Chapter 356

Such a big killer like a deity cultivator would never be used to slaughter ordinary demons. In fact, if they didn’t have this important mission to steal the Rock of Empty Space, Wuchen would never send patriarch Qingping.

Any deity cultivator was an absolute deterrent force, and they wouldn’t make a move easily. They wouldn’t even go deep into the enemy’s nest. Otherwise, once he’s besieged by a deity cultivator, there would surely be no chance for him to escape.

In a one-on-one battle, it may be difficult for a deity cultivator to be killed, but if he was besieged, few deity cultivators could withstand.

Therefore, patriarch Qingping took the risk when he decided to kill the other party’s deity cultivator, and if this adventure turned out to be successful, there would be huge benefits for him!

Under his leadership, the group came to the west of City of Fallen Stars without any danger. Their figures were quietly hidden in the shadow of the city wall. Not long after, Xu Ziyan received a signal from Luo Qingchen, and led everyone through a light ‘gate’ that suddenly appeared.

This ‘gate’ was a magic weapon for traveling through space, and it was designed to break all kinds of restrictions. No one had any idea how Luo Qingchen got this, but it would facilitate their entry into the City of Fallen Stars.

“Follow me.” Luo Qingchen whispered.

Xu Ziyan nodded, glanced at patriarch Qingping, and was relieved to see him also nodded subtly.

Even though he had a good impression of Luo Qingchen, but as the saying goes, you can never judge a book by its cover. He was a bit worried about this demon guy that suddenly emerged.

There should always be a foundation of trust, and he also took precautions. One must know that it was the headquarters of the demon race. And if one wasn’t careful enough, everyone would die inside.

With patriarch Qingping’s powerful divine consciousness, it would be very difficult to hide any ambush from him, so Xu Ziyan’s trust towards Luo Qingchen also increased after patriarch Qingping nodded.

Luo Qingchen saw everything, yet he said nothing. He just sighed silently. With such an identity, it’s only normal anyone was cautious towards him. He might act even more badly if there was an exchange of identity.

In the past, he was such an important figure in the sect that even the Mahayana elders favored him.

It’s a pity that he wasn’t good at differentiating people and he mistook a jackal for his best friend. In the end, he was betrayed by his own people to the demons. It’s hence somehow his fault that things ended up this way.

Laughing self-deprecatingly, Luo Qingchen shook his head, throwing away those useless thoughts, as it was meaningless to think about these now. The days to come were what he needed to think about.

Recalling the foolish figure in the dream because of his obsession, he couldn’t help but smile, as he knew that God had treated him well!

Taking advantage of Luo Qingchen’s familiarity with the terrain, the group easily escaped the patrolling troops in the city.

From this perspective, everyone also saw that Luo Qingchen probably already had a plan for his escape, otherwise he wouldn’t have known the patrol route in the city so clearly.

“Here we are.” Luo Qingchen stopped behind a low house. The alley there was quiet, but he could vaguely hear the melancholy voice coming from ahead.

“This is the back alley of the largest brothel in the city. There is a tunnel under this house that leads to a secret room in the brothel. It is a secret place for the succubus to cultivate. He comes here to cultivate almost every night. “Luo Qingchen explained softly, “the tunnel was dug very deep, and for the sake of secrecy, the succubus also placed some arrays inside. After all, his so-called cultivation was actually to absorb the essence of those seeking pleasure.” He couldn’t help but laugh a bit, “even the nascent soul cultivator of the winged demon clan became a victim.”

“This matter is quite secretive, and he dares not publicize it. After all, he feeds on the ‘essence’ of the same race. If they know that one of their kind has been sucked by others, they may make troubles. The essence absorbed by the succubus is very important to the demons. The more essence there is, the more achievements there will be for the demon race. Like the Succubus, he is tantamount to fundamentally reducing the future strength of those clans. Once the deity elder succeeds, they will definitely take some revenge. “

“That is to say, if we assassinate him in the tunnel, he will be more worried about his secret being discovered than us, right?” said the Teng Lan cultivator with bright eyes.

“That’s right, and I suggest that you choose a nascent soul cultivator to do so. The succubus is arrogant. If he finds out that the person who attacked him is a nascent soul, he’d just look down on him and let down his guard. It will then be the perfect moment for the elder to intervene.”

Luo Qingchen said while observing patriarch Qingping’s expression. This method was the safest way he could think of, but he didn’t know whether patriarch Qingping would agree.

