88 Part 2

Suddenly, he felt a bit distressed. Although he knew that such things would not happen anymore after his arrival, Xu Ziyan still felt some pain with Xu Zirong’s fate in the novel.

Perhaps, after he first came to this world, he had a strong empathy towards Xu Zirong, he was almost tempted to use him to replace Xu Ziyu, but after so many years, he’d already taken Xu Zirong as his family.

No one can remain indifferent when a family member encounters such things. Although those things didn’t happen at all, Xu Ziyan still felt sad about it.

He reached out his hand and held Xu Zirong in his arms, and he slightly touched his back, “Zirong, don’t worry. Brother will protect you anywhere you are, and I won’t let bad things happen to you…”

Xu Zirong lied in his arms very obediently, yet his eyes were full of doubt.

He wasn’t sure why his brother suddenly said all this, and he also paid attention to the second sentence.

Won’t let bad things happen to you?

What’s it about? What could be the bad things?

Xu Zirong felt emotional and he found it hard to calm down. Perhaps after the rebirth, he had a big reaction to his brother’s words.

For a long time, he felt that his brother seemed to be hiding a big secret, but he was still unable to find out what it was. However, just now, he seemed to have vaguely touched the core of the secret.

This result made him feel a little bit unbelievable, because he suspected that his brother had also gone through rebirth.

If that’s the case, then who is he actually? And did he know that Xu Zirong was reborn too?

The thoughts in his mind all flushed out like a fountain, and the scattered thoughts almost made his brain explode.

Not right…not right…

Xu Zirong forced himself to calm down, as he shouldn’t make a conclusion just because of one sentence.

In his past life, Xu Zirong had no friends at all. Even though someone in his past life was reborn, there could never be a person taking care of him as well as his brother.

Calm down! Xu Zirong! You must calm down!

Xu Zirong kept repeating this in his mind. He forced himself to calm down. Not only did he need to rethink all these issues, but also…

“Huh? Zirong? Are you…in a bad mood?” Xu Ziyan suddenly stopped stroking Xu Zirong’s back and asked with a slightly suspicious expression.

“Huh? No, why?” Xu Zirong hid the panic in his eyes, he raised his head innocently and looked at Xu Ziyan calmly with his bright and watery eyes.

“Oh…how strange, why I suddenly feel that you seem to be panicking, well, it’s probably because of my illusion.” Xu Ziyan scratched his head and said.

Xu Zirong kept the innocent look on his face, and his arms wrapping around Xu Ziyan’s waist tightened.

The existence of blood contract allows the two parties to roughly sense each other’s emotions. The more intense the emotions are, the easier they are to be perceived. Moreover, with the passage of time and the deepening of the blood contract, the two parties might be even able to sense each other’s feelings even when they’re miles apart.

It’s just that Xu Zirong deliberately blocked Xu Ziyan’s ability in this area in order to keep the secret about the blood contract, but his emotions were too intense just now, and they were so close, this made Xu Ziyan feel it so clearly.

Now he had completely calmed down, and with the barrier, this incident got to subside.

The Xu brothers had completely ignored the young guy serving them.

Seeing Xu Ziyan spoiling Xu Zirong so much, the young servant suddenly felt jealous. He also knew that with Xu Zirong’s gorgeous look, the most top girls in the Star Building were incomparable.

He had already identified Xu Zirong as the concubine of Xu Ziyan. Although the two pretended to be brothers, there was no similarity in their appearances.

The young guy knew very well that as people like him, the best way is to earn as much as they could while they were still young. However, the one in front of him not only had the most gorgeous face, but also a lover that would not leave him.

That’s right, he was sure that Xu Ziyan was the lover of Xu Zirong, as aside from lovers, no one would spoil him like that.


(Xu Ziyan :Σ(?°?△?°|||)︴What the?! That’s brotherhood! Brotherhood!)

The young guy was incredibly jealous. He felt that God was really unfair. He had already given this man such an amazing beauty. Why would he given also such a dedicate lover?!

Before, he also imagined that a handsome man would go there and take him away. However, that’s just imagination and countless girls in Liu Yun Pavilion had the same fantasy.

But what’s the outcome? For those girls, the best result was that they’d earned enough money to be sold, and if they were lucky enough, they could find a good husband, if they were unlucky, the consequence might just be more miserable.

The young servant bit his lips and felt incredibly sad. After seeing the two brothers sticking to each other, he silently left…


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