Chapter 81 Part 2

Aside from the fact that he had to study the method of digestion of the Green Spiritual Thunder, his cultivation of the “Purple Night Nine Changes” had also been stuck for a long time. The practice with Thunder Light Man seemed to have happened one year ago. He realized that after he joined the Liu Guang sect, he hadn’t had the time to cultivate this.

He had learnt so much, but all would be nothing if he couldn’t turn them into his fighting power. After learning about this weird risk in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, Xu Ziyan became guilty of his laziness.

Although the content of the novel had not begun, in this world that had already undergone some changes under his influence, no one could still guarantee that the story would follow its original track.

His strength has become much stronger than the original Xu Ziyan, but after encountering Lin Xiaotian, he suddenly found that his strength was only a little higher than his original body, and it was still nothing compared to the more talented ones.

He did not dare to underestimate the charm of the original protagonist, Bai Hua. After losing him as the third Gong, who knows if he’d go and find the fourth or fifth Gong…

At that time, if he was too lazy and he couldn’t get powerful enough, let alone Zirong, he might be defeated as well…

For his own life and for the sake of his baby brother, he had to force himself to become stronger.

Apart from these things, he also discovered one of his major shortcomings during this adventure. Because of his original memory, he was familiar with a lot of knowledge in the cultivation world, but it doesn’t mean that he could apply these knowledges. Just like in the grave underground, it’s not like he didn’t know about the existence of soft moss, but he couldn’t connect it to the reality.

Cultivation and integration of his original memory became the two goals of Xu Ziyan’s closed-door cultivation.

Comparing to Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong’s aim of cultivation was much purer. It’s only because he was irritated by Lin Xiaotian and the figure that looked like Bai Hua in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm.

He was killed in his previous life and his soul was tortured. He would never forget such a hatred engraved in his heart.

The Blood Sea Heart Sutra that Xu Zirong practiced was a very bloody one. He was lucky enough to always have Xu Ziyan by his side, and he had the consciousness to control his intentions to kill. Otherwise, he would kill Lin Xiaotian right at the moment he saw him.

However, he cared more about leaving a nice impression to his brother. He would rather live with this hatred and wait for another chance, so that he could preserve his good image of being a “good baby”.

Whether it was Lin Xiaotian or Mo Ziyuan, he would never let go of the black hand – Bai Hua who’s controlling things behind. However, he had no idea where Bai Hua was. Mo Ziyuan hid himself in the Mo Yulong Pavilion, and although he had already seen Lin Xiaotian, the fact that he was a disciple of Tian Yu sect reminded Xu Zirong that he had to think twice before taking any action.

Fortunately, Xu Zirong had always been patient, and he also believed that according to his previous life’s experience, he would surely see that person again.

At that time, once things started again… there was an evil smile on Xu Zirong’s face. He could take his sweet time to take revenge.

However, all this was based on his ability to kill the other person. He wasn’t sure about the other people, but after seeing Lin Xiaotian, he had realized that although he’d already obtained Blood Sea Heart Sutra, a high-level practice that could help him ignore any spiritual roots, Lin Xiaotian was also one of the rare talents possessing the Divine Spiritual Roots. Also, since he’s with his brother all the time in this life, he couldn’t hunt down people as relentlessly as before. He had to be extra careful or he might get himself killed.

Since he had been suffering so much in his previous life, Xu Zirong could not tolerate himself getting hurt in the same way again. Even though he had to live with the fact that he wouldn’t see his brother for a long time, he had to cultivate closed-doors for the future.

Even though he had to do this with his brother at the same time and they had to be in their own rooms, it was still a comfort to Xu Zirong.

Big Foot Luo made no objections to their proposal to cultivate closed-doors.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but he saw that Big Foot Luo had become a bit cold to Xu Zirong.

Previously, Big Foot Luo used to argue frequently with Zirong, but this scene didn’t happen again. It looked as if their master-disciple relationship had become more harmonized, but Xu Ziyan thought that it’s because of something else.

Xu Zirong hadn’t realized it at all. He might have, but he didn’t care about it.

In this world, the only person who could influence his mood was Xu Ziyan. Although Big Foot Luo didn’t treat him badly, for Xu Zirong, he was only categorized as “an okay person”.

There would be no disappointment if there are no expectations. And that’s why Xu Zirong accepted the subtle change of Big Foot Luo’s attitude much more easily than Xu Ziyan.


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