83 Part 2

Not looking for him? Meaning he’s looking for Zirong?

He looked suspiciously at Xu Zirong. He still remembered that the attitude of Big Foot Luo to Zirong before the closed-door cultivation was very strange. Did it mean that they had reconciled?

Then, he thought, it’s been five years anyway, anything could be resolved in five years.

“Are you looking for me?” Xu Zirong’s voice was very cold, there was no childishness in it but much more like an elegant teenager.

With such a beautiful look and the sound of jade, no wonder someone once said that the blood demon was the first beauty in the Xuan Yu Realm.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help staring at Zirong’s face. He had seen the eight-year-old and the twelve-year-old Zirong, and although he had also seen the grown-up Zirong in his memory, he couldn’t deny the fact that Zirong was extremely gorgeous and he’d captured his attention.

The pale porcelain-like skin looked so flawless that it didn’t seem like a real person, he had also had a tall nose bridge, full red lips, and his slightly opened lips kept saying, “brother…”


“Brother? What’s wrong with you?” Xu Zirong looked at him with confusion, “how come you’re staring at me blankly?”

Xu Ziyan was suddenly embarrassed. He was looking at his younger brother but was in turn stunned by his beauty. There’s no way he’d say such a shameful thing!!!

“Nothing.” He looked away embarrassedly and despised himself. He had already seen all kinds of beauties in the world, how could he be so stunned by Zirong’s beauty?


It really couldn’t be more embarrassing!

But really…Zirong was certainly gorgeous, and he’s even more beautiful than women with cosmetics.

“Then…brother, did you hear what we said just now?” Xu Zirong asked helplessly.

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan felt dull…

He was in a daze just now, of course he didn’t hear anything!

He showed a helpless smile and Xu Zirong repeated to him carefully.

Xu Ziyan silently wiped his forehead. He was the elder brother and he should be the one taking care of his little brother. How come he sensed a hint of being spoiled from his little brother just now?

This was definitely just an illusion!

“Are you two over it yet? Wasn’t it just a closed-door cultivation? How come you’re still sticking to each other?” Big Foot Luo couldn’t stand it anymore, he had to teach the two brothers a lesson.

One of them enjoyed pampering his younger brother, while the other one enjoyed playing an obedient baby the whole day…

Well, from another point of view, these two people were considered to have complemented each other. If Xu Zirong was a sharp blade, then Xu Ziyan would be his scabbard and knife holder.

As long as he was there, Big Foot Luo did not need to worry about what crazy things Xu Zirong would do, plus the existence of the seeds of fear, he had full confidence to Xu Zirong to grow on his own.

But…these two little guys were acting a bit too much! It turned out he had completely ignored his master and just paid attention to his brother, this was a really disturbing scene!

“Ho ho…” Xu Ziyan could only keep giggling when he heard Big Foot Luo. At this time, any refutation would be unwise at this time.

Big Foot Luo was actually just saying that, he couldn’t punish the two brothers just because they had a close relationship, but he was quite fed up with the scenario as he’d never seen such anyone as clingy as Xu Zirong before.

To be honest, if one only focused on the way Xu Zirong was acting now, they could never expect him to have cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

“Master, can my brother go with me?” Xu Zirong asked suddenly.


Big Foot Luo nodded casually, “go ahead, just treat it as yet another experience. Well, I assume that you haven’t returned home ever since you joined Liu Guang sect? This time, you can do so. You have two months and it’ll be enough. ”

Xu Zirong didn’t agree, nor disagree about his suggestion of going home. He had no love or hatred for the Xu family. He had once wiped out the entire Xu family in his previous life, which was considered as revenge. The Xu family in this life has not done any damages to him so far. Also, it was also his brother’s home. He could see that his brother still had feelings for that home, and he would naturally not do anything destructive.

Xu Ziyan didn’t think that much. He just thought that Xu Zirong was also Xu Xiao’s son. He had lived with the Xu family for so many years, and he should have some feelings about it. It would be a nice idea to drop by.

Big Foot Luo did not participate in the discussion of the brothers. He came here to ask Xu Zirong visit a friend’s family on his behalf.

That friend had deceased early, but Big Foot Luo was a righteous guy, he would take care of his family from time to time. The patriarch of that family was very wise, he never acted arrogantly because of the protection of Big Foot Luo. Instead, he was unusually low-key and never used his reputation to bully others.

For this kind of informed and knowledgeable family, Big Foot Luo didn’t mind offering them some help. This time, the patriarch of this family had his daughter married off, as the groom came from a medium-sized family, there were three golden core cultivators in it. In comparison, this family seemed a bit weak.

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