I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapters 80 Part 2

“Cultivator Bai…you…you…” The cultivator on the opposite side was so overwhelmed by Bai Hua’s smile that he couldn’t even say everything.

Bai Hua felt a bit annoyed, but there was a faint smile on his face.

Since Bai Hua and his senior brother did that kind of thing, his Taoist body of elite core was completely activated. Although it was not as good as the demon cultivators who’d cultivated the practices of attraction, he had this natural temptation to the others. It would only make the others like him more without themselves knowing.

Seeing that Bai Hua was not angry, the cultivator smiled at him, but couldn’t help but blush even more. He couldn’t utter a word for a pretty long time.


While Bai Hua was talking to the cultivator, Xu Ziyan also saw several cultivators of the Liu Guang Sect.

He wasn’t familiar with those senior brothers and sisters, but Le Hu’s very special style and his half naked appearance made him stand out among all the cultivators who were dressed properly.

When Xu Zirong saw Le Hu, he lightly frowned. It’s so annoying, this person came to share his brother’s attention again.

“Hey, Le Hu, how is it going? Have you got any gains?” Xu Ziyan greeted with a smile.

When Le Hu saw Xu Ziyan, his eyes lit up. He had nothing in common with the same group of disciples who joined the Liu Guang sect, let alone those senior brothers and sisters.

He ran over happily, scratched his head, and said with a smile, “I’ve been lucky, since I’ve got an inheritance.”

Xu Ziyan did not continue to ask in detail. Because of the private nature of the inheritance, many people took them as their last card. No one would be stupid enough to reveal it unless absolutely necessary. And a person must be stupid enough also to ask what the inheritance another cultivator has obtained.


“Look at you, you’re already thrilled like this after having one inheritance.” they heard an extremely proud voice coming .

Le Hu’s facial expression darkened, while Xu Ziyan could only smile helplessly.

Wei Qing still looked arrogant, and he didn’t hide his look of sarcasm to Le Hu a bit.

Xu Ziyan felt puzzled and confused. Obviously, Wei Qing was usually arrogant and he didn’t like to talk to most of the people. How come his sarcastic skills would be activated whenever he saw Le Hu?

“Are you looking for a fight again?” Le Hu was clumsy in words and he didn’t like to argue. In his opinion, it’s better to fight than to waste time on words and argument.

Within the barbarians, once disputes arise, most of them are resolved by fists. The fist has the absolute authority and that’s what they believe in.

Seeing Le Hu rubbing his fists and ready to fight, Wei Qing’s facial expression turned dark. He suddenly remembered getting a black eye a month ago. Although it wasn’t a big injury, for someone like him, hurting his face would hurt him more than being physically injured.

“Why? Do you want it as well? I will accompany you to the end.” Wei Qing said coldly, and his aura began to fluctuate, it seemed that he would start fighting at any moment.

Xu Ziyan was speechless. When he was listening to the whispering of people around him, he didn’t hesitate to reward them with some chestnut, “fighting is so addictive, right? Since you like fighting so much, you can fight as much as you want when you return. Are you anxious to let others know that you’re from the Liu Guang sect? And that you dare to fight here?”

Le Hu massaged his temples, grinning his teeth as he was too furious to speak. Wei Qing was still acting coldly. Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure whether it’s an illusion, but he felt that there’s a hint of sadness in Wei Qing’s eyes.

Xu Zirong stood quietly behind Xu Ziyan, holding Xu Ziyan’s shirt tightly. Although his expression was still cold, his raised lips and eyebrows had told people obviously that he’s very happy at that moment.


“Look at you both, how old are you now? How come you’re acting like a kid? And comparing to Zirong, you guys aren’t even kids! You even started arguing for such small stuff, are you both only two years old or what?” Xu Ziyan pulled both to a corner and started scolding them, as if he wanted to train them to be better. He was confused, as he thought cultivators should mature earlier than ordinary people in this dangerous environment. How come this is not the case for Le Hu and Wei Qing?

Or, he only happened to see these two naughty kids coincidentally…

Otherwise, they just became naughty when they saw each other…

Therefore, it’d be themselves who didn’t want a harmonious environment…

After listening to Xu Ziyan comparing himself with Le Hu and Wei Qing, Xu Zirong immediately behaved better. He was standing obediently behind his brother and didn’t say anything further. When his brother wasn’t looking, he’d reveal a sarcastic smile to Le Hu and Wei Qing.

Le Hu, Wei Qing, “…”

Having a bump in the head, after Wei Qing and Le Hu were scolded and lectured by Xu Ziyan, the two finally became more obedient.

They were following Xu Ziyan like a fool and they headed to the place where the Liu Guang sect gathered. Actually, one of them was proud and the other one arrogant, they had no idea why they were doing what they were doing. Among the disciples of the same age, they were supposed to be the elites.

But when they were with Xu Ziyan, they would always subconsciously reveal their childish side.

They were looking at each other as if they were ready to kill. And when they raised their head, they instantly saw Xu Ziyan glaring at them sharply.



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