89 Part 1

I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 89

After a while, the entire plaza suddenly darkened, and out of surprise, Xu Ziyan raised his head. He saw a soft white light slowly radiating from the sky, just covering the entire stage.

“What is this?” Xu Ziyan adjusted his angle and looked in the direction of the stage. He wasn’t sure how they designed this Moon Garden, but they could see the stage very clearly although they were in a remote corner.

The young servant, who initially wanted to ask something, suddenly left. However, Xu Ziyan didn’t mind, as he would find out more later anyway, and he would reveal that mystery later.

Xu Ziyan looked at the stage, but Xu Zirong’s eyes kept focusing on his brother and the stage.

As a slender and elegant woman appeared on the stage, his slightly dim expression gradually lightened.

Fortunately, his brother didn’t show a disgusting and filthy look after those girls appeared, he just looked at them plainly.

As Xu Zirong was gorgeous, he knew what it felt like to be looked at that way, yet he was with great power and those who wanted him were all eliminated. Those were remained realized that Xu Zirong was actually toxic, and you really have to know what to expect (even it means losing your life) if you want to get near him.

Before, he was worried that his brother wanted to do something to those girls by coming to the brothel, but now he was convinced that his brother just wanted to check it out.

Although Xu Zirong felt a bit relieved, he still felt uncomfortable. He hated everything that attracted his brother, even if it’s just pure admiration!

He really wanted to kill everything that could attract his brother!

Xu Zirong’s eyes became dark, and all the complicated thoughts were hidden there. He dared not show these extreme thoughts to his brother, as he couldn’t imagine what reaction his brother would have.

He knew perfectly that his brother’s bottom line was still there, and he dared not cross it, as he couldn’t afford destroying the relationship between him and his brother.

He wanted to have his brother as a whole, yet he didn’t want to become his enemy. Imprisoning his brother would be the last and the worst method. As long as there was a chance, he would not let things develop to such an extent!

As the beauties on the stage showed their superb talents one by one, the guests around the nearest tables below the stage began to yell with the highest prices that they could think of.

Xu Ziyan immediately realized that this should be an activity like an auction, but he was not interested in participating. He planned to just stick to the original plan – to observe.

The women on the stage showed their best qualities, whether it was playing a music instrument or dancing, or just singing with their beautiful voice. Everyone qualified to be on the stage was definitely not an ordinary one.

Xu Ziyan watched the show and the auction happily, out of somewhere, there’s a weird noise near his eyes.

He turned around while feeling confused.

——A pink rabbit was lying on Xu Zirong’s shoulder, eating carrots. After seeing Xu Ziyan’s gaze, the rabbit turned its head and glanced at him, then calmly twisted back. It finished the carrot in just seconds and continued with the next one.

What the hell? When did this rabbit appear?

Xu Ziyan was horrified. He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen this rabbit ever since he had finished his closed-door cultivation. He almost forgot that Xu Zirong owned this spiritual monster.


However, where did this rabbit come from? It’s a thousand miles away from the Liu Guang Sect. There were not many monsters that could catch up with the speed of Cloud Shuttle, so…how did this rabbit appear here?

“Ever since your closed-door cultivation, pinky hairy would disappear from time to time, and it’d just suddenly pop up again. I don’t know how he found me, I’ve never lost him.” Seeing how shocked Xu Ziyan was, Xu Zirong explained it thoughtfully.

Xu Ziyan swore that his body turned stiff when Xu Zirong called it the “pinky hairy”, he really wasn’t fond of that name…

Wait a minute! This wasn’t the time to discuss the name of the rabbit, what kind of spiritual monster is this? How can it go anywhere it likes?

“Can you, as a spiritual monster, go anywhere you like?” Xu Ziyan frowned. He didn’t know that the spiritual monster and Xu Zirong had signed an equal contract. He had always thought that the spiritual monster had begged Xu Zirong to be contracted.

The corners of Xu Zirong’s eyes twitched. What exactly is the origin of this damn rabbit? He hadn’t figured it out yet. However, this rabbit was not as weak as it appeared to be. At least Xu Zirong thought that he couldn’t kill it now. In the past five years, although this rabbit often disappeared inexplicably and appeared inexplicably as well, it did not cause any hindrance to him. He simply ignored it, He’d at most have an additional burden on his shoulders, as he didn’t really have to take care of it as it even carried food on its own.


“Pinky Hairy is quite naughty, as it always goes away and would suddenly return.”

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