86 Part 2

Xu Ziyan was completely speechless. How could he have such weak alcohol holding ability? However, he also had some responsibilities in this. Although it’s Zirong who suggested to drink some wine, he hadn’t rejected at all. He couldn’t put all the blame on Zirong alone.


Fortunately, he didn’t do anything extraordinary. Xu Ziyan focused on controlling the cloud shuttle, trying to take back the three days he had slept.

Xu Zirong smiled, and he used his slender fingers to gently massage his brother’s temples.

Was the ability of Xu Ziyan to hold alcohol really that weak? Of course not!

Now, Xu Ziyan was a building base cultivator at later stage, if a little amount of spiritual wine could get him that drunk, then it shouldn’t be called spiritual wine, it should be called poison instead.

In fact, Xu Zirong had planned all this for a long time. He had to spend a huge amount of spiritual stones for that bottle of wine. They were in his “Qiankun bag” for a long time before being used.

After his elder brother was drunk, he booked a room in an inn as quickly as possible. In this kind of room specially prepared for cultivators, in order to prevent being disturbed, there were some defensive arrays. With these arrays, Xu Zirong didn’t have to be worried of being ambushed all of a sudden.

He had to admit that his drunk brother was way beyond cute. Although it seemed inappropriate to use this adjective to describe a tall and handsome man, Xu Ziyan was so obedient after he was drunk. He was willing to do everything that Zirong instructed.


Xu Zirong kept touching and kissing his brother, and his needs were greatly satisfied. If certain actions wouldn’t leave obvious traces, he really wanted to “complete the whole action”.

Since Xu Ziyan’s closed-door cultivation, Xu Zirong’s body also entered the growth period. Ever since his first wet dream, he had planned to relive those moments which he had once seen as “disgusting”. Also, he started to read a lot on this topic.

Xu Zirong’s performance in real life still needed to be assessed, but at least he’s an expert in theories now…

After tasting almost every inch of skin on his brother’s body, Xu Zirong had to use all of his strength to control himself.

No…it’s not the time yet…

He didn’t want to separate from his elder brother just because of his inability to control himself. At that moment, he wasn’t entirely sure whether his brother would stay.

After taking a few deep breaths and suppressing the burning urge in his heart, it took Xu Zirong a lot of effort to reluctantly put the clothes on his brother and calm himself down completely.


He didn’t get his brother drunk to take advantage of him. Instead, he wanted to form a blood contract with his brother.

The blood contract is a very partial spell in the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, and its function was also very simple. It could produce a kind of inseparable connection between two people who have formed a blood contract.

This connection is established through blood, so both parties have to exchange nearly half of their body’s natural essence blood to achieve this.

The blood of cultivators is very precious, and their essence blood is even more so. It is very dangerous to have half of the essence blood left the body. If Xu Zirong hadn’t studied deeply of the blood contract in his previous life, he wouldn’t perform this ceremony on his brother so easily.

In his previous life, he studied about the blood contract as he wanted to use this to create some absolutely loyal subordinates, but no matter how much he studied it, he really couldn’t convince himself about passing half of his essence blood to the others.

Wouldn’t that be like giving his life to someone?

It wasn’t possible for him to do anything like that, and he had to stop studying it.

However, that issue could be solved with Xu Ziyan, as there was absolutely no issues of trust between them.

After removing this biggest risk, the blood contract would become an everlasting connection for them.

It’s the bonding between him and Xu Ziyan.

He was not Xu Ziyan’s real younger brother, no one knew this except himself. His mother was so clever back then, and even Xu Xiao was cheated. However, what’s fake will forever be fake, and there would always be a risk of exposure.

Now that a blood contract was formed, the connection between them could no longer be cut off. No matter where his brother went, Xu Zirong could use the blood contract to find him.

The ceremony was completed smoothly, and it only took a few moments for the two to complete the exchange of their essence blood. There was no big change of the two after that.

A drop-shaped blood mark appeared on Xu Zirong’s arm, while he had put Xu Ziyan’s mark on his waist on the back.


If nothing specific happened, this mark could be hidden for a pretty long time. Given Xu Ziyan’s personality, even if he found out, he might just take it as a mark that he’s born with.

After finishing all this, Xu Zirong, who was extremely exhausted, hugged his brother and fell asleep. When Xu Ziyan woke up, he reluctantly let go of his hand.

They still had enough time to travel to Wuti City. Even if Xu Ziyan slept for three days, with the cloud shuttle, they managed to get there before the marriage.

Jiang Tianxing, the head of the Jiang family, welcomed them very enthusiastically. He also cleaned the courtyard with the best scenery so that they could stay there.

Xu Ziyan did not stay in the yard. Instead, he found a servant to take them around Wuti City. This was the third city Xu Ziyan has visited since he came to this world.


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