Chapter 355

The place agreed upon by the two was nearby, so the demon guy kept looking around, as if looking for traces of Xu Ziyan and the others.

Xu Ziyan waited on the tree for a while, then winked at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong immediately released a large number of blood lice to check the surrounding area. After a while, he shook his head to indicate that there was indeed no one else nearby.

Xu Ziyan was then at ease. Then, he flicked his fingers lightly, like a small stone thrown into the water, causing layers of ripples.

The demon suddenly raised his head and looked in Xu Ziyan’s direction. Under the cover of the hood, Xu Ziyan couldn’t see his expression clearly, but the Xu brothers somehow felt that the demon guy was vaguely disappointed…

But soon, he returned to normal, hid his emotions, came to Xu Ziyan’s subordinates, raised his head and smiled slightly, “cultivator Xu, is everything alright?”

Xu Ziyan jumped down from the tree, smiled and cupped his hands, “speaking of which, I don’t know your name yet.”

The demon guy lifted the hood, revealing the face covered by the totem and said slowly, “it doesn’t matter if I don’t mention my former name, anyway, I will be reincarnated as a human again, why not just keep calling me Luo Qingchen?”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but twitch his brows. Luo Qingchen? If he remembered correctly, this should be the name of that mortal guy, right? From this perspective, this demon guy seemed to have a high degree of identification with that mortal, could it be that he also had the same feelings towards Lin Xiaotian…

The corner of Xu Ziyan’s mouth twitched, as if the original novel had been completely turned upside down. Let alone the plot, even the original three writers had already found their beloved.

He could forget about himself. With such a younger brother with clinginess disease, there’d be no hope for him to run away.

And that second Gong, Mo Ziyuan, seemed to have invovled with a man from Miao Jiang, and it was said that he spent a large amount of dowry to tie that man from Miao Jiang…Ah no, he married him back home. However, there had always been rumors that he was severely injured on the second day of his wedding, but Xu Ziyan would not believe this kind of rumors. ()

As for the first Gong, he already had a new home. Although his lover looked like a cunning old crook at first glance, Lin Xiaotian must be enjoying it. It’s still better to have a rabbit turning into a fox than having his lover lost his life! →. →

“Cultivator Xu.”

Just when Xu Ziyan’s thoughts were running further and further away, Luo Qingchen called him back softly.

“Since you are now here, I assume there are no surprises in our deal?” Luo Qingchen smiled.

“Right.” Xu Ziyan nodded and said, “this time, we have a deity cultivator and four nascent soul cultivators. With your help, I’m sure we can snatch away the Rock of Empty Space.”

“One deity and four nascent soul?” Luo Qingchen squinted his eyes, then nodded vigorously, “Okay! It just so happens that you are lucky. The one who is in charge of keeping the Rock in the past few days is a deity succubus. Among the four deity cultivators in demon race, only the succubus puts the most emphasis on pleasure. He seldom lives in the center of the camp. Instead, he built a mansion for himself in the outer city. “

He suddenly sneered, “the deity succubus collected a lot of human cultivators as playthings. Speaking of which, if the winged demon who transformed for me was so powerful, this succubus would not dare to provoke him. And perhaps I would even become his collection.” An intent of killing flashed in his eyes, as if he had been bullied by that succubus.

“However, although his habit of collecting cultivators is disgusting, it is a very good opportunity for you.” Luo Qingchen turned his eyes, and he seemed to be calculating something, “since there is such a good opportunity, are you interested in killing a deity cultivator from demon race?”

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids twitched rapidly, and the way he looked at Luo Qingchen suddenly changed.

To kill a deity cultivator? This old guy can really talk! Those who managed to advance into a deity are people with extraordinary talent. Why do high-ranking cultivators seldom do anything to each other? It is because both sides understand that it is too difficult to kill a deity cultivator. And who wouldn’t have some final weapons? Once this got exposed, it would become uncertain about who’d die!

Therefore, unless it is a life-and-death matter, high-ranking cultivators rarely fight ‘til death.

Xu Ziyan brought patriarch Qingping this time, the purpose was only to delay that deity cultivator who might cause troubles for them. But to kill him? He never thought about it.

Of course, just because he didn’t think about it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t think about it in the future. If Luo Qingchen can come up with a reasonable and effective plan, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t mind causing some troubles for the demon race.

“Tell me, you definitely don’t think that we can kill him just because I brought a deity cultivator, right? If you have any good plan, let’s talk about it together.” Xu Ziyan said casually.

The corner of Luo Qingchen’s mouth curled up, and he whispered his plan——

Soon, Xu Ziyan’s exclamation came continuously from the quiet woods,

“is it true?”

