Chapter 360

The Eastern Sea was a rather magical place. It was said that long time ago, the Eastern Sea didn’t exist in the Xuan Yu realm, but a vast sea just appeared somehow.

So far, no one had been able to cross the entire sea area. Apart from the vast size of the sea and the many monsters under it, there was also somehow a kind of power with it. Once someone crossed a certain limit of the eastern sea, he’d lose his direction and somehow return to the seaside.

It was said that a certain deity cultivator also lost his way in the eastern sea, and he’d never thought about crossing it since then.

The eastern sea was huge and there were limitless islands on it. From time to time, people would find some treasures of the Heaven and the Earth on these islands and get rich overnight.

Therefore, before the invasion of the demon race, the eastern sea was the favorite hunting place of cultivators.

Although there were rich resources, it’s also a dangerous place. There were many cultivators killed by the sea monsters, and some even got murdered by the greedy cultivators.

With such a vast sea, cultivators rarely had any chance to meet, but once they did, most of them were on guard against each other. On the island, there were often brutal cultivators hiding and whose purpose was to kill those hunting cultivators.

There were many dangers in the eastern sea, even Xu Ziyan had to be extra careful so as not to have the boat turned over.

“Phew…it really is the seaside, the fishy smell is really strong. But there should be some seafood.” Xu Ziyan stood on a rock, looking at the sea level in the distance and said happily.

In modern times, he could surely afford seafood with his wealth, but it wasn’t as fresh as that in the Xuan Yu realm.

One lively big snapper was jumping around and it was as long as a person. Its tail was flapping on the ground. Although Snowball was so tiny, it managed to pick it up from the sea…

That’s right. Snowball ended up jumping out of Mr. Little Square. That’s all because it couldn’t wait jumping into the sea after hearing that Xu Ziyan wanted to eat seafood.

Xu Ziyan twitched his cheeks when he saw the snapper, how could he eat such a big one… Well, with Snowball around, he assumed that there’d be no problem.

He silently took out a sharp kitchen knife from Mr. Little Square, twisted his wrist slightly and removed the skin and bones of the snapper…

The thin and transparent fish fillet was served with delicious sauce. Xu Ziyan sighed when he was eating it. This snapper sashimi was really delicious, especially it’s one that turned into a sea monster.

The meat was so tender that it melted in the mouth immediately. The combination of sweet and spicy taste left them a lingering fragrance, and they couldn’t stop…

After taking the first bite, Snowball was so moved that tears flowed down its face. No matter how Xu Ziyan tried to stop it, it jumped right back into the sea.

Xu Ziyan: Um…is my cooking really that good?

Xu Ziyan might have overthought – Snowball was simply worried that one fish wouldn’t be enough, so it caught three more…

Xu Ziyan: ==

Looking at the three huge snappers and Snowball’s tiny body, Xu Ziyan was actually quite puzzled. How could Snowball eat so much stuff and where did all the food go in its body?

After having a nice meal, the group followed the correct route and headed to an island city closest to the mainland in the eastern sea.

It was the only city with humans in the eastern sea, and the only one on land.

The rest were some underwater cities, controlled by some huge monster races.

On the surface, the flood dragon clan held great power, but anyone who had seen a flood dragon knew that those were just creatures with developed muscles but no brains. They had no problems in fighting, but it would be a huge challenge for them to manage the entire eastern sea.

Fortunately, the flood dragon clan, the first to make a name at the bottom of the sea, still had a clear knowledge of their power. They understood that their clan wasn’t good at playing tricks or strategies, which was also the reason why they suffered from many losses. They thus wisely found a subordinate dragon clan, the thorn dragon clan.

The thorn dragons were born to be weak. Among all the kinds of sea monsters, it was definitely considered weak.

No one knew how the Jiaolong elder and the thorn dragon elder discussed, but the thorn dragon clan had become the think tank of the Jiaolong clan ever since.

Before becoming an adult, every Jiaolong must be accompanied by adult thorn dragons when travelling. When they were in Wuti City, there were Jiaolong and thorn dragons appearing together. When Xu Ziyan was guarding the city, he was so busy that he never met the dragons.

The Jiaolong clan held unparalleled strength in the eastern sea. Three of the seven cities on the bottom of the sea were under the control of the Jiaolong clan.

The goal of Xu Ziyan’s trip was one of the cities called Tengyun City, because the stele was found on a small island not far from Tengyun City.

There was a teleportation array between Wancheng on land and Tengyun city on the seabed, and fights of any nature was absolutely prohibited inside the city.

