88 Part 1

I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It ?

Chapter 88


Surprisingly, there was no such kind of prostitutes with heavy makeup that Xu Ziyan had once imagined. Instead, there was an elegant waitress waiting quietly at the pier with a yellow paper fan.

When they got nearer, they saw that it’s raining at the center of the island.

When the raindrops hit on the paper fan, there was a loud and clear sound. When the elegant lady saw the two brothers, she just showed a faint smile, and that didn’t cover her gorgeous eyes.

“Welcome you both to the Liu Yun Pavilion.” The elegant lady stood up and bowed.

Xu Ziyan was a little surprised, as this maid seemed to have a slight hint of cultivation! They hadn’t expected the Liu Yun Pavilion to recruit cultivators as maids. Although she didn’t seem to be a high-level cultivator, it’s still different from ordinary people. This was out of Xu Ziyan’s expectation.

“I’m assuming that it’s the first time you both are here. Do you want to go to the Start visiting the Star Building or the Moon Garden?” The girl smiled and asked.

“Oh? What is the difference between the two?” Xu Ziyan asked curiously.

The servant who had led the way had already been sent away by Xu Ziyan, and he didn’t expect that the Liu Yun Pavilion was divided into different places.

The maid covered her mouth and laughed, “this Star Building is built for cultivators in specific, while the Moon Garden is mainly for ordinary people and cultivators at the same time.”

Xu Ziyan suddenly realized that it’s a high-level clubhouse after all. The Moon Garden was dedicated for the ordinary, while the Star Building was like a VIP lounge…

After five years of closed-door cultivation, Xu Ziyan had already reached the later stage of Building Base, and with that level, he was already considered as a high-level cultivator in Wuti City. However, he didn’t see himself as superior, so he naturally went for the Moon Garden…

After paying the entrance fee which was two spiritual stones, they followed the maid while enjoying the surrounding environment. And they walked towards the Moon Garden.

The Moon Garden was located behind the Lake Island and it occupied nearly half of the area of ​​the Island. There were no rooms in the garden. They just made use of the angles of the trees at the center of the plaza to make some partitions.

In the center of the plaza, there was a magnificent stage, and some dancers were dancing on it gracefully.


The maid led the Xu brothers to the entrance of the plaza. Out of some array, the sky above the plaza was all sunny, and it’s a big contrast comparing to the grey sky over the pier.

“I hope that you both can have a great time here.” The maid bowed slightly and left. Then, girls started to approach them in the plaza.

“Hey, I haven’t ever seen you here. Is it your first time to the Liu Yun Pavilion?”

“Yes, this is our first time to be here. I wonder if you have any recommendations?” Xu Ziyan didn’t deny and he asked with a smile.

The girl covered her mouth and smiled. When she was just about to say something, she saw Xu Zirong behind him and her facial expression froze…

The girl thought, are you kidding me? There’s a rare beauty just behind you! How come you still want me to recommend someone to you? Let alone the Moon Garden, even the Star Building didn’t have such a gorgeous face!

“Um…this guest, I’m afraid that you’re kidding, you…” This girl wasn’t too happy, and she was checking out Xu Zirong from top to bottom. It’s like she was saying, “you’re bringing such a beauty to the Liu Yun Pavilion, are you trying to destroy our business?”

When Xu Ziyan looked at the expressionless face of Xu Zirong, he had a headache. He went forward to block Xu Zirong, then he smiled to the girl, “this is my brother, and I just want to show him here today.”

“Ho ho…” The girl laughed and said nothing more. She led them into a relatively secluded corner to sit down. She thought, she’d better not stimulate her sisters with such a beauty…

The two of them waited for a while, and soon, a servant served them a pot of wine and four plates of dried fruits. The girl perceived them as important guests, and although she didn’t stay, she made the young servant do so.

This young servant was only 13 or 14 years old, he’s a beautiful appearance and good communication. What impressed Xu Ziyan the most was that this young servant already had a slight sense of delicacy at such a young age.

This temperament was not entirely natural, and it’s quite obvious that he’s well-trained. Also, since he had a pair of long legs, slender waist and a flexible body, it’s clear that someone trained him to get ready for guests later.

Xu Ziyan put down the wine glass that he just took, and he was looking at the young guy from time to time. He couldn’t help but sigh.


“It’s okay, I was just thinking about something.” Xu Ziyan said lightly.


Seeing Xu Zirong’s exquisite and beautiful face, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but let his thoughts wander. He remembered what it was mentioned in the novel – after Xu Zirong escaped from Xu’s house, he had lived a very miserable life. At that time, he hadn’t finished his training of demon cultivation and he was very weak. His beautiful appearance also gave him many troubles. There was even one time when he was sold to a brothel. If he hadn’t tried his best to break free from that cultivator, he would definitely have the same fate as this young servant.

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