83 Part 1

Chapter 83

After he left, Xu Zirong slowly raised his head. If anyone would have noticed, there was no trace of fear on that beautiful face. Instead, there was a cold smile on his face.

The repression of a nascent soul cultivator is absolute to a building base cultivator. If Big Foot Luo wanted to kill Xu Zirong, he didn’t even need one second, but he’d made the mistake of planting seeds of fear in Xu Zirong’s heart instead of proving it by with his power.

Xu Zirong knew what it felt like by being reborn, although he wasn’t as good as Big Foot Luo in terms of cultivation, he had already reached the level of a nascent soul cultivator in terms of spirit.

No matter how wise Big Foot Luo was, he would never expect that there would be a soul of nascent soul living inside a teenager’s body. For Xu Zirong, getting rid of the seeds of fear would be too easy.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong murmured and hugged Xu Ziyan’s waist tightly. He took a deep breath, and after five years, he finally smelled that familiar scent again.

Although he had successfully cheated Big Foot Luo at the beginning, it also reminded Xu Zirong that his disguise was not as perfect as he had previously thought. Although he didn’t know how Big Foot Luo discovered it, a flaw is a flaw. If Big Foot Luo could find out, it means that other people could find out as well.

This time he got lucky, and Big Foot Luo didn’t reveal the truth, but other people in Liu Guang sect might not be as nice.

Over the past few years, he has lived in a simple life, and had almost become an invisible man in the Liu Guang Sect. Except for the tasks of the sect assigned to him, he never went out. He just stayed in his quiet room to cultivate every day.

Occasionally, when he couldn’t suppress the sense of violence in his heart, he would leave the mountain gate, find a secluded mountain range, and slaughter monsters and beasts. He managed to keep doing this for five years.

But this was also his limit. If Xu Ziyan still didn’t wake up, he really couldn’t tell what he’d do.

“Okay, okay, it’s brother’s fault, but I never expected that this closed-door cultivation would last for five years.” Xu Ziyan smiled bitterly.

Although that’s not what he wanted, but he had indeed left Zirong aside for five years. The little boy in his memory had already become a beauty, Xu Ziyan was full of guilt…

Xu Zirong didn’t speak any more, he just hugged Xu Ziyan tightly, buried his head in his arms and refused to let go.

Xu Ziyan gently stroked his back. The two brothers were completely silent and they just hugged each other tightly.

“Cough…Am I… disturbing you?” A sudden voice broke the silence.

Xu Ziyan looked up and found that it was his master Big Foot Luo. The playful expression on his face made him blush.

He patted Zirong on the shoulder and pulled him from his arms.

Xu Zirong straightened his body, and Xu Ziyan realized that he hadn’t paid attention to how tall Zirong had already grown.

Thinking of that, he inevitably entered in a state of melancholy. The little boy who had only reached his chest had already grown up to the height of his shoulders…Although he seemed to have grown taller after five years as well, compared to the difference of the previous year, Xu Zirong was now only a little shorter.

Xu Ziyan was fully immersed into the thought of “my little brother is all grown up”, and now he looked at his master.

Although Xu Zirong really hated Big Foot Luo for having interrupted their brother’s sweet moment, but he didn’t show it in his face. Since the previous warning, Big Foot Luo was now much nicer to him. He had become much more careful in his daily reminders as well, as if he was trying to make up for planting seeds of fear.

Xu Zirong received Big Foot Luo’s courteous gestures well. He had no master in his previous life, and he had to rely solely on the Blood Sea Heart Sutra and those jade slips from the market for self-learning. Being guided by a master and self-learning are two totally different concepts. If not, no one would fight this hard to enter the sect.

Big Foot Luo was a solid nascent soul cultivator. He had no pressure to instruct a building base cultivator at all. What Xu Zirong missed was exactly the most basic knowledge. Therefore, when one was willing to learn and the other one willing to teach, the master-disciple relationship became incredibly peaceful.

Xu Zirong didn’t pay attention to Big Foot Luo. As long his brother was around, he’d put all his attention on him.

The dust accumulated over the years was swept away by his dust removal technique. Xu Zirong was very attentive to tidy up the folds on his brother’s clothes. Xu Ziyan didn’t notice anything wrong with his brother’s behavior. Ever since the Green Night Divine Thunder was mixed in his Dantian, he had become used to letting Xu Zirong take care of his clothes.

Seeing how considerate Xu Zirong was, Big Foot Luo’s eyes flashed. He glanced at Xu Zirong deeply, but he was so busy with taking care of his brother that he hadn’t even noticed.

“Master, is there anything you want from me?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Although he had been cultivating closed-doors for five years, he was sure that Big Foot Luo was looking for him for some other reason.

Big Foot Luo nodded, “I’m not looking for you.”

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