85 Part 1

I’ve led the villain astray, how do I fix it?

Chapter 85

Seeing Fang Tianrui drunk like this, Jiang Ying couldn’t help feeling extremely anxious. She admitted that she’s worrying. Although she’d never had an affair with Fang Tianrui, it’d be extremely troublesome if he told everyone anything he wanted after getting drunk.

She would be married to Tianyun in a few days. If there was still something unclear between her and the Fang family brothers at this time, even if it could be resolved at the end, she would definitely become a joke of the whole Wuti city.

“Tianyun, I think your cousin is very drunk, so let’s send him back first.” Jiang Ying was worried.

Fang Tianyun also didn’t want outsiders to see that the future heir of the Fang family being drunk like this. He quickly called two servants to send Fang Tianrui back.

After sending Fang Tianrui home, Fang Tianyun couldn’t help but feel his head hurting just by looking at his sleeping cousin brother. His uncle would surely know about this matter, and given his personality, his cousin brother wouldn’t have a nice time in the next coming days.

“Ying’er, do you know what the hell is going on?” Fang Tianyun asked, pointing at the drunk Fang Tianrui.

Jiang Ying shook her head slightly. Although Fang Tianrui and Fang Tianyun were cousins, they had completely different personalities. Compared with Fang Tianrui who didn’t like to smile, Jiang Ying naturally liked the cheerful Fang Tianyun more.

It’s just that it really looked as if Fang Tianrui was betrayed, and she really couldn’t think of why he’d make up this lie.


Jiang Ying’s heart jumped suddenly. She lowered her head and tried to cover the panic in her eyes. Fortunately, Fang Tianyun was busy taking care of Fang Tianrui who wanted some water, and he hadn’t noticed his fiancé looking so abnormal at that moment.

After saying bye to Fang Tianyun in a hurry, Jiang Ying hurriedly returned home. She still looked slightly worried, but the few sisters that greeted her later on hadn’t noticed it.

“Huh, what does she look so happy? She just hooked up with the second young master of the Fang family and nothing more!” A girl in a yellow dress looked at Jiang Ying’s back disappearing behind the moon gate, she couldn’t help but said angrily.

The girl in pink clothes standing beside her frowned slightly, “enough, don’t talk about it anymore.”

The girl in yellow clothes pouted her lips, since she didn’t agree with her. Her father was the younger brother of the current patriarch, and his cultivation level has reached the stage of pulse condensation. His father kept saying that her grandfather originally wanted to pass on the position of the patriarch to him, but it was snatched by the uncle. Therefore, the girl in yellow clothes had always felt that if the patriarch had not taken the position of her father back then, she would be the beloved daughter in the Jiang family! If she were the daughter of the patriarch, Fang Tianyun would definitely choose to marry her instead of Jiang Ying, who was inferior to her in every aspect!

The girl in yellow clothes thought bitterly, but she dared not show any signs. Jiang Tianxing had absolute control over the Jiang family, and her father could only tell his daughter how he thought.

The girl in yellow clothes also understood the Jiang family’s style very well. Even though she felt unwilling, she couldn’t show it too obviously. It’s only that…once she realized that Jiang Ying would marry to the handsome Fang Tianyun in a few days, she couldn’t make her hatred disappear.

“Okay, let’s go, have you finished today’s homework?” The girl in pink clothes only knew that the girl in yellow clothes was very jealous of Jiang Ying. In fact, many people were jealous of the next generation of the Jiang family.

Although many people in Wuti city were spreading rumors about the Jiang family marrying Jiang Ying off to Fang Tianyun, only because they wanted to connect to Tian Yu sect, the girl in yellow clothes knew very clearly about the love of the patriarch to Jiang Ying. If Jiang Ying didn’t like Fang Tianyun a bit, he would never allow the marriage to happen.

When the girl in pink clothes thought of her father’s attitude towards her, she couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

Who wouldn’t be jealous when facing Jiang Ying, who’s so fortunate?

Neither the hatred of the girl in yellow clothes nor girl in pink clothes bothered Jiang Ying. After she came out of the Fang’s house, she had had difficulty concentrating.

Fang Tianrui’s behavior shocked her, but what made her feel more disturbed was that she vaguely had a terrifying thought.

After returning to her courtyard, she told all her servants to leave, leaving only her close maid, Qilan. She brought Qilan to the backyard. With special steps, she walked around the rockery.

This rockery was made up of five bizarre boulders. The angles of these boulders were very sophisticated, leaving a hole as high as one person under the rockery.

Usually, this entrance was hidden under the phantom array, and one had to use the weird steps that Jiang Ying had used just now to reveal the entrance.


Jiang Ying let Qilan stay aside and she hurriedly got into the entrance. It was a cave built up by a rockery and it’s naturally not very deep. When Jiang Ying walked to the bottom of the cave, she touched a switch on the wall.

Very quietly, a hole extending downwards was exposed two steps away from Jiang Ying. Jiang Ying looked at the hole and took a deep breath, then jumped right in.

Along the underground passage, Jiang Ying first went down, then up again. After walking for a while, she saw a door exposed in front of her.

She pushed open the door slowly and saw a picturesque scenery.

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