Regardless of whether someone was a human or a demon, or whether it’s for a generational hatred or a new argument, anyone who dared to make troubles in the city would be punished without mercy.

These cities were the trading center between the monster race and the human race. Both the human race and the monster race had something that the other party needed. For businessmen, it wouldn’t be a problem as long as they could earn profits. This led to the vigorous fights in the extreme west, yet things were more peaceful on the seaside.

Thanks to the special environment of the sea area, when Xu Ziyan came to Tengyun city, he actually saw many human and monster cultivators walking together. They were even chatting happily and it looked very harmonious.

“Am I mistaken? How could the human and monster cultivators…” Fang Tianrui was shocked.

Having experienced the monsters’ attack in Wuti city, he had deep hatred towards the monster race.

Xu Ziyan understood the key point after thinking about it for a while, “if there are common interests, it is not surprising that the two sides act together. Before the attack of the blood-sucking worms, even the demon cultivators and human cultivators sometimes reunited. It’s nothing weird that humans chose to cooperate with the monster race.”

Fang Tianrui nodded silently, but still felt a little uncomfortable looking at the monster cultivators all over the street.

Dressed in a gorgeous women’s attire, Jiang Ying walked to Fang Tianrui’s side and softly persuaded, “hubby…no need to worry about it. There’s no need for us to be with monster cultivators. We’ll just pretend that we haven’t seen them.”

Fang Tianrui heard the coyish sound of Jiang Ying and had an urge to throw up.

He stared at Jiang Ying viciously, who blinked at him in return.

Fang Tianrui turned his face silently. He simply mentioned that he missed the days in Wuti City when he had no idea of the real identity of Jiang Ying, who in turn accused him of still having feelings about Jiang Ying (f.)…

He explained it several times but Jiang Ying simply refused it. He even dressed up as a woman to disgust him!

After dressing up as a woman, Jiang Ying looked even more beautiful and tender than some other female cultivators. He was calling Fang Tianrui his hubby every now and then, and Fang Tianrui simply couldn’t take it.

In order to take revenge, this guy actually wore a long skirt when they got intimate at night, and he even called Fang Tianrui hubby during the process…

Fang Tianrui stared at him furiously, but Jiang Ying just pretended to look shy and pulled Fang Tianrui’s sleeves in an embarrassing way, making him look like a ruthless man…

“Hubby…” Jiang Ying called out weakly.

Fang Tianrui held his breath in his chest and he almost choked. It’s a pity that he couldn’t push Jiang Ying in a corner and beat him up, because he really felt like doing so!

Perhaps Fang Tianrui’s ‘murderous intent’ was too obvious, and Jiang Ying couldn’t do too much, so he simply lowered his head and shrugged his shoulders lightly.

People who were familiar with him like Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong and Fang Tianrui naturally knew that this guy was laughing, but those who had no idea would think that he’s crying just by looking at his movement. Therefore, there was a problem.

“Hey! What’s the matter with you? How can you bully women?!” A woman in a silver armor and red robe stared at Fang Tianrui furiously. She’s a monster cultivator.

Fang Tianrui: …

Jiang Ying: …

That monster cultivator was very charming. By simply looking at her face, one would think that she’s in a special profession, but one would immediately change his mind after seeing the big axe on her back.

It’s obvious that one should never mess with her.

“Hey! Why didn’t you answer me? I was talking to you!” The monster cultivator kept staring at Fang Tianrui in dissatisfaction.

Fang Tianrui: …What should I say? That you’re actually defending a man and he only dressed up as a woman to piss me off? How could I say such things out?

Fang Tianrui originally wanted Xu Ziyan to help him, but when he turned around, he found that the Xu Ziyan had already hidden far away…

Fang Tianrui: !!!

What about trust between people! Can we still have a happy adventure together?!!!

(Xu Ziyan: Hehe, I’d better let you deal with a woman. I don’t want Xu Zirong to act with his clinginess disease!)

(Xu Zirong: Any beautiful woman should stay away from my brother!)

Jiang Ying lowered his head, his shoulders trembled uncontrollably, it seemed that he was crying even harder, but Fang Tianrui knew that this guy might actually be laughing out of tears…

Several veins popped out of his forehead, and he felt so aggrieved that he had no place to complain. He stared at Jiang Ying viciously, his ‘enthusiastic’ gaze almost stabbed through the back of the other’s head!

Jiang Ying’s shaking finally slowed down. When he slowly raised his head, there was water in his eyes.

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