Chapter 354

Wuchen nodded. He trusted Xu Ziyan a lot, whose strength also deserved his trust.

Besides…he glanced at Xu Zirong who was standing quietly behind Xu Ziyan all the time, curled his lips silently. He thought that with this little evil guy by his side this whole time, he wouldn’t believe that someone could deceive them both at the same time.

Wuchen waved his hand and the matter was decided.

It’s just that he still needed to select the candidates for this mission. After all, it was about going deep into the enemy’s den, and it could get very dangerous. With the significance of the mission, the selected one must be highly credible.

One should always be careful with the spies of the demon race. If human cultivators could get the news of the demon race, then it could be the same for the demon race.

The Liu Guang sect opened the gates and took in a large number of cultivators. Although some rough identification was made, no one could guarantee whether there were any spies of the demon race among these people.

Therefore, whether it was about choosing the executor of the task or studying the plan of ambush, one must be cautious enough to prevent the demons from detecting them in advance, or even ambush them in turn.

After several days of discussion, it was finally decided that besides Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, the Liu Guang sect would send the most powerful deity sword cultivator, while Teng Lan realm and Tian Yu sect would also send one nascent soul respectively.

Therefore, there would be four nascent soul cultivators and one deity cultivator. Such a combination was truly amazing, yet it’d be still full of danger and uncertainty.

After all, the demon guy also said that the Rock of Empty Space was kept in the hands of a deity demon. It would be extremely difficult to take the Rock of Empty Space without alarming him.

He especially brought with him a deity cultivator, as he hoped that he could stop the deity demon for a while in the event of an accident. Instead of killing him, he could at least buy some time for other nascent soul cultivators to escape.

Generally speaking, deity cultivators rarely got killed. It’s because they’d already reached an incredibly high level of understanding of the laws of the Heaven and Earth. Even if they couldn’t be beaten, it would be difficult for the opponent to keep them. Therefore, deity cultivators rarely fought their enemies to death unless they had to win the fight no matter what.

For ordinary cultivators, deity cultivators had a kind of deterring effect, even similar to the nuclear weapons in the modern world – both sides would have them, yet neither side would use them easily.

Three days later, on a dark and windy night, a group of five set off…

Originally, Xu Ziyan planned to take the cloud shuttle, but he obviously underestimated the ability of the deity cultivator.

He saw that deity cultivator smile at them gently, then rolled up his sleeves——

“Don’t resist.” It was a gentle and mellow voice. Before Xu Ziyan reacted, he felt a wave of fluctuation in the surrounding space, then…they came to the base of the demon race, which was the outer area of the City of Fallen Stars.

Xu Ziyan: ==Damn it. Master, I really admire you so much. With such high speed, there should be no problem in escaping, right?

“Hehe!” The deity ancestor seemed to have heard what Xu Ziyan had said and let out a low laugh.

As the highest combat power in Xuan Yu realm, he used to retreat for hundreds of years, and now seeing such an interesting disciple with great potentials, no wonder he’d be thrilled.

He took out two shining silver flying swords and handed them to Xu Ziyan, “take it with you. I haven’t been out for a long time and I had no idea that we have such a bright disciple in our sect. Just treat it as my gift of our first encounter.”

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched as he took the two high-level flying swords.

Sure enough, it’s so nice to be protected by someone senior. He even got two flying swords from a deity senior. When thinking back, his Aurora was only a middle-range weapon, and he only got it out of luck, and now he got a high-level one so easily…

Xu Ziyan thanked his senior uncle, gave one of the flying swords to Xu Zirong while putting another one in Mr. Little Square.

It’s not that he didn’t want to accept the generosity of his senior uncle, it’s just that none of the tenants in his Dantian was easy-going enough. Although these two flying swords were high-level weapons, it’s only because their materials were more precious. However, when talking about spirituality, they were still far more inferior to those already existing in his Dantian.

Besides, with the super protective Purple Night Divine Thunder, the status of Aurora was unbreakable. He wouldn’t want to waste this nice sword, and he’d rather give it away as a gift!

Besides, the flying sword that Zuo Shen was using looked pretty ordinary. It might be a good idea to give him this flying sword upon his return to Yun Xiao.

(Zuo Shen burst into tears and thought, “finally, my master thought of me once, and my life is already worth living…)

In the group of five, the deity cultivators had a high status and they naturally didn’t have to contact the demon guy. Although the cultivators in Tian Yu sect and Teng Lan realm were quite friendly, the demon guy might not believe them.

In the end, it was Xu Ziyan who took the task of contacting the demon guy.

