Chapter 357

Of course, the most critical factor for victory was the arrogance of the succubus. If he hadn’t played against the Xu brothers like hes catching a mouse, then it would be absolutely impossible to kill this deity cultivator once he ran out.

In fact, this succubus was quite unlucky. The most powerful weapon of the succubus family was their delusional spell. Their combat power was more manifested on large-scale battlefields. If a large-scale delusional spell was used, those who were not strong-minded enough would be immersed in it and turn into a puppet. And if this spell was used on Xu Ziyan, he might not be able to escape from it either. However, this succubus was so into seeing his enemy struggling to escape, thats why he gave Xu Ziyan a chance.

Elder Qingping defeated the enemy with one move. Although he looked quite calm, he felt quite proud of himself. Although sword cultivators were always far superior to cultivators of the same level, everyone would have at least some final tricks, and the results might just be different if people started using these final tricks. Its really extraordinary for someone like him to kill a deity cultivator with just one move!

Patriarch Qingping secretly felt proud of himself. Although the cultivators of Tian Yu sect and Teng Lan sect werent of great help, they certainly gave their part during the battle too.

Only Xu Zirong lost a lot of essence blood and he was also molested by that succubus. He was also driven mad by that guy who touched his brother a few times!

This time, the mission was a success, but he also knew that hed suffered from the biggest loss, thats why he was staring at Luo Qingchen in an unfriendly manner.

Luo Qingchen had a wry smile, but he was helpless. After all, no one thought that the succubus would take advantage of Xu Ziyan after gaining the upper hand…

“Ahem…I didn’t think carefully this time, next time I will…”

“Do you still want to have a next time?” Xu Zirong asked sullenly.

The corner of Luo Qingchen’s mouth twitched, he shook his head again and again,there will be no next time.”

“Hmph!” Xu Zirong snorted coldly, turned his face away abruptly, and pressed his brother’s body to beg for comfort.

Xu Ziyan combed his younger brothers hair without knowing what else to say. Hes the one being taken advantage of, so why was he the one comforting another one?!

Be careful!”

At this moment, patriarch Qingping suddenly yelled, raised his hand and slapped it backhand. Then, a sharp sword light roared out, and died with a red fire dragon with a bang.

Everyone who visited my demon clan, how could you not inform the master? How rude you are!” There was a hoarse voice letting out a strange laugh. Someone jumped down from mid-air, putting great pressure on everyone. In the distance, there was the continuous gathering of demons, as if they wanted to surround the area.

“Twin-tailed scorpion elder!” Luo Qingchen narrowed his eyes slightly, with a hint of killing intent in his eyes.

“Hmph!” Seeing Luo Qingchen, the elder of the scorpion demon couldn’t help snorting coldly,you actually dare to rebel after submitting to my clan, you really had no idea whats waiting for you! Anyway, I will deal with you today for the elder of the winged demon! “

“How did you know that we’re here?” Luo Qingchen asked in a deep voice.

“Hahaha…you idiot!” The elder of the scorpion demon laughed loudly, and with a hook of his fingertips, he picked up a thin figure, revealing Kong Yings familiar face. “This kid was gone missing, do you think we didnt notice it? Don’t you know that a ‘mixed’ bastard like him has marks on his body? Once he escapes, he will be found at any time! So, tell me if you like this as a gift?!

After saying so, the elder of the scorpion demon shook lightly, and Kong Ying’s thin body was thrown down in front of Luo Qingchen like a rag.

A flash of anger flashed in Luo Qingchen’s eyes, he hurriedly stepped forward to help the wounded Kong Ying up and hugged her in his arms.

After being fed a pill, Kong Ying woke up gradually. She looked at Luo Qingchen’s face and couldn’t help crying,Im…I’m sorry…Brother Luo…It hurts…It hurts too much I…I couldnt hold on.”

Luo Qingchen sighed slightly,its okay, it’s not your fault. Brother Luo was too careless.”

Kong Ying choked and burst into tears. She threw herself into Luo Qingchen’s arms, her shoulders shrugging uncontrollably. Theres a sad and guilty look on her face.

Luo Qingchen gently touched her hair and comforted her in a low voice,alright, Kong Ying, don’t cry. Brother Luo will rescue you out.”

“Really?” Kong Ying didn’t look up. She just buried her head in his arms and asked.

“Of course!” Luo Qingchen said decisively,as long as my brother is here, no one can hurt you anymore!”

Kong Ying suddenly raised her head and stabbed a sharp blade into Luo Qingchen’s chest. She said with an extremely ferocious expression,itd be even better if my brother isnt here!

“Damn it!” Xu Ziyan’s face changed abruptly, and he stretched out his hand and grabbed Kong Ying.

Kong Ying moved quite nimbly, turned over and jumped off Luo Qingchen’s body, and as soon as she landed on the ground, she ran towards the elder of the scorpion demon.

