treasures, many could only be effective on cultivators below the level of nascent soul. Many were the kind of spiritual herbs that had to be taken immediately after being picked off. If only the two of them went there, wouldn’t it be a waste of such treasures?

So Xu Ziyan immediately thought of Zirong’s former younger brother. When he was in True Dragon City last time, Fang Tianrui was injured because of Xu Ziyan. Although Xu Ziyan could not be blamed for this, he felt somewhat guilty.



This time, the treasures contained a lot of things suitable for cultivators of Qi condensation. Besides, when he got the map, these two people were also beside him. Xu Ziyan surely had to take care of his people first.

Zuo Shen was initially also in his plan, but he just broke through a few days ago and he’s in the stage of consolidating his level. However, Zuo Shen didn’t feel sorry about it. As a qualified disciple, he knew the character of his master very well. If there was anything suitable for him, Xu Ziyan would never overlook it.

When passing through Liu Guang sect, Xu Ziyan once hesitated about bringing Wei Qing and Le Hu. After all, this treasure was hidden in an open maze, and since the stele was exposed, then people would understand the message on it very soon.

Anyway, he couldn’t prevent other people from entering the maze, so he might as well let his friends share some benefits!

He had a complete map, and there were various steps marked in it. As long as he moved quickly, he could take away the most valuable things. He wouldn’t care if the others returned empty-handed. (_)

It’s a pity that Wei Qing and Le Hu were not in the sect at that time. Something happened in the Wei family and Wei Qing had to deal with it. As the lover of Wei Qing, Le Hu apparently had to help…well, it’s also another way to meet his parents, but such a ‘daughter-in-law’ might scare Wei Qing’s mother…

Aside from Wei Qing and Le Hu, Xu Ziyan also wanted to invite Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen, but one of them couldn’t leave because his lover was performing the ritual of reversing the demon, and the other was bothered by another flirtatious demon…

In turn, the Xu brothers, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui were the only members of the team this time, and it was impossible to ask others to participate.

The area of the seabed was large enough and the streets of this underwater city were also extremely wide, the shops on both sides of the street were very distinctive. In addition to the small wooden buildings of the human race, the buildings of the monster race were also very attractive. Xu Ziyan couldn’t help looking around and checked every interesting thing.

“If brother likes it here, we can stay here for some time.” Xu Zirong smiled.

Xu Ziyan shook his head, “forget it. We have no idea when the demon race will act. We just have to take what we’re supposed to.”

Xu Zirong nodded silently. Currently, the human race and the demon race were just in a stalemate. Once one side obtained any assistance, a big war would break out immediately.

The two seized this opportunity to dig some treasures in the eastern sea. Otherwise, they might not be able to catch up even with a map.

Of course, Xu Ziyan would not let others see him leaving his post without permission. He also had another task for this trip, which was to send the first batch of eastern sea resources back to Liu Guang sect.

Since Liu Guang sect reached an agreement with the monster clan of the eastern sea, many resources and minerals hidden in the seabed had been unearthed. The human race provided technology, and the monster race provided manpower. The two sides cooperated to earn great profits.

However, these resources had to be transported back to the Liu Guang sect to be turned into combat power, so Xu Ziyan specifically asked his master for this task before getting to the eastern sea to dig treasures.

After walking for a while, they fully understood what it meant by “harmony between humans and monsters”.

The street looked extremely lively with people coming and going, and the shops on both sides were even more crowded as people were constantly walking in and out.

Xu Ziyan glanced at it casually and he was really surprised by the prosperity of the city. The items sold in the shops were not only of excellent quality, but also in large quantities. He saw a cultivator wearing cassock buying hundreds of Yunyan sand bamboo in one go. This thing was extremely rare on land, but it was not a rare item on the bottom of the sea.

The development of the eastern sea had completely revitalized the business of Tengyun city, and the Jiaolong clan also reaped the benefits of this cooperative development. Not only have the reserves of various resource increased tremendously, but they have also gained a lot of resources that were difficult to obtain in the past, especially the high-level magic weapons!

People never got enough of magic weapons. Unfortunately, in the past, people who came to the eastern sea either couldn’t get along in the Central Plains and ended up doing some trades to make a living, or they were powerful enough to protect themselves in this dangerous place, hunting sea monsters.

For the former case, they rarely got good stuff in return since they didn’t have good stuff to sell either.

As for the latter…there were already not many people possessing magic weapons. If they were lucky enough to meet one, it would also be impossible to rob them because of their power.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult to obtain a good high-level magic weapon in the eastern sea, but the Jiaolong clan managed to obtain three high-level magic weapons in one go just by cooperating with the Liu Guang sect. The mermaid and the Naga clan were extremely envious.

Xu Ziyan and the others casually strolled around the street. In the Tengyun city, apart from the bustling shops, the Jiaolong clan that was patrolling on the streets were the most conspicuous.

These guards of the Jiaolong clan were all big and round, wearing a thick layer of battle armor, and the halberds in their hands were extremely sharp. If anyone made troubles there, they wouldn’t even give a verbal warning first. Instead, they’d just kill the person directly.

Originally, Tengyun city was not managed so strictly before, but since the increase of human cultivators, contradictions increased as well.

Many human cultivators and monster cultivators fought in the city, causing a lot of losses, and some civilians were even injured.

Most of those who could live in Tengyun city were subordinate races of the Jiaolong clan. Even if the rest were not subordinate races, they were all businessmen. For the Jiaolong clan, it meant lots of spiritual stones.

No one would say no to increasing wealth, so after a large-scale fight, the city lord of the Jiaolong clan showed his power and immediately executed all those who participated in the fight, no matter what happened.

Such a bloody incident made all Tengyun cultivators more obedient. No matter what sect or race they were in, they dared not make troubles in Tengyun city, and they all obeyed to the rules.

Just as Xu Ziyan was about to enter a shell-shaped shop, a team of Jiaolong guards happened to pass by. There wasn’t supposed to be any intersection between the two sides, but there was always unexpected development.


Right in front of Xu Ziyan’s eyes, the door of the shell-shaped building was shattered with a bang. Countless pieces of shells, accompanied by a thrown black shadow, rammed towards Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan raised his hand instinctively and his fingertips flashed with lightning. Unexpectedly, before he could make a move, Xu Zirong had already hit the man with a blood vine.

He’s pretty unlucky as he was beaten by Xu Zirong even after being thrown out of the shop. It’s obvious that he’s not strong enough, as he was thrown to the middle side of the road, where the Jiaolong guard happened to be…


The tall guard slapped the black shadow to the ground, then looked in Xu Zirong’s direction with cold eyes.

Xu Ziyan was embarrassed – did he misunderstand that they were going to sneak attack a Jiaolong guard?

He was planning to step forward to explain, but the tall man just gave Xu Zirong a cold look, then he turned to look at the lightning between Xu Ziyan’s fingertips.

Xu Ziyan: …==Why does he keep staring at my hand? What’s so attractive about a guy’s hand?

Xu Zirong frowned slightly, took a step forward and blocked his brother behind him.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead helplessly. Although he had no idea why this guard kept staring at him, it was still Xu Zirong’s mistake just now and he’d better say something about it.


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