87 Part 1

Chapter 87

Wuxi City was a lot bigger than Moxin City. The Xu brothers went exploring the city the whole afternoon and they just finished seeing less than one-fourth of it.

“Anything fun to do here?” Xu Ziyan asked casually. The things sold in this so-called shop couldn’t even be compared to the small shop in Liu Guang sect, specifically dedicated to serving disciples, so he naturally wasn’t interested.

The servant who followed was a little worried, but from the attitude of the patriarch, it was not difficult to notice the identities of the Xu brothers. There was indeed somewhere fun in Wuti City, but was it really suitable to bring the brothers there?

“So, is there a problem?” Xu Ziyan noticed that the servant seemed a little embarrassed, and he asked curiously.

“Not really…” The servant replied with hesitation.

“If it is inconvenient for you, then simply forget it.” Xu Ziyan didn’t mind. All in all, they were guests. If it’s really inconvenient, they might as well wait in the Jiang family for the ceremony.

He didn’t mind but Xu Zirong did. He seemed a little unhappy after hearing the vague answer of the servant.


As soon as he started to look unhappy, the servant was scared. These were the very important guests of the patriarchs. If he offended them, he might face a consequence even more serious than being expelled from the Jiang family.

He was really scared, and he hurriedly said, “in fact, the finest places in Wuti City would be Liu Yun Pavilion and Cai Shi Pavilion.”

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan felt a bit strange. These two places didn’t sound very special, why would the servant act like that? “What’s so fun about these two places?”

After seeing this reaction, the servant smiled bitterly, “well…the girls in Liu Yun Pavilion are all very beautiful…and Cai Shi Pavilion…you can earn a huge amount if you’re lucky.”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Well, in the ancient world, the only places for entertainment would be brothels and casinos.

Hmm…no matter if it’s a cultivator or not, these two kinds of places would never be attractive to the others.

Xu Zirong was initially quite unhappy, now that he knew Liu Yun Pavilion was a brothel, he looked even more upset. His eyes looked extremely sharp and cold, and he was staring at the servant. If his brother wasn’t there, he really wanted to tear the servant apart.

His elder brother still preferred women, and he knew clearly about that. Given his age, it’s a perfectly normal thing to visit brothels.

However, in Liu Guang sect, there’s no way for anyone to explore brothels. He had never expected that someone would instantly invite his brother after they went outside.

The poor servant suddenly felt chills down his spine. He turned his head and looked at Xu Zirong, who looked at him extremely coldly.

The servant thought, “that’s so scary…what have I done wrong…”

Xu Ziyan didn’t notice that Xu Zirong was looking at the servant as if he’d murder him. He thought for a while, then clapped his hands, “well, let’s visit the Liu Yun Pavilion then.”

As soon as Xu Ziyan said so, Xu Zirong had an even more horrifying facial expression. The servant was like a mouse spotted by a snake and he was trying to escape from the scenario. He was wrong, he really shouldn’t have recommended the two places to the Xu brothers…

“Huh? Zirong, what’s wrong with you?”

Before the servant was “killed” by Xu Zirong’s look, Xu Ziyan finally saw Xu Zirong’s look.

“Brother…Are you going to the brothel?” Xu Zirong’s face was full of disgust. It’s such a filthy place, how could he let his elder brother go there?

Seeing Zirong’s disgusted look, Xu Ziyan hurriedly explained, “we’ll just check out the place, it’s not like we have to find a girl or something.”

Xu Zirong didn’t become happier after hearing the answer. Just check out the place? His brother just wanted to check out the women! It turned out that he really preferred women!

Well…there’s absolutely no way!


“Xu…Young Master…” The servant avoided the powerful and threatening gaze of Xu Zirong and he stuttered, “um…Liu Yun Pavilion is not a brothel…the girls there will just drink and sing with you, they won’t sleep with you.”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan was surprised, he didn’t expect that Liu Yun Pavilion to be such an elegant…brothel.

“That’s better, let’s go, Zirong, you have grown up too, it’s time to get to know something new. Then, in case someone seduces you, you will still have some power of resistance.” Xu Ziyan laughed.

Xu Ziyan was kind of teasing, and that was indeed something that worried him.

With Xu Zirong’s charming looks, there would certainly be female cultivators approaching him. Xu Ziyan really didn’t want his brothers to be defeated by a woman.

A young man his age would usually be sexually impulsive. He really needed to be trained in a brothel to increase his power of resistance. After that, he would not be tempted by women so easily.


With Xu Ziyan’s persistence, Xu Zirong followed his brother reluctantly.

He could not refute Xu Ziyan’s arguments, as every heir in the family had to go through a training like this. At the beginning, Xu Ziyan’s maid, Ruoqi, was specially prepared for him to break his virginity. Unfortunately, Ruoqi seemed to have offended Xu Ziyan, and she was expelled the day Xu Zirong joined the family. Later, Xu Xiao did arrange other girls, yet they were all sent away by Xu Ziyan silently.

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