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold, and without hesitation, he called out the blood vine and slapped it towards Kong Ying.

The two cultivators of Tian Yu and Teng Lan acted at the same time. Unexpectedly, the four nascent soul cultivators did the same and Kong Ying successfully dodged that move.

His body shrank slightly, then it became blurred and disappeared completely. After a few breaths, he appeared beside the elder of the scorpion demon, looking intact and just slightly pale.

“Not bad.” The elder of the scorpion demon praised,at such a young age, he actually comprehended the talent of the demon clan and he managed to escape from the empty space. Thats very promising.

“Thank you for the compliment, elder!” Kong Ying replied while calming down from her panting. It seems that the so-called escape from empty space wasnt done so effortlessly.

With such a delay, the surrounding streets had been surrounded by demons, but those middle and low-level demons were also smart enough to just surround far away. Everyone knew how powerful a deity cultivator was, and if the two elders started fighting, they were just looking for death by standing too closely.

“How…are you going to catch them before you wait?” The elder of the scorpion demon looked at the crowd quite proudly. “I already banned this place, unless…” He rolled his eyes and said no more, surrender or die!

“Shameless!” Xu Ziyan shouted angrily as he looked at Kong Ying. At the beginning, he also felt soft after seeing how young this kid was, but it turned out that shes so cruel and she even stabbed Luo Qingchen in the chest.

Luo Qingchen had been half kneeling on the ground since just now, and didn’t move for a while. Xu Ziyan hurried over, held his shoulders, and…

Kong Ying looked at Xu Ziyan and the others, and sneered,what does it mean by being shameless? I am a demon, and it is my duty to serve the demons to the death. It’s just that youve been too stupid!”

Xu Zirong looked at him coldly, “If you were really as responsible as you said, then the succubus would not die at our hands.”

Kong Yings expression changed immediately, and she argued to the elder of the scorpion demon,elder, Luo Qingchen is really too cunning. He was just protecting me in name, but he actually imprisoned me in that cave. If I didnt try to know how to escape from empty space, I wouldnt be here reporting to you.

The elder of the scorpion demon glanced at Kong Ying, snorted and did not say anything. She suddenly felt relieved, thinking that the rumor was real that the elder scorpion demon and the succubus were enemies of each other.

Just when Kong Ying was proud of being favored by a deity elder, she suddenly heard a familiar voice,since you already know that I am imprisoning you there, why are you so stupid to think that you could kill me?

That person stood up slowly and looked at Kong Ying with a smile. It was Luo Qingchen who was seriously injured just now.

Kong Ying suddenly turned pale with shock. Just now, she clearly felt her knife stabbing into his chest, so how could he stay unharmed?

“Tsk tsk, in fact, I really want to believe you. Unfortunately…” Luo Qingchen smiled, but there was a slight sense of coldness in his eyes,its a pity that you still let me down. Youve served me for so long, I reckon that youve never seen me fight for real, right? Otherwise, you wouldnt be bullshitting so easily.

As soon as he finished speaking, Kong Ying let out a scream, and her whole body was covered by black air. Her exposed skin was like the spring snow under the sun, slowly melting.

Elder, please save me!” Kong Ying screamed, asking for mercy from the elder of scorpion demon.

The elder of the scorpion demon’s eyes turned cold, and his majestic spiritual power suddenly enveloped Kong Ying’s body, yet he still couldn’t stop the black air from spreading.

Luo Qingchen sneered, “If my nine-Yin demonic energy could be eliminated so easily, I wouldn’t have…” He suddenly stopped speaking, as if hed recalled something bad.

Elder!” Kong Ying uttered a mournful cry at the end, turning into a pool of blood under the gaze of the elder of scorpion demon.

The elder screamed furiously, damn you all!

Kong Ying was just a little tool for him and he didnt cherish her at all. What made him angry was that these people actually ignored his existence and killed her so openly.

To put it simply, he felt being disrespected by these people

The elder of scorpion demon was merciless in his strikes when he was pissed off. The elder Qingping snorted coldly and went up with his sword.

The two deity cultivators started their actions, and their momentum was naturally extraordinary, which immediately alarmed the entire City of Fallen Stars. Even the two deity cultivators in the inner city also used their divine consciousness and they were ready to assist the elder of scorpion demon anytime.

It’s just that the elder of scorpion demon was so proud of himself that he refused the help of the other two elders.

The other two patriarchs were also arrogant, so naturally they would not repeatedly ask for help. Instead, they just watched aside coldly. Unexpectedly, a mutation suddenly happened!

A burst of sparks suddenly exploded in the sky that was previously sealed by the elder of scorpion demon. Then, there were continuously sparks bursting out.

This happened so suddenly that even the elder of scorpion demon didn’t understand what was going on. On the other hand, patriarch Qingping’s eyes flickered and retreated quickly.


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