Chapter 82 Part 2

arms, Xu Zirong took a deep breath of his smell…

For five years, he had tried many times to use violence to break open the rock, but Big Foot Luo just coldly told him, “if you want to be killed by Liu Guang sect with Xu Ziyan, just use whatever power you have.”

This simple answer was like a pot of cold water pouring Xu Zirong from head to toe.

He got it!

Xu Zirong has always felt that he couldn’t understand Big Foot Luo well. On the surface, he seemed like an ordinary Golden Core cultivator, but Xu Ziyan had never believed in his façade. However, he still thought that he had underestimated the depth of Liu Guang sect. He had always thought that he’d been hiding it well, but Big Foot Luo already knew about him cultivating demon practices long time ago.

Xu Zirong didn’t ask how Big Foot Luo knew about it, as he knew asking it wouldn’t make any sense. The only thing that he didn’t understand was that Big Foot Luo could destroy him any second if he wanted to, but it seemed that he had helped Xu Zirong to hide something as well.

“Why?” Xu Zirong stopped faking and asked coldly. Both knew what he was referring to.

Big Foot Luo glanced at him lightly, “there are two reasons. First, I admire your brother, and I think he’s a good material. I don’t want you, as a little shit, to interfere his plan. All in all, you’re his spoilt little brother, if you die in the Liu Guang sect, it will certainly separate him from the sect.”

“Second…” This time, Big Foot Luo looked firmly at Xu Zirong and said slowly, “although you are cultivating magic skills, after my observation for a long time, I found that you have never taken a cultivator as your hunting target. ” Speaking of which, he paused before continuing, “if I’ve made the right guess, the one that you’ve cultivated is the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, right? In fact, it’s not demon cultivation itself. It was originally created by a righteous cultivator, and it also played a major role in the battle of the extreme west.”

“It’s a pity…” He shook his head a little regretfully, “human beings are naturally evil. The Blood Sea Heart Sutra was initially made for cultivation with demon’s blood, but it had turned into a method of demon cultivation after some bastard discovered its better effect with the use of human cultivator’s blood.”

He glanced at Xu Zirong again, “the reason why I haven’t touched you is because there is no right or wrong in the cultivation itself, we just need to look at who’s controlling it. From my current point of view, your performance is still satisfactory to me. Although I have no idea in what way you’ve got this inheritance, you managed to control the sense of murder in your heart and you’ve always put beasts and monsters as your first target. This is amazing, and that’s why I’ve let you be.”


Xu Zirong looked at Big Foot Luo silently. He never expected that Big Foot Luo had observed him for so long. Now when he thought of it, when his brother was cultivating closed-door, Big Foot Luo was exceptionally cold to him, and that’s probably because he’d discovered Xu Zirong having cultivated demon practices…

When thinking of this, Xu Zirong was having cold sweat. Fortunately, he had always considered his elder brother’s feelings and never regarded human cultivators as his hunting target. Even though he was feeling super irritated during his brother’s cultivation for the past five years, he had at most killed the beasts and monsters at the back of the mountain…

“I won’t tell anyone about it, but remember – if you ever use human cultivators to cultivate demon practices in the future, I will kill you no matter where you are!” Big Foot Luo couldn’t be more expressive, and he even tried to suppress Xu Zirong as a nascent soul cultivator, leaving an impression of fear in his heart.

This is also a magical power of nascent soul cultivators. He used this method to plant the seeds of fear in Xu Zirong’s heart. If Xu Zirong desperately uses human cultivators to cultivate one day, then this seed of fear will grow, and when Xu Zirong upgrades himself, it will become the ultimate demon in his heart.

Big Foot Luo had to do this out of no alternatives at all. Although it’s an unfair method to Xu Zirong, he was really worried about Xu Zirong committing evil acts with his Blood Sea Heart Sutra. On the other hand, if Xu Zirong didn’t do anything, Big Foot Luo couldn’t attack him first.


To choose between the two, he could only choose a less kind method.


Such a method naturally had an impact on Xu Zirong, at least it imposed an influence on his state of mind. Big Foot Luo was just doing this out of precautions. Therefore, after looking serious, he tried to look more relaxed and comforted Xu Zirong.

At the moment Big Foot Luo planted the seeds of fear in the heart of Xu Zirong, Xu Zirong lowered his head, seemingly forced by the momentum of Big Foot Luo. He was so scared that he couldn’t even raise his head.

Big Foot Luo thought that it’s not a good moment to say anything further. He went on encouraging Xu Zirong, promising that as long as he didn’t kill indiscriminately, Xu Zirong was still his disciple. Afterwards, Big Foot Luo left in a hurry. All in all, he was still a nascent soul cultivator. It was already too much to bully a kid like this, thus he did not want to arouse Xu Zirong’s rebelliousness.

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