84 Part 1

I’ve led my villain astray, how do I fix it?

Chapter 84

The reason why they hoped that Big Foot Luo could send a disciple for help was not to fight for something, it’s just to let them know that they weren’t without support, and they couldn’t bully his daughter.

Big Foot Luo had a good impression of Jiang Tianxing, the current patriarch of the Jiang family. He didn’t mind taking care of such trivial matters, so the task naturally fell on Xu Zirong’s shoulders.

As there was still nearly half a month before the wedding, Xu Zirong was not in a hurry to set off. Xu Ziyan just finished his cultivation, and he needed a good rest.

Therefore, before going to bed at night, Xu Ziyan suddenly discovered that Xu Zirong had become extremely clingy.

Previously, Zirong was still a kid and it’s ok for him to always pull the clothes of Xu Ziyan; now that he’s an adult, although he’d stopped pulling Xu Ziyan’s clothes, he started pulling his hands.


Although the two were brothers, it was indeed eerie for them to hold hands…

Xu Ziyan tried to tactfully reject Xu Zirong. Unexpectedly, the moment he started mentioning it, Xu Zirong started looking at him extremely sadly. Then, Xu Ziyan couldn’t continue and he started feeling guilty.

Initially, Zirong was someone with insecurity. After five years of cultivation, it’s normal for him to become this clingy, as he’s really afraid to be left behind again.

Xu Ziyan was really guilty, and he became much softer to Zirong. It’s indeed super weird for two guys to sleep on the same bed, yet he could only agree.

That night, Xu Zirong had a good sleep. Although cultivators usually didn’t need deep sleep, he fell into sleep very easily by hugging his brother.

However, Xu Ziyan had nightmares the whole night. In the dream, he was tightly entangled by a giant python, and the snake even licked his face for a few times. Just when he was about to be swallowed by that bloody mouth, he suddenly woke up. Then, he’s completely dumbfounded when he discovered that it’s Xu Zirong’s limbs that had entangled him…

He silently held his forehead and suddenly realized that he hadn’t set a good example for Xu Zirong in terms of sleeping posture. Xu Zirong probably trained himself to sleep like a snake in order to adapt to his brother.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew very well how he looked like when he slept…

Before Big Foot Luo left the previous day, he left them with a cloud shuttle. This cloud shuttle was a flying magic weapon and was extremely fast. It was an absolutely effective weapon when they had to go somewhere urgently or to flee.

This time, Xu Zirong and the others were attending the wedding on behalf of Big Foot Luo. Naturally, they couldn’t appear to be too poor. This cloud shuttle was borrowed by Big Foot Luo from his senior brother, and he specially gave the brothers to look nice.

They were happily passing through the clouds when driving the cloud shuttle. It’s actually a magic weapon of intermediate level, and it’s at least ten times faster than holding their swords.

The Jiang family was located in a remote city called Wuti City, which was more than twice the size of Moxin City where the Xu family was located. However, the status of the Jiang family in Wuti City was completely incomparable to that of the Xu family.

After all, the Xu family still bore the name of a peripheral family of the Liu Guang sect, and the Xu family had also worked hard for its reputation. Aside from its patron, Xu Xiao who was a Golden Core cultivator, there was at least one more guest who was in the same level.

The two Golden Core cultivators may be nothing in some big sects, but in such a remote town, they were already very powerful. It’s pretty evident when the Xu family could guard the whole Moxin city with two Golden Core cultivators.

There were four powers in Wuti City where the Jiang family was located. These four powers were of equal strength, and none of them could dominate over the other one. It’s just that Wuti City was relatively close to Tian Yu sect, and among these four families, the Fang family was the outer sect of the Tian Yu sect. Therefore, in the Wuti City, the Fang family had a greater say in various matters.

This time, someone in the Jiang family would get married to someone from the Fang family. The daughter of the head of the Jiang family was going to marry the son of a senior of the Fang family. As the Fang family had the Tian Yu sect to rely on, on the surface, it looked like the Jiang family wanted to rely on the Tian Yu sect. However, Jiang Tianxing didn’t mean this at all.

As an ordinary father, he had never thought of enhancing his status through marriage. In his mind, the happiness of his daughter was the most important.

It was for this reason that he deliberately contacted cultivator Luo Yun, hoping that he could send a disciple over. There’s no need to argue about anything, he just wanted them to clarify their identity, letting everyone know that there’s one Nascent Soul cultivator behind the Jiang family. It’s also to let everyone know that the Jiang family doesn’t need to establish any relationship by selling their daughter.

After knowing the whole story from Big Foot Luo, Xu Ziyan also had a good impression of this patron of the Jiang family.

Compared with Xu Xiao, Jiang Tianxing was a really good father. As his daughter, Miss Jiang who’s going to get married was definitely a fortunate one.

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