Fortunately, it was relatively easy for a nascent soul cultivator to infiltrate into the City of Fallen Stars. After all, the commanders of the demon race and high-level demons were all in the center of the city, and those living near the city walls were all low-level demons, who couldn’t see through the illusion released by a nascent soul cultivator.

Although there were some demons passing by on the road, Xu Ziyan could do whatever he wanted as long as he was careful enough and use his invisible talisman and Mr. Little Square wisely.

Back then, they made an agreement with the demon guy – as long as Xu Ziyan placed a pentagonal stone somewhere in the city, the demon guy would sneak out to meet them the next night.

Xu Ziyan completed this task with little effort, and came out of the city safely in just half an hour.

After everyone gathered together, they found a quiet place, and Xu Zirong arranged an array with a hidden figure before quietly waiting for the dark.

In his spare time, Xu Ziyan made sure to ask the deity cultivator some questions about cultivation. Unexpectedly, the deity cultivator didn’t act arrogantly and he even answered Xu Ziyan in detail.

It was absolutely rare to have the guidance of a deity cultivator. The nascent soul cultivators of Liu Guang sect and Teng Lan realm listened attentively.

Due to their identities, they were embarrassed to ask that patriarch Qingping for advice, but by taking the opportunity of Xu Ziyan’s question, they also gained a lot of insights, and they even improved their level of cultivation which had long been stagnant.

The two looked at each other and both were thrilled. They all looked at Xu Ziyan with gratitude, without whom they would never have their gains. They all secretly vowed to pay Xu Ziyan back one day.

Xu Ziyan also smiled and nodded upon receiving their kindness. It’s always welcome to have more friends!

Seeing that the sky was getting brighter, Xu Ziyan stood up and moved habitually. He looked at City of Fallen Stars from a distance. In the past, it was a land of pleasure as its back was facing the Qi Mang Mountain, where the monsters and spiritual herbs made a lot of cultivators chase after.

But now, this ancient city that had lasted for hundreds of years became the camp of the demon race. The original white sandstone walls were covered with a layer of dark green grass.

Or to put it another way…with the City of Fallen Stars as the center and within a range of hundreds of miles around, all were planted with this special demon grass.

This kind of grass was a special product of the demon realm. They grew extremely fast. After the seeds were sprinkled, they could grow and germinate within a month, continuously absorbing the spiritual power in the air and transforming it into demon power.

Whenever the demon race invaded a realm, they would immediately plant the demon grass in all the areas under their control. As these areas became larger and larger, the demon energy produced would also invade the entire realm bit by bit, in the end, it would dominate a realm with its demonic energy and make it more suitable for the living of the demon race.

Now the areas controlled by the demon race in the Xuan Yu realm wasn’t that wide, and the influence of the demon grass wasn’t very high either. Most areas were still entirely dominated by pure spiritual energy, while only the City of Fallen Stars was based on demon grass. Although Xu Ziyan couldn’t see it, he could feel the pure spiritual energy in it was at least half less than that of Yun Xiao city.

That is to say, in such an environment, the tricks used by the cultivators were likely to be affected by the demonic energy and the effect would be reduced. On the contrary, the moves of the demon race could be amplified. It was undoubtedly bad news for them .

The good thing was that Wuchen had already expected such a result, so he specially sent the sword cultivator of Liu Guang sect and the two sword cultivators of Teng Lan realm and Tian Yu sect.

Under such a situation, the impact on sword cultivators was the smallest. And Xu Ziyan was sent because he’s the one being in contact with the demon guy, and he’s also the one having sworn the Heart Demon Oath.

“Someone is coming.” Patriarch Qingping woke up from his meditation, two sharp sword lights flashed across his eyes, then he regained his composure.

“Is that that demon guy?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Ancestor Qingping made a careful distinction, “it should be him, as I sensed a nascent soul.”

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, communicated with patriarch Qingping, then led Xu Zirong out of the array. Patriarch Qingping waited there quietly with two nascent soul cultivators, preventing the demon man from betraying them and catching them all offguard.

After Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong stepped out of the magic array, they used the strange fluctuation produced by Mr. Little Square to cover up their figures. In this way, there would be absolutely no trace of them unless the demon guy saw them with his own eyes.

Patriarch Qingping in the array frowned slightly, then smiled casually, “it’s interesting.”

That day, the cultivator from Tian Yu and that of Teng Lan looked at each other, and neither of them understood what patriarch Qingping meant by that.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong hid themselves on top of a big tree, quietly staring at the direction the demon guy came from.

The demon guy was still wearing a black robe and a hood, yet judging from his walking posture, he was extremely vigilant and was ready to attack at any time.


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