“Yes.” Patriarch Qingping didn’t even lift his eyelids, which fully reflected the arrogance of a deity cultivator.

Luo Qingchen felt relieved, knowing that he had initially won the other party’s trust, so he continued to suggest, “it is best to let Xu Zirong lead in this battle.”

“Why?” Xu Ziyan instinctively wanted to object.

The cultivators from Tian Yu sect and Teng Lan realm also showed their dissatisfaction. Could it be that this demon guy thought that they dared not face a deity cultivator?

Seeing that things were not going well, Luo Qingchen quickly smiled wryly and said, “you guys misunderstood. It’s just that the succubus always holds things back for good-looking people, that’s why it’d be safer to let Xu Zirong intervene.”

Xu Ziyan: …

Xu Zirong: …

Cultivators of Tian Yu and Teng Lan: Damn!

This is such a world where only looks matter!

Even patriarch Qingping’s face twitched when he heard so, yet nobody could see it, since his face was already very wrinkled…

Everyone hid in that secret passage according to the plan. Being a sword cultivator, patriarch Qingping was also excellent at concealing. He sat upright in the corner of the secret passage, then his breath suddenly faded, and the aura of his whole body suddenly retracted into his body. Then, there was no breath of a living person anymore.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would have noticed that there was a deity sword cultivator hidden in that inconspicuous corner.

An hour later—

The group of six left the small courtyard quietly. Everyone showed excitement except the old man with a long robe and white beard. There’s only one with a handsome face, staring gloomily at a seemingly gentle and elegant man.

“Please don’t look at me like that…” Luo Qingchen said with a wry smile.

“Oh? Then how should I look at you?” Xu Zirong asked gloomily.

Luo Qingchen looked helpless, “how would I know that the succubus likes your brother’s type…it’s really not my fault.”

“Hmph.” Xu Zirong snorted coldly, turned his head and ignored him, but he had silently written it down in his small notebook. Sooner or later, Lin Xiaotian had to pay it back!

They were not sure whether it’s them or the succubus who’s unluckier.

Everything developed as Luo Qingchen expected. Although the succubus was also amazed when he saw Xu Zirong, he showed no mercy at all, as if he wasn’t concerned about Xu Zirong’s life.

Xu Ziyan saw that his younger brother fell frequently into danger, so he naturally rushed out without caring about hiding his body.

Originally, the cultivators from Tian Yu sect and Teng Lan realm planned to make a move as well, but Luo Qingchen reacted quickly – the succubus’s moves slowed down as soon as Xu Ziyan went out. It’s obvious that he’s holding back.

After the succubus fought for a bit against the Xu brothers, he was reassured as he knew already that no one else would come. He started teasing the Xu brothers.

And between the lines, it was obvious that he was more interested in Xu Ziyan, which made Xu Zirong burst into anger.

It’s fine if things were just verbal, but that succubus even took the advantage to touch Xu Ziyan. Once, he even touched Xu Ziyan’s bottom and praised that it’s perky enough…

Xu Zirong wouldn’t have his clinginess disease if he still didn’t explode.

The blood in his whole body surged, and he turned into a sea of blood crazily, flooding the entire secret path. Although the succubus had a high level of cultivation, there was no way to solve this kind of trick at once, so he could only destroy the sea of blood bit by bit.

After so many years of cultivation, the Blood Sea Heart Sutra became even more powerful. No matter how powerful the succubus was, it was still a bit difficult to break through the sea of blood. Of course, there were no advantages for Xu Zirong to insist either, or he’d end up failing.

Fortunately, there was still a deity sword cultivator hidden in their team.

Patriarch Qingping was indeed a sword cultivator who had experienced many years of battles, and his intuition for fighting had reached its peak.

He was lurking in the tunnel, and he didn’t show any breath from the beginning to the end, until the succubus destroyed Xu Zirong’s blood sea little by little. When he was about to attack Xu Zirong’s blood core, patriarch Qingping made a move .

Just one move!

A green light pierced through the air, and the succubus didn’t even feel any danger before dying with a wild smile on his face.

The second before he died, he was still thinking how to make Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong into his sex slaves, and he never thought that he’d turn into a corpse the next second.

A deity cultivator died just like that. Although it sounded easy, the battle was full of danger and unknown factors.

Both Xu Zirong and Xu Ziyan were just cultivators reaching the early stage of nascent soul. If their level of cultivation was slightly lower, they’d be captured by the succubus in no time, and they would never be able to buy time.

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