Chapter 359

In the blink of an eye, it had already been three months.

There were soon results of their attempts of contacting the monster race, yet both sides found it a bit difficult to accept.

The monster race of the extreme west rejected the demon race. Just as the human cultivators had assumed, the monster race there had long perceived the extreme west as their everything. Even though there were territories occupied by the human race, it was just temporary. Its only a matter of time when the monster would choose to get them back.

However, the demon race was a true outsider. Not only did they snatch away the territories originally owned by the monster race, but they even killed many monster cultivators previously (and the monster race also blamed the demon race for having attacked them with blood-sucking worms). How could they cooperate with the demon race?

On the contrary, the human race did not get the support of the monster race either. After all these years of fighting, both sides suffered countless casualties, how could they join forces with the human race?

The attitude of monster race pissed off both sides, yet they couldnt be forced. After all, the monster race was still neutral, and neither side could afford it if the monster race chose one of the sides one day.

The demon race was frustrated by the monster race, so they could just concentrate on planting the demonic grass. It seems that theyd already decided to make use of the grass to conquer the Xuan Yu realm

The human race was still better off than the demon race. Even though they were hit in the extreme west, the monster race under the eastern sea had a nice attitude, and they were even willing to send troops to help the human race.

The only problem was that

——_(:3」∠)_those living under the eastern sea were all water monsters and they all earned their living under the sea. Sometimes, there would be a few living on land but they couldnt travel far.

In other words, if the demon race attacked the eastern sea, then the monster race would surely fight back, but things would be different if the battle happened on land!

Such a result really annoyed Wuchen. Itd apparently be great to have the help of the monster race of the eastern sea, but this kind of help wasnt of great significance either.

Fortunately, the eastern sea was rich of resources. After reaching an agreement with those under the sea, many cultivators of Xuan Yu realm were allowed to exploit various resources under the sea. It greatly solved the logistical problems of Liu Guang sect.

After all, the support of Teng Lan realm was limited, and Wuchen also didnt like being threatened. With more resources, they could do so much more. When communicating with Yun Shang of Teng Lan realm, he sounded even more determined and it really increased the morale of Xuan Yu cultivators.

The demons were busy planting grass, while the cultivators alliance seized the opportunity to practice different tactics and look for different resources.

The two sides had fallen into a weird period of peace

At this time, Xu Ziyan received a notification from Yu Hao—a magical stele appeared in the eastern sea, and there might be treasures!

Xu Ziyan: …Damn it, I almost forgot about the treasure!

Xu Zirong gently massaged his brother’s shoulders, the stele of the eastern sea? I remember…”

“That’s right.” Xu Ziyan nodded,its that broken map. You still remember it, right? We got it from the auction.

“So…this treasure should be in my brother’s pocket.” Xu Zirong frowned, with a murderous look in his eyes,these guys dare to lust after my brothers treasureIll kill them all.

Xu Ziyan: …

Since the war with the demon race, Xu Zirongs clinginess disease had gotten even further

“Forget it. Without a map, they wont get anything useful. Its just thatwe can’t just let them stroll around in our territory, right? Why dont we do it this waysince the battles against the demon race happen mainly in the central area, itd be a good idea for us to check out the eastern sea as well. Since itd be a waste to put those items in the maze, lets use them to train our demon-slaying team.

On the surface, the demon-slaying army seemed to be able to be mobilized by the cultivators alliance, but everyone knew that it was Xu Ziyans private army which attracted more attention.

In other words, the cultivators alliance could mobilize them, but if this order pissed Xu Ziyan off, this 1000-people team wouldnt give a damn.

The demon-slaying army had completely been changed. Each had worn a black, long robe and there was a black shield on their back. They had a long knife or sword hanging from their waist, those with higher level of cultivation even had accessories like bracelets or necklaces.

These things were all created by cultivators specialized in refining. Since there was a steady source of demonic materials sent to them, after a long time of research by these few craftsmen with ordinary skills, magic tools and weapons based on demonic materials were created.

After getting the equipment, Xu Ziyan made another deal with the three major families, using the treasures of the Heaven and the Earth to exchange for a large amount of cheap medicinal pills.

