90 Part 1

Chapter 90

Yu Nianbai was definitely a very powerful existence for many ordinary people. Although he had no spiritual roots and couldn’t cultivate, his father had given him many pills specially refined for ordinary people.

Now, his physical strength improved and could be regarded as the third level of Qi refining, the only difference is that there is no spiritual power in his elixir, and he couldn’t use some powerful moves.

Yu Nianbai’s attempt to attack was a joke for Xu Ziyan, but his obvious intention to kill had also influenced him.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t a saint, and he of course wouldn’t spare Yu Nianbai if he refused to behave. That’s why he fought back…however, before he released his thunder light, a blood-red shadow flashed in front of him. After that, Yu Nianbai flew away with a bang…

“Brother…for this kind of person, why did you bother? You might as well let me solve it.” Xu Zirong smiled softly and gently raised Xu Ziyan’s hand and stroked it.

Xu Ziyan quietly put away the thunder light in his hand, and the way Xu Zirong stroked him just now seemed as if a gust of breeze blowing through without a trace, yet it left a layer of ripples on the water.

Strange…Xu Ziyan felt as if something went wrong.

Xu Ziyan began to struggle again inexplicably, and he didn’t even know what he was struggling with, he just felt that Xu Zirong’s attitude towards him had changed, but wasn’t it still the same?


Whether it’s him acting like a baby or showing his cuteness, the adult version of Xu Zirong is exactly the same as the his 12-year-old version!

Xu Ziyan was puzzled, but then a thought flashed through his mind – it seems that he shouldn’t be doing so as an adult, right?

Unfortunately, before he understood this, there were changes with the situation again. This random thought then vanished from his mind completely and he’d never recalled it since.

Yu Nianbai had a strong body, and Xu Ziyan wasn’t trying to kill him just now. In his previous life, those who were attracted by his beauty and took action against him never died so easily. He was given the name of “Blood Demon”, and it’s not just because he’d practiced the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

Yu Nianbai realized that something was wrong when he was thrown out. The moment the blood vine touched his body, a piece of jade on his body shattered, and a layer of extreme light instantly wrapped his body.

“Is that a protective jade?” Xu Zirong glanced at it casually, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth. With a flick of his fingertips, three more bullets popped out.

Under the urging of spiritual power, the four blood-colored giant vines crackled and beat Yu Nianbai back and forth, and the shield formed after the jade shattered became dim gradually.

The young man who had called Yu Nianbai was completely dumbfounded. He was lying on the ground in panic and his pants already became wet.


Even without a lot of knowledge, he already knew that ordinary people couldn’t use this kind of blood-colored giant vine. When he thought about how he tried to play tricks in front of two cultivators, he really thought that he’s being so stupid.

The four thick blood-colored giant vines were dancing in the wind, and Yu Nianbai’s body was kicked back and forth like a ball. Everything there had become like a mess. The guests in the surrounding partitions either crawled away from there, or simply screaming on the ground.

The Wuti City is a city where cultivators and ordinary people live together, but in most places, they were usually treated separately and differently. In Wuti City, the ordinary people had already been used to the existence of cultivators, but at such a close distance, it’s still a shocking experience to see these vines beating a person alive.

The messy scene and noises had already alarmed the person in charge of Moon Garden. The gorgeous girl felt that something was wrong when she looked at that direction. The four thick giant vines were flying back and forth over there, and she didn’t dare to get closer at all. She quickly called a maid and sent her to find someone from the Star Building to deal with the trouble.

“That is……”

“Judging from his figure, he seems to be Master Yu…”

The guests close to the stage were not affected physically, so they could still go on discussing. All in all, the cultivators were usually hard to get close to, it’s their first time seeing them fight and they were indeed quite curious.


“What? The one who was beaten is Master Yu?”

“Tsk tusk, these two are so brave, they even dared to fight master Yu, don’t they want to live anymore?”

Those who were watching were not afraid of troubles at all, and Master Yu was not very famous in the Wuti City. Especially since he was a mortal, and with the reputation of his father as a cultivator, he never respected other people. This had made people with a little power very unsatisfied.

Cultivators looked down on him, and the mortals didn’t want to hang out with him either. Master Yu was just like a weirdo in Wuti City. Therefore, although he was in trouble, no one even thought of informing his guard.

“Who dares to be so unreasonable to our young master?!”

Just when everyone was wondering when the guard of master Yu would appear, there’s a loud roar in the air.

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