89 Part 2

Xu Ziyan could feel some anger from this sentence…he knew that if he continued asking, Zirong would be pissed off, he might as well let the subject pass…

“Oh, I see…” Xu Ziyan decisively changed the subject, “did you think of its name?”

“Yes, what do you think of it, brother?” Xu Zirong smiled after hearing the question.

Xu Ziyan glanced at the rabbit silently, wondering if it was his illusion, but he always felt that the rabbit’s energy to chew carrots seemed to have become stronger.

“Yes, it sounds nice, and I remember that you liked pink as a child.” Xu Ziyan touched his nose and continued.

Xu Zirong’s face suddenly froze, and the rabbit on his shoulder started giggling.

Xu Ziyan looked at the rabbit suspiciously. Are you kidding me? Can a rabbit laugh?

What responded was the noise of eating – this rabbit would never let anything prevent it from eating!

“Tsk tsk, luckily it’s not too late, or this most popular girl would…” There’s suddenly a man’s voice beside the screen.

When Xu Ziyan turned around, he frowned.

A young man and a teenager were standing next to the screen. The teenager looked a bit familiar. It seemed that he was the young servant who had just delivered the fruit plate, while the young man was staring at Xu Zirong with surprise.

“Ah, sorry, sorry, Master Yu, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, there are already guests here.” The teenager looked a little scared and apologized to the young man again and again.

The young man suddenly realized something. He looked at Xu Zirong, then at Xu Ziyan. In the end, he seemed to have understood something and his face darkened. He pointed at Xu Zirong and said to the teenager, “what’s the matter, how come I’ve never seen him? How dare you didn’t notice me after such a beauty arrived the Liu Yun Pavilion?”

There was a hint of joy in the teenager’s eyes, but it was soon covered up with panic, and he waved his hand quickly, “no…Master Yu, this man doesn’t belong to Liu Yun Pavilion. Both of them were sent by the receptionist to the Moon Garden, and they’re real guests!”

“Guests?” Master Yu glanced suspiciously at Xu Zirong, and his eyes showed greed. It looked as if the teenager was trying to explain for the Xu brothers, but he also made it clear that it’s their first time to be in Liu Yun Pavilion.

Anyone living in Wuti City would naturally know about the differences between the Star Building and the Moon Garden. Since the maid sent them there, it also indicated that it’s their first time to Wuti City.

This Master Yu almost had this conclusion in an instant, at the same time, he had now labeled the Xu brothers as “bulliable”.

“Be careful with your eyes!” Since a moment ago, Xu Ziyan was already quite angry. All in all, that teenager was still young and he wasn’t good at acting. Xu Ziyan easily knew that he deliberately guided Master Yu to their little partition.

He didn’t know why this teenager did so, but the greedy and filthy look of this Master Yu made him furious.

“What did you say!?” Master Yu was originally looking for an argument, and what Xu Ziyan had just said gave him an opportunity to do so.

Although Yu Nianbai couldn’t cultivate without spiritual roots, he was the eldest son of the family! In Wuti City, he was only careful with people from the Fang and Jiang family, and no one else dared to offend him, not even cultivators. All in all, although he couldn’t cultivate, his father was a cultivator of the later stage of Qi Condensation.

The higher the strength of the cultivator had, the less likely it was to have an heir. Although Yu Nianbai had no talent for cultivation, his father still spoilt him, which made him an arrogant person.

Of course, Yu Nianbai wasn’t an idiot. Although he wanted to be arrogant to anyone, he still knew how to find the right target. He could act so confidently and relentlessly in the Moon Garden, and that’s because it was mainly for ordinary people.

He had seen a lot of cultivators already, including his father. People usually perceived those who couldn’t cultivate as ants, would people gather with ants? Of course not!

A cultivator would always only enjoy the treatment as a cultivator, anyone with a bit of cultivation level, even just a tiny bit, would obviously choose the Star Building of the Liu Yun Pavilion!

——Except for Xu Ziyan, a guy who didn’t play cards according to common sense!

Because of his existence, Yu Nianbai had to adapt to a whole new level of things, and now he already found it difficult…

Yu Nianbai’s father was also worried that he might encounter any accidents, so he deliberately equipped his son with two guards with their Qi refined. With such strength, he could literally do anything he wanted in Wuti City. Even if he encountered very high-level cultivators, Yu Nianbai wouldn’t be scared of them since he was protected by these two guards.

Unfortunately, Yu Nianbai happened to face this trouble in Liu Yun Pavilion, a place where cultivators and ordinary people were clearly divided!

Since Yu Nianbai was so determined that the Xu brothers were ordinary people passing by Wuti City, he decided to start a fight without hesitation. He decided to kill Xu Ziyan first, then imprison Xu Zirong to be his sex slave!

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