“No way! Is there such a thing?”

“Damn it! Did this happen to you?”

“Well…it seems that it is really feasible.” Xu Ziyan rubbed his chin, “however, are you sure that he has this habit?”

“Of course!” Luo Qingchen seemed to have thought of something bad. His facial expression slightly changed but he answered with determination.

“Okay, then I’ll gamble with you! However, I need to discuss this with ancestor Qingping.”

“Of course, but I hope you can do it as soon as possible. This succubus has held the Rock of Empty Space for two days. Maybe it will be transferred to other demons tomorrow. We will not have the same chance by then.” Luo Qingchen reminded.


“Who is it?” Xu Zirong yelled sharply, with blood flying from his fingertips, several huge blood vines instantly blocked Luo Qingchen’s path behind him.

Luo Qingchen’s expression suddenly changed. He thought that he was very discreet when he left the city, yet he was still followed. If you let this person run away, then…

“Ah!” A scream came out from the mid-air of the blood vine, then a small black shadow fell to the ground by the blood vine, and happened to roll to Luo Qingchen’s side.

“Kongying, why are you here?” Luo Qingchen asked, being dumbfounded.

“Brother Luo…I want to go with you too!” The little boy named Kongying had charcoal skin and he had the blood of the demon race, but there were no horns on his head and no tails on his back either.”

In fact, he looked more like a human being than Luo Qingchen.

“Shall we kill him?” Xu Zirong tilted his head and looked at his brother, as if asking for his opinion.

Xu Ziyan was suddenly caught in a dilemma. According to the secrets of their plan, anyone who discovered them had to die, but on the one hand, the little boy looked only seven or eight years old, so Xu Ziyan was a little reluctant to do so. This little boy seemed to know Luo Qingchen and wanted to tag along.

Even Xu Ziyan found it difficult to deal with such a situation. In the end, he looked at Luo Qingchen and wanted to know how he thought.

Luo Qingchen and Xu Ziyan looked at each other and sighed softly. He hugged Kong Ying and fed him a pill, “if possible, take him away too. This child a hybrid of human and demon, and he has no horns and tail, so he is also discriminated against among the demons.” He shook his head, “he was originally sent to serve me, and he respected me quite a bit. I also helped him a few times out of pity.”

He couldn’t help but sighed again, “if I leave, then bad things will surely happen to this kid. Take you with him if it’s not too troublesome.”

Xu Ziyan frowned, as he found it a bit uncomfortable by looking at the child buried in Luo Qingchen’s arms.

He couldn’t tell why he felt so uncomfortable, but wasn’t this Luo Qingchen too easy-going? How could he decide to bring this hybrid kid so recklessly?

However, since he had already made up his mind, Xu Ziyan didn’t say anything else. He presumed that this kid had at most reached the level of Qi condensation and he wouldn’t cause them any troubles.

Consequently, Luo Qingchen hid the kid named Kongying in a cave and promised to take him away the next night. After a while, Luo Qingchen would return to the camp. The disappearance of a half-human and demon slave in charge of serving him would not cause any attention, but there would surely be problems if he didn’t show up on time.

Xu Ziyan told patriarch Qingping and the two nascent soul cultivators about Luo Qingchen’s plan completely. Patriarch Qingping pondered for a while before agreeing, without any sign of hesitation at all.

On the contrary, the two nascent soul cultivators were a little worried about attracting a big army of the demon race after killing them near the City of Fallen Stars. However, if this plan was successful, then it would be a great achievement. There would be a great reward for killing a deity cultivator no matter if it’s for Liu Guang sect or Teng Lan realm.

Even if patriarch Qingping was the main attack this time, they could also get valuable rewards as supporters!

Nascent soul cultivators also had their own desires, and their demand for all kinds of natural materials and treasures would only be stronger than that of lower level. They would thus never let go of this opportunity!

In this way, the plan to sneak attack on the deity cultivator gained everyone’s support. After Xu Ziyan and Luo Qingchen communicated again, the two agreed to meet in the west of the city at midnight the next day, then they left separately.

Another day later, when night slowly fell, Xu Ziyan and the others quietly arrived at the west side of the City of Fallen Stars.

As the base camp of the demon race, the City of Fallen Stars apparently had countless patrols and various detection spells, but with the presence of patriarch Qingping and with his incomparably powerful spiritual consciousness, he could almost detect every spell.

It’s not that the demon race’s defense was weak, but that the outer city protected all low and mid-level demons. All the real leaders of the race lived in the heavily guarded inner city.


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