After this transaction, the three great aristocratic families were thrilled. They looked at Xu Ziyan as if they wanted a few more transactions. Also, they just wanted to get all of Xu Ziyans expensive materials.

The demon-slaying army was even happier after receiving the medicinal pills, as they helped them increase their level of cultivation. Their rate of survival increased, and they became even more loyal to Xu Ziyan.

They were given magical weapons and pills and they were all of great quality. Back then, even their sects didnt treat them so well. How could the casual cultivators miss such a precious opportunity?!

There would only be good things if they followed senior Xu!

It already became the consensus of everyone in the demon-slaying army!

Those who wanted to get anything from them should just go to die! With a higher level of cultivation and better equipment, it would be too late to try to win their trust.

Back then, no one would have such an idea when they had lost the protection of their sects.

It would be impossible for anyone to share their benefits now.

Therefore, people sent from other sects to gain the trust of the demon-slaying army were all sent away. Also, every time when this happened, someone in the army would report to Xu Ziyan.

Theyd say, a certain sect sent someone and asked me to join them. Senior Xu, please be careful…”

A certain family even invited them to be an enshrinement and they even gave a nice offer.

Blah blah

Those who tried to plot against the demon-slaying army in private were all reported to Xu Ziyan. And Xu Zirong, being so narrow-minded, apparently took revenge.

Anyone who wanted to snatch his brother away would be looking for death!

Some people took actions in private, while others with stronger determination chose to discuss in openly.

Since Yun Xiao city was pretty remote, and the Rock of Empty Stone was already in the hands of human cultivators, these people claimed that Yun Xiao didnt need such an advanced army and they tried to dispatch the demon-slaying army away.

These people all know that Xu Ziyan would definitely not leave Yun Xiao city. Its because the Xu family was protected in Yun Xiao. However, if they sent away the demon-slaying army and took the control of it, Xu Ziyan couldnt say no.

Although it sounded like a plan, they had some troubles when trying to implement it. The demon-slaying army didnt obey it since its not from Xu Ziyan.

The master of the Luo Yu Pavilion was so pissed off that he brought this subject up during a meeting of the cultivators alliance, accusing Xu Ziyan of having held the army for his use only.

Unexpectedly, Big Foot Luo threw his sword in front of the master and said disdainfully, why dont you try the same? Back then, when they were going to leave the Liu Guang sect, how come you didnt say the same? My disciple spent so much energy training his army, why should he hand them over? Some people are really shameless. Not only did they fail to achieve anything with the resources of Liu Guang sect, but they even wanted to have my disciples army!

“If you are really capable, then use your own resources to raise an elite army!” Big Foot Luo sneered and made an expression, as if hed suddenly understood something, oh, this couldnt work. If you manage to train an elite army in the future, what happens if you want to snatch them away since youre so shameless?

With Big Foot Luos sarcastic words, the master of Luo Yu Pavilion was so pissed off that his whole face turned red. He wanted to teach Big Foot Luo a lesson, but he didnt have the capability

Initially, he wanted to get some benefits from Xu Ziyan, since he took advantage of the fact that Luo Yu Pavilion was just slightly inferior to Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect. With his status and level of cultivation, no one would give any comments even if he bullied Xu Ziyan.

However, hed forgotten that the master of Xu Ziyan was Big Foot Luo.

When there was a master whod protect his disciples no matter what, itd be a whole different story

He might not even listen if the other party was reasonable.

Anyone whos interested in the demon-slaying army immediately gave up on their idea.

Everyone saw it more clearly as long as Xu Ziyan was alive, the right to control of the demon-slaying army would never be in someone elses hands.

However, Xu Ziyan’s actions reminded certain aristocratic families that they could also train a strong army if they wanted.

Moreover, there were many talented people in these aristocratic families, and the armies that theyd train would surely be stronger. Unfortunately, the demons were guarding the area covered by demonic grass. Once cultivators attempted to enter that area, theyd be suppressed and they would never be able to develop like the demon-slaying army.

When the families started training their armies, Xu Ziyan had already stepped into the border of the eastern sea, looking at the vast deep blue sea


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