Chapter 358

Then, Luo Qingchen held an ancient bronze mirror, using all the spiritual power in his body and struck it hard.

How dare you!” The elder of the scorpion demon suddenly became furious, roared, and rushed towards the crowd.

Too bad, it’s too late…

Luo Qingchen smashed the ancient mirror and saw a white light bursting out from the place where everyone was standing, covering all five of them. The light was so powerful that some demons that stood a little closer were actually illuminated by it and shattered into countless pieces.

“Everyone, retreat! No one can bear this light!” A demon elder with a sharp voice stood in the air and shouted at the demons below.

Everyone from the demon race retreated quickly, giving way to the white light-shrouded area in the middle.

When the white light dissipated, there were no traces of Xu Ziyan and the others…

“Scorpion demon! What’s going on at this time? Why did they run away?” The bat demon elder with a sharp voice looked at the elder of scorpion demon coldly and asked.

I just failed it once.” The elder of the scorpion demon glared at him and replied coldly, refusing to admit his mistake.

Failed once?” Another bulky-looking purple demon said viciously with a pair of copper bell-sized eyes, “Just now, I said that I would work together to keep them all, but you said that youd already sealed the space and that theyd never be able to escape. What about now?

“Enough!” The scorpion demon was annoyed. He stared at the tiger demon coldly, mind your own business!

I cant be bothered!” The thick purple tiger demon snorted at him, “initially, it would be good enough that the succubus died, yet you let the murderer escape, if the chief commander asks us about itlets see how youll explain!

“So what about him? It’s just a demon, even if he is a nascent soul, I wouldnt care. Dont forget that Im a deity. The scorpion demon roared again.

The tiger demon sneered, “I hope you will dare to say that in front of the commander!” Afterwards, he turned around and left regardless of the complicated expression of the scorpion demon.

The bat demon with a sharp voice also sneered, followed the tiger demon and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Just when the elder of the scorpion demon felt uneasy, there was suddenly an extremely beautiful voice from the sky.

Elder Scorpion Demon, please come to the City Lord’s Mansion for a talk.”

The elder of the scorpion demons facial expression changed drastically. He hesitated for a long while, finally gritted his teeth and flew towards the city lord’s mansion.

The elder of the scorpion demon was frightened to face a nascent soul demon. On the other hand, under the leadership of Luo Qingchen, Xu Ziyan and others directly broke through the space and landed on a small hill behind the City of Fallen Stars.

Although it was not too far away from City of Fallen Stars, it was already out of the defense range of the demons, and the group walked out of a broken mirror unharmed.

When everyone stood still, patriarch Qingping looked around,the task of this trip is over, we will return to the Liu Guang sect immediately. Afterwards, he rolled up his sleeves, included everyone in it, broke through the space and left.

After a few breaths, some demons that were good at tracking arrived after following their special instincts, but everyone had already left

After the Rock of Empty Space was stolen, the commander of the demon race began to implement a comprehensive contraction strategy. He already had a basic knowledge of the power of Xuan Yu realm.

He could also see that those from Xuan Yu realm were not much inferior to those of other realms, yet they were still way too backward in terms of experience.

According to his investigation, except for the so-called demon-slaying army in Yun Xiao city which had made great achievements in arrays, most of the rest of the cultivators still adhered to the tradition of a large number of people fighting on their own.

Demon race loved fighting one-on-one. Its also because they would usually win in this case.

It is a pity that they took a little longer to break through the void. Otherwise, if they dared to arrive half a year before Teng Lan realm was connected, the entire Xuan Yu realm might have fallen into the hands of the demons.

With the support from all Teng Lan realm, the cultivators of Xuan Yu realm were becoming more and more difficult to deal with. What’s even worse was that the cultivators of Xuan Yu realm had also learned various arrays from Teng Lan realm. Although they might not see obvious effects within a short period, its only a matter of time when the Xuan Yu realm was snatched away by human cultivators again.

In addition, after the Rock of Empty Space was stolen, it was impossible to build a cross-domain teleportation array. The chief commander of the demon race felt extremely annoyed. He wanted to snatch the rock back, but they were already surrounded by the Liu Guang sect and its just impossible for the spies of the demon race to infiltrate.

Speaking of which, the cultivators of Teng Lan realm also contributed to this. After all, they were very familiar with the ways of fighting of the demon race, and theyd set up various ways to detect spies inside Liu Guang sect.

Except for those who took the initiative to collude with the demons, all cultivators who were possessed or infatuated by the demons were all eliminated.

After losing more than ten sub-demons, the commander could only try other methods. It was really difficult for the sub-demons to reproduce, and he only brought less than thirty demons for this trip. He couldnt afford to sacrifice them all in Liu Guang sect.

The commander of the demon race couldn’t get back the rock for the time being, and he didn’t want the army to become a sharpening stone for the human cultivators either, so he simply called everyone back and confronted the human cultivators on the central front.

On the other hand, although the human cultivators had learned the battle arrays of Teng Lan realm, it was impossible to achieve the goal only by training. Just like Xu Ziyan, no matter how good the army was, they had to pass the battlefield test to be qualified, yet the cultivators of Xuan Yu realm were in an embarrassing state of having no enemies to kill.

The Xuan Jia sect had become a battlefield in the middle. They took a huge rift as the boundary between the two sides.

It’s just that the canyon, which used to be filled with the sound of fighting, was very quiet at this time. Both sides hid behind their own defensive arrays very tacitly, just monitoring the other’s movements. They didnt have plans to send their troops yet.

Just when the human and the demon race were confronting, Xu Ziyan had already quietly returned to Yun Xiao city.

Since the demon race had lost the rock of empty space, it was already impossible to build the teleportation array, and there was thus less demand for the rock of spirit transformation.

Seeing that theres no more danger, Big Foot Luo decisively returned to Liu Guang sect.

During the time when Xu Ziyan was planning to steal the Rock of Empty Space, Big Foot Luo also had a few fierce fights with the demons outside Yun Xiao city.

These few fights let the demon race learn the power of Big Foot Luo, as more than four nascent soul demons died in his hands, one of them had even reached the late stage of nascent soul. The other one was almost reaching deity as well.

The power of Big Foot Luo and the fierceness of the demon-slaying army made the demon army, responsible for snatching the Rock of Spirit Transformation, suffer endlessly. Although they also killed some human cultivators, there were big differences in terms of damages of two sides. After the chief commander of demon race checked the record, he was so pissed off that he was almost ready to end everything with Big Foot Luo

Its been ages since the demon race suffered from such big losses!

Its not that the demon race had always been invincible, but the teams that could cause damage to the demons were mostly cultivators who fought against them for countless times. In such a closed realm, it was extremely normal for someone to get killed instantly after the demon race opened the void forcibly. How could the demon race suffer from such horrible losses?!

Also, since the battlefield was on the side of the human cultivators, they could only retreat after the situation got stuck. However, the group of human cultivators didnt even let go of the demons corpses, and they were even more excited after the demon race retreated. None of them wanted the demons corpses to be taken away

(All the cultivators of the demon-slaying army, of course! Those are all spiritual stones, magic tools and medicinal pills! How could I let you take them away!)

After several battles, soldiers were lost they finally received an order to retreat from the commander. They could only leave in depression.

The humans and demons were at a stalemate on the surface, but they were still making small moves in private. The human race was thinking about how to win more help, and the demon race also began to study how to enhance their strength after learning that they were unable to build a cross-realm teleportation array.

The high-level executives of both sides racked their brains to figure out where to find their own reinforcements, and both sides thought of the monster race at the same time!

After the demon race invaded the Xuan Yu realm, they began to plant a huge amount of demonic grass. When there was this type of grass, there would be much less spiritual energy from the Heaven and the Earth.

Therefore, in the battle zone of the demon race, the human cultivators were greatly suppressed. Even though there was slightly less suppression of the demonic energy on the sword cultivators, more than 90% of the cultivators who could not withstand the Xuan Yu realm were law cultivators. The 10% of sword cultivators were not able to turn the situation around. Therefore, Wuchen dared not take big moves, or he would have driven the demon race away already.

Now that both sides were unable to make progress, they naturally thought of the third race in the Xuan Yu realm.

If it was in another realm, the commander of the demon race may have to consider whether the monster race could cooperate with them, but in the Xuan Yu realm, the human race and the monster race had been fighting for so many years, and the hatred of the two sides were irreconcilable. On the contrary, it was very beneficial to the demon race.

On the other hand, human cultivators thought that they and the monster race were the original masters of the Xuan Yu realm, and the demon race was an intruder. As its master, it was of course their duty to drive away their enemy.

Both parties thought that the monster race would be on their side, thats why they sent someone to contact the monster race at the same time. Aside from contacting the monster race in the extreme west, the human cultivators also reached out those under the eastern sea.

The demon race had no idea that there were two parts of the monster race. They only knew about the monster race of extreme west.


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