87 Part 2

After having realized that his son wasn’t interested in women, Xu Xiao even sent him two handsome guys, but they were also sent away by Xu Ziyan later.

After so many times, Xu Xiao basically understood what Xu Ziyan meant, and he stopped having any requirements in this regard. He didn’t want to control his son by sending him different women, just to make him more resistant to female attractiveness. Now that Xu Ziyan could totally withstand any temptation on his own, there’s naturally no need to force him to accept those women.

Xu Zirong had deep resentment in his heart, but he couldn’t express it. There was nothing wrong with his brother’s thoughts, but he couldn’t explain to his brother that he already had the ability to resist this kind of temptation.


The helpless Xu Zirong could only follow his brother closely and made sure he had no close contact with those prostitutes!

The Liu Yun Pavilion was located in the Shangshui Lake to the north of Wuti City. There was an island in the middle of the lake, and Liu Yun Pavilion was on that island.

The area of the entire island was not big, only about a thousand hectares, while Liu Yun Pavilion almost occupied three-quarters of the area, leaving only a pier outside for the pick-up and drop-off of guests.

They were riding on a flat boat and drifting on the blue lake. The island in the middle of the lake was hidden in layers of white fog, and as the fog moved, one could almost see a corner of the pavilion. The pleasant sound of silk and bamboo seemed to be floating on the shore through layers of fog and it attracted many tourists who wanted to have a look.

“That’s nice, it’s quite romantic.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile when he was looking at the pier that they started to see.

Xu Zirong looked at it without any facial expression. Romantic, what’s that about? He would only hate that place, he wouldn’t like it a bit.


“Well, Zirong, cheer up a bit. Just think of us being tourists. It’s a brothel, not a dragon’s cave.” After seeing the dull look on Zirong’s face, Xu Ziyan felt a bit helpless. He wanted Xu Zirong to see as many women as he could so that he could resist any future temptation more easily. However, Xu Zirong just kept looking so angry. It’s not just a plain expression, it’s very obvious that he’s pissed off.

If they entered the brothel like that, he was sure that no woman would approach them. In that case, this training was just meaningless.

Xu Zirong turned his face silently and he looked at Xu Ziyan without moving away his gaze, “tourists?”

Xu Ziyan felt a bit dumbfounded. He didn’t know what’s been going on. After he woke up from his closed-door cultivation, he’d felt that the grown up Zirong would sometimes give him a sense of oppression.

“So, my brother isn’t here to see beautiful women?”

“Of course not!” Xu Ziyan replied somewhat dumbfounded. He really just wanted to join in the fun. After all, he had never been to such a place before, though he’d by lying if he said that he’s not curious at all. It’s only that…he’d never expected Xu Zirong to think that he’s here for the beautiful prostitutes…well, perhaps it’s part of the many reasons, but he mainly wanted to train Xu Zirong.


After realizing that Xu Zirong hadn’t changed his attitude because of his answer, Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes, and there’s a smirk on his face, “speaking of beauty, who else would be more beautiful than my Zirong?”

Obviously, this sentence had caused quite an amazing effect. Xu Zirong’s cheeks began to turn red slowly, and Xu Ziyan was shocked to see that.

Uh…Actually, Xu Ziyan said this just to lighten the atmosphere. Well…perhaps not entirely. Zirong was a handsome guy, yet as his elder brother, Xu Ziyan would apparently not discuss his his appearance that way. However, Xu Ziyan would never expect him to blush just because of one sentence, especially when he usually appeared to be so calm and cool…

Oops…he seemed to have joked too much. Xu Ziyan started to have a headache. However, after seeing that Xu Zirong had stopped being angry, he stopped his urge to explain.

He felt that it’d just be useful if he explained more…well, all in all, Zirong was a beauty, no? So what was he struggling with?

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead and thought, “is it because I still haven’t adapted to the adult version of Zirong after he grew up?”

Xu Zirong was sitting quietly on one side, he could feel Xu Ziyan’s inner struggle without looking at him. These feelings were certainly not illusions, it’s an ambiguous atmosphere that he deliberately created. Just like now, Xu Ziyan made him blush on purpose and he got embarrassed as well, the only purpose was to change his childish image in Xu Ziyan’s heart.

He had to clearly tell his brother that he’s no longer a kid. He’s an adult already. No one would ever date a kid, but his brother had obviously not gotten used to the fact that Xu Zirong had already become an adult.

It didn’t matter, he could change his image in his brother’s heart step by step. Xu Zirong thought, sooner or later, his brother would realize that his option for a partner would be Zirong. No one else had his qualities!

Under such a bizarre atmosphere, they soon arrived Liu Yun Pavilion.

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