Chapter 81 Part 1

Xu Ziyan was staring at Wei Qing and Le Hu, and their intention to fight was immediately suppressed.

It’s okay, they would fight another time then!

The two exchanged a look, as if they’d understood each other. Afterwards, they each took an arrogant and a stern attitude and followed Xu Ziyan.

“Brother Qilian, how was your gain this time?” From afar, Xu Ziyan greeted Qilian Hongyun.

Qilian Hongyun smiled, “it’s just alright.”

Xu Ziyan didn’t continue to ask. Initially, they were just saying hello to each other. If he didn’t want to talk any further, he wouldn’t find it offensive.

The rabbit on Xu Zirong’s shoulder was still chewing carrots, it didn’t care about anything that happened around them.

No one knew that in a particular corner, a man in white clothes was looking at Wei Qing with panic. He was holding a hot dragon-shaped jade…

In this trip to the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, basically, every sect had their particular gains. The leading seniors could basically tell what their disciples had gained from their facial expressions. Sometimes, when a disciple showed a frustrated look, the others would find it quite rare…

After the seniors greeted chatted with each other for a bit after coming out of the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, they said goodbye to each other. No one had noticed that there was one more person in Tian Yu sect.

When cultivator Qixuan saw that all of his disciples were doing fine, he showed a smile. Although there was almost no danger in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, no one would know what would happen if one was unlucky enough to encounter a demon cultivator.

As the inheritances that everyone got was within the scope of confidentiality, the pink rabbit on the shoulders of Xu Zirong became the observing target of everyone else.

There was a soft and lovely rabbit on a cute but cold teenager…and that rabbit was making noises of chewing carrots. Many senior brothers and sisters found this scene very cute, but…

The way that Xu Zirong looked at things really didn’t make him a twelve-year-old. Those senior brothers and sisters all sighed – how come this cute child had such an unlovely character!?

“Is this…” Cultivator Qixuan was a little surprised when he saw the rabbit. There were spiritual monsters coming out of the Realm, but there weren’t many of them. However, the spiritual monsters that they’d bring were usually those powerful and giant spiritual monsters. He’d never seen such a cute one like Xu Zirong’s.

That rabbit looked really safe, and Qixuan didn’t wonder too much about the kind of monster it was. All in all, there were countless monsters in the cultivation world. Many different kinds of monsters mate and their descendants would have a whole new outlook.

A rabbit with antlers indeed looked strange, but Qixuan had seen much stranger ones. This monster looked so harmless and he didn’t care about it much.

He smiled secretly. All in all, a kid is a kid. Even though he’d already finished building base, he’d still pick such a lovely animal when he had to choose a spiritual monster. However, cultivator Qixuan had no intention to criticize him. He wasn’t the master of Xu Zirong and he’d leave that problem to Luo Yun.

Very irresponsibly, he ignored the existence of the rabbit. Qixuan released his flying boat again to let everybody in.

It was much quicker when they returned. It only took them five days to finish the whole journey.

On their way, everyone exchanged their experiences with excitement, but they never said a word about their inheritances.

Le Hu and Wei Qing still looked like they wanted to kill each other, giving a headache to Xu Ziyan. He really didn’t understand. One of them was the heir of the Central Plains Dynasty, while the other was a trained, young warrior of the extreme west. How come these two people, having completely different background, became so childish whenever they met?

These two people did not even stop on the boat. Although they weren’t fighting, they never stopped saying mean things or being sarcastic to each other. They also hadn’t stopped staring at each other. This made Xu Ziyan think that his brother was the most obedient one, as he didn’t even have to worry about him a bit.

When they were back to Liu Guang sect, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong both realized that it’s time to cultivate in closed doors.

This closed-door cultivation wasn’t any similar to the kind they had before, in which they would wake up after five days. It’s a true sense of closed-door cultivation. Each time, they had to do it for half a year, or it wouldn’t be “closed-door” at all.

Previously, Xu Ziyan didn’t like this way of training at all. It was extremely boring after entering this mode of cultivation. Also, it’d been a test to his stomach and intestines. However, after the trip to the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, he was sure that this closed-door cultivation had become necessary.

During this period, he had absorbed too much stuff. Aside from the trick of controlling a golden puppet that Xu Zirong taught him, he found that the absorbance of the Green Spiritual Thunder was a big trouble as well.

He didn’t think that he could simply swallow the Green Spiritual Thunder in the same way as described in the mural. In that case, his whole body would just burst and turn into